Nextiva Cares volunteers at UMOM

Starting 2018 the Right Way: Nextiva Cares and UMOM

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When most people think of the new year, they picture a fresh start and clean slate for themselves – a chance to conquer new goals and leave any negativity behind.  Unfortunately for over half a million homeless Americans, seeing a new year as a new start can be rather difficult.  However, thanks to amazing organizations like UMOM New Day Centers who provide shelter and solutions to help those facing homelessness get back on their feet, there is hope for many to have a fresh start.

ECommerce Marketing

How to Identify Micro-Moments in ECommerce Marketing

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When you run an ecommerce business, you might think it’’s tough to connect with customers since there is so much competition online.

But what if there was a tiny instance where the opportunity for you to connect with potential customers and make a sale increased?

They happen all the time, they’re called micro-moments.

Company Culture

How to Build Healthy Corporate Culture From the Ground Up

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One thing I’ve learned across all the companies I’ve created is just how vital company culture is.

This is especially true when you’re starting a new company and can’t afford to hire experienced veterans who command high salaries. 

So, how can you put great people in place without spending the fortune you haven’t earned yet?

You create such an amazing culture that people want to work for you.  And here’s how I do it:

Handling Negative Social Media Reviews

5 Ways to Effectively Handle Negative Reviews on Social Media

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Working in social media, I’ve found that many people, when behind a screen, will say just about anything. For some people, sitting behind the safety of a screen makes it easier to express feelings and heighten situations.

In a world where consumers turn to social media and the web to view ratings and reviews, positive comments from real clients help seal the deal and reinforce what brands can offer.

Similarly, negative reviews may push away potential customers, and at worst case, can cause damaging effects to a company’s brand image. Learning how to correctly handle these reviews and negative comments will say a lot about you and may even help you and your business in the long run.

Here are 5 tips to effectively handle negative reviews and comments on social media:

Business Resolutions

Tuesday Tips: 5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Business in 2018

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A new year is here, and with it comes the urge to start fresh and do things better than ever. Here are five business resolutions that will help your company crush it in 2018.

1. I resolve to put our data to work.

Every business has almost unlimited data available about customers, employees and business operations. But are you taking advantage of all that information, or just letting it pile up? While the sheer amount of data available today can seem overwhelming, analytics tools can help you drill down to key information. Look for products that enable you to create custom dashboards, graphs, tables and visualizations. That way, you can see and share complex data in whatever format makes it easiest for you and your team to understand.

Signs an Employee is Starting a Competing Company

Mondays with Mike: Watch Out! Signs an Employee is Starting a Competing Company

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If you’re hiring super-sharp people (and you should be,) you’re eventually going to have it happen:  One of your superstars is going to start a company that competes with yours.  When that happens, you stand to lose customers and even employees, so it’s critical that you have as much advance warning as possible.

Let’s take a look at some indicators one of your employees is considering becoming your competition.

5 Ways to Knock The Socks Off Your Customers in 2018

5 Ways to Knock The Socks Off Your Customers in 2018

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Back in 2014, small business author Jim Blasingame wrote a now-famous book called The Age of the Customer: Prepare for the Moment of Relevance. The book knocked the socks off many business owners who were used to delivering customer service in a status-quo fashion—maybe failing to pay attention to online reviews, thinking reputation would carry their companies through hard periods, and so on.

The book was a wake up call, and since then everything has changed. The Age of the Customer no longer only refers to Blasingame’s book. We are—as many news outlets, pundits, analysts, business experts and academics will agree—truly living in an age like business has never seen.