How Human Nature Works Against Good Financial Business Decisions

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Many small business owners lack the skills to make good financial business decisions. But it is not always a result of their lack of experience, interest or education in this difficult area.

According to John Howe, author of “The Foolish Corner: Avoiding Mind Traps in Personal Financial Decisions”, it involves human nature and the evolutionary instincts that take over inside of every person when faced with these types of choices. He says that the first step in making better financial business decisions is to be aware that there are internal biases that are affecting each outcome.


Work Your Biz Wednesday: How a Mobile App Can Help Grow Your Business

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Sometimes we can all feel resistant to technology. I think we all look at shiny new tech and think, "But the old way works just fine." I feel your pain. However, your business will the feel pain if you don't embrace technology that could help your business grow and attract a new customer base, like millennials. Building a mobile app for your business is one way to leverage technology and automate some of your marketing efforts.


Mondays with Mike: Millennial Perks? Here’s What They Really Want!

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I’ve seen a ton of media coverage and HR expert discussion about the degree to which millennial employees expect to be catered to.  People complain about how entitled millennials are, how they’ve been spoiled rotten by participation trophies and feel-good BS.

While there may be some valid complaints about the generation entering the workforce, one fact is clear: we have to learn how employ, work with, and motivate them.  They are our future workforce.

Fringe benefits aren’t something new that millennials created.  There’s a long history of companies providing perks to employees, and it’s done for a number of very good reasons.  When you’re stepping back to examine your hiring and compensation practices with an eye to ensuring your company appeals to millennial prospects, here are a few things that really matter.

How to prepare for and handle a business disaster | Nextiva Blog

How to Plan for and Manage Business Disasters

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It's almost impossible to get through life without seeing a few disaster movies, but you seldom see how those events affect everyday businesses and the customers that count on them. The disasters don't even have to be as dramatic as hurricanes or earthquakes. Anything from construction delays caused by rain to missed deadlines due to a workforce minimized by a bout of the flu can have a devastating effect on customer attitudes. Customers are not unfeeling monsters, but their needs can outweigh their compassion.

Cut Shipping Costs With These Simple Strategies | Nextiva Blog

Mondays with Mike: Cut Shipping Costs With These Simple Strategies 

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Like most entrepreneurs, I’m constantly looking for ways to make my companies run more profitably, and I try to leave no stone unturned.  I discovered a few years ago that I hadn’t really paid much attention to shipping costs – both for goods I order in and for products I ship to clients – and the year-end total was a substantial sum.

Since we spend shipping costs just a few dollars at a time, it’s easy to underestimate our expenses, but it turns out that we can save a bundle if we pay a little attention with strategies like these:

Nextiva Cares volunteers at the Arizona Humane Society

Nextiva Cares Helping Those in Need Across the Globe

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This May, Nextiva Cares showed some extra love for animals in need by partnering with the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), as well as helping children overcome congenital heart disease with the Chestnut Run in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Many Nextiva Cares team members participated in our volunteer events with the Humane Society’s Cuddle Bunch program, our no-sew kitten-blanket workshop, and the Chestnut 5k Run in Kyiv.


How Clear is Your Small Business Company Culture?

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If you run a business, you have a company culture. It may not be posted online. In fact, you may not even realize that you have one. But, all aspects of how you do business, whether you define them or not, tell your clients and employees about your company attitudes, direction and focus.

You have a choice: define your company culture or let it haphazardly define your company to the world. Think about the following six company culture elements that help attract the right people to your business.