Nextiva is a leading provider of Business VoIP, Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking and Online Fax Services. Nextiva offers a simple approach to office telephony that is radically altering the economics of the small business telephone market.

Thanks to Nextiva, small businesses now have better options when it comes to their means of communication. Businesses are no longer required to use the local phone company for service and forced to spend thousands of dollars on below-standard communication technologies. Nextiva empowers small businesses and offers feature-rich communication solutions at affordable prices.

You can read business VoIP reviews from Nextiva customers by visiting the Testimonials section of Nextiva's website. But for those who wish to stay on this page, here are some recent Nextiva Reviews:

It is in my opinion that Nextiva is the best thing since slice bread. I am the President of a Recruiting firm with recruiters all over the US, they all work from home. Nextiva allows us all to have one 800 contact number with different extension, so we can maintain legitmacy and organization.The customer service is second to none , the yhave always been helpful even when i have not been very kind.I really recomment that everyone with a business get Nextiva, it is really the BEST thing since slice bread in phone systems. It is also so affordable. Afraz Wally Mohammed (

I recently signed up for the service and can only say good things about it. I was happy with my old provider but since business these days was slower than ever, I couldn’t afford to pay that much money anymore. So after comparing the service with some other ones, the biggest point of attraction were the friendly people and the no hassle signup process. After finally getting my phones, I plugged them into the internet box and assigned my employees in the control panel. A litterally 5 minute process to configre my 5 phones. I was able to start receiving and making calls right after that and I was able to forward my number to a temporary phone number I received.

I would recommend the service to everybody. They have been all professional and helpful, but at the same time everybody remained so friendly and tried to go out of their way even after the signup process. Would recommended it to everybody, great service that I never would have expected because of the low price. Doug W.

For the sake of doing it right I setup VOIP service with four of companies around the same time – Nextiva, 8×8, Vocalocity and Ringcentral and let the best provider win. Being a sales guy myself, I did not want to be sold and figured it's only right if I give each company a legit shot. Clearly with me writing this you know who won. Without skipping around I'll put it like this, Nextiva had the best customer service, online user interface and they just make me feel good.
Pretty much every company met me at the same point when it came down to price. The only catch out of the four companies was that 8×8 wanted a contract if I decided to stay with them. Features they all were pretty much the same when it came to what I was looking for and the quality of the calls was good across the board. Since I'm not super technical but have some experience, I wanted to see who would guide me the best support when it came to the overall setup of service. Nextiva's ppl had it down, they were a pleasure to work with and super patient. I can't say the same about the others. Ringcentral's support was not close to what the sales guy told me and trying to cancel my account with them was a pain. Literally. I was told by two different ppl I'd get a cancel email shortly, but it took a total of three calls to actually make the cancellation happen.
One thing that sealed the deal with Nextiva was that they kept in close contact with me on twitter. I said it earlier and the twitter situation is a good example about how I feel good using Nextiva. They got it down well and if you need phone service choose Nextiva. If you are thinking about using VOIP, do it. I travel all the time and taking my phone from city to city is great. Catch me on twitter – @shaunli

When Verizon abruptly cancelled its VoiceWing service, I was stumped. I figured I’d try to use Skype as an alternative … not a good idea. I started researching other VoIP services, came across Nextiva’s inTALK. It’s the perfect solution. Cost is highly competitive, easy to set up, everything about it has been terrific. My biggest shock is when I received a call to thank me for becoming a customer. The call came from a live person, who provided me with his name, and his phone number. When the ‘box’ arrived and I called with a simple question, on a weekend (typically off-hours for most providers), again a live person, gave me his number, and also gave me his phone number in the event that I needed any additional help.I would not think of considering any other residential VoIP solution. Nextiva’s inTALK is absolutely the best. Stuart Sadick

I have had this service for the last two months and I love the voice quality and their customer service. One thing I should mention is that their sales process is completely hassle free and their sales actually helped me customize solution to meet my needs. During the last two months, I had the opportunity to call their customer service department. Believe me, the representative spent one whole hour patiently fixing the problem that was actually caused on my end. If you are looking to replace your traditional phone line or replace your voice over ip service provider, try them; you won’t regret it. I am writing this detailed review because that is how I myself came to learn about them, and I want to give back to this community. Siraj M.

I received a letter from AT&T mentioning that the service was going to end in a few months and felt lost. Not necessarily lost but surely I wasn't pleased or overjoyed about switching services. I was going to use magicjack as an alternative but decided to steer away from them because of some poor experiences I read about. I switched to Nextiva and signed up with the inTALK plan and it's been very good. The price and features are better than what I was getting with CallVantage, and the adapter's setup was not a overwhelming. In fact I would say the transition to them was a simple one. My number was ported to them without a mess. It may have been best for me that CallVantage ended. Greg Butler

Nextiva is the best – I have had 4 voip services comparing features, call quality, transmitting data and passwords to bank accts, call clarity, and find Nextiva to be #1 in all areas. Voice Mail is excellent, Customer Service is top of the line, quite a contrast to some other providers I've had. Currently have three, will drop one and keep InTalk and one other. Highly Recommend NEXTIVA. Robert J.

Nextiva Service is great! I actually have a real person that is my account rep! Where do you find that anywhere these days!? I’m a small business and it does not matter how small or large of a company you are, they make sure you are satisfied and treated with first class service. It is worth every penny. I have and will keep recommending Nextiva for a small business solution!! Andy Mikla (Real Life Computers)

I signed up for Nextiva in August 2008 and switched my numbers over to there service. In all this time I have not had any problems nor do I have complaints or regrets. The service has been terrific all around. It was a great business decision to move our phones to their service. Not only have we saved about 40% each month when compared to what we were paying before, I enjoy dealing with Nextiva.

Paying bills is not my favorite thing to do in this world. But I truly don't mind paying Nextiva. The service has been a great addition for us and the cost savings make me happy. Brian Erikson

One Thing That Has Impressed Me About Nextiva…Customer Service
Outsourcing customer service is something I can’t stand and I think that most people would agree with me on that one. I just get frustrated when I speak with an outsourced representative, it makes me feel that the company that I am paying for service just doesn’t care for their customers. Henry (Nashville VoIP Blog)

We are very happy with our Nextiva service. The customer service to set-up our phone system was incredible. The phone system is easy to use, reliable and really a great decison. I am very happy with our choice and wouldn't consider another company. Julie Z.