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Effortless payments. Security your customers trust.

Build trust with customers, and ensure you’re in compliance when taking credit card payments.


Ensure privacy during transactions by connecting customers with secure payment processing over IVR.

PCI certified

Nextiva’s secure payment agent assist is PCI certified, keeping your business compliant and risk-free.

Protect data. Gain trust.

Agent to payment handoff

Automated handoff from agent to IVR

Secure transaction

Standard touch-tone inputs for customer interaction


Automatic return to agent after CC transaction is complete

Single screen

Agents can view everything from a single screen

Secure Gateway

PCI-compliant connection to credit card gateway

Progress Alerts

Dynamic agent screen updates indicating customer progress with IVR

Nextiva Capture

PCN (Payment Confirmation Number) captured by Nextiva

CRM Update

Optional PCN number update to CRM record

PCI DSS Certified

  • Checkmark in a circle icon Secure payment agent assist is completely customizable using our workflow engine.
  • Checkmark in a circle icon Agent never sees or hears the credit card number.


  • Checkmark in a circle icon Nextiva integrates with various credit card gateways.
  • Checkmark in a circle icon We are not a credit card processor, you still use your bank’s credit card processing service.

How it works

Background image

Seamless handoff

As a customer initiates payment, we route them to a live agent for assistance.

  • 1 Customer routed to live agent
  • 2 Agent presses “CC Pay” button
  • 3 Customer routed to IVR (agent cannot hear)

Secure Payment Initiation

Following the agent’s action, the customer is seamlessly directed to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Here, the IVR interacts directly with the customer to collect necessary payment information while maintaining privacy, as the agent cannot hear this interaction.

  • 4 IVR gets secure token from CC gateway
  • 5 IVR gathers card # and expiry – from customer
  • 6 IVR transmits encrypted data to CC gateway

Secure Payment Processing

The agent initiates the secure payment process by pressing the “CC Pay” button. This action triggers the next steps in ensuring the confidentiality and security of the transaction.

  • 7 CC gateway provides PCN success code to Nextiva
  • 8 Nextiva writes PCN success code to CRM
  • 9 Nextiva transfers customer from IVR back to agent

Payment processing capabilities

Secure payments with data loss prevention

SPAA DLP Overview:

Checkmark icon Secure payment agent assist DLP is enabled by several state machine actions using the Nextiva workflow engine

Checkmark icon DLP Functions are enabled for systems equipped for SPA

Checkmark icon SPAA SLP uses AES encryption

DLP can also be used for:

Checkmark icon Redaction of voice recordings

Checkmark icon Redaction of transcriptions

Workflow Engine SPAA DLP example

Typical SPAA scenario

Checkmark icon This is an example workflow for a typical Secure Payment Agent Assist (SPAA) scenario

Checkmark icon Here you can see one of the steps in the workflow is to "Collect PAN" (Primary Account Number)

Checkmark icon When you expand that step in the workflow engine, you can see the actions associated with this step

SPAA DLP detail: collect Primary Account Number (PAN) logic step

DLP detail

Checkmark icon Here when the "Collect PAN" logic step is expanded, you can see three state machine actions. We will concentrate here on:

SPAA DLP “Play & Collect Digits” workflow action

Collect PAN detail

Checkmark icon In an SPAA-enabled system, the "Data Loss Prevention" (DLP) function is available

Checkmark icon In the Drop-down you set DLP to "True" or "False”

Checkmark icon When set to "True" AES encryption is used for the digits collected

Checkmark icon When set to "True" no data is saved in DB or logs (nowhere it can be seen)

SPAA DLP “Save Variable” workflow action

Save variable action

Checkmark icon Here, the "Save Variable" workflow action is named as "PAN" indicating its use in saving credit card data

Checkmark icon For SPAA, the "Data Loss Prevention" (DLP) is available

Checkmark icon In Drop-down DLP set to "True" or "False”

Checkmark icon If "True," AES encryption used for saved data

Checkmark icon If "True," no data is saved in DB or logs (won’t be "seen”)

Checkmark icon Temp. buffer evoked by downstream action (e.g., pass data to payment gateway)

Checkmark icon Can use to save data collected in other ways like API or data dip

Background image

Additional SPAA

Incoming voice channel

  • Checkmark icon Uses secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP)
  • Checkmark icon Uses the AES block cipher

DTMF encapsulation

  • Checkmark icon Uses RFC-2833
  • Checkmark icon Transport: HTTPS

CC Gateway connection

  • Checkmark icon Uses RFC-2833
  • Checkmark icon Transport: HTTPS

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