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The complexity of customer relationships is growing

There are more ways to connect and manage customers but they are not integrated, resulting in a fragmented, incomplete understanding of customers.




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Endless repetition

Agents lack context from previous interactions, increasing friction.

Customers feel lost

Without real-time help or intuitive next steps, customers get frustrated.

Data is siloed

Fragmented views of the customer causes slower business growth.

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Nextiva Solution

Customer journey tracking

Agents see the customer’s interaction history and now have the context to serve and sell better.

Proactive workflows + AI

Automate the right next steps for customers, and use AI to seamlessly connect them with agents when needed.

Unify interactions in one place

Seamlessly transition between bots, humans, and channels to scale personalized customer experiences.

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Nextiva Solution

Improve every interaction with customer journey orchestration

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Journey orchestration at work

Predict your customer’s needs in real time with AI-powered sales, service, and marketing.

Create customer journeys that drive value

What’s better than orchestrating frictionless customer journeys? Being able to do it quickly, without deep technical knowledge and rely on prebuilt journeys for faster ROI.

Customer journey

Streamline your engagement channels

Minimize frustration with voice and digital channels by knowing where customers left off regardless of channel and re-engaging them with the right message at the right time.

Purchase progress

Go beyond customer journey mapping

Show customers you “understand” them by predicting—then satisfying—their needs in real time.

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Key advantages

Seamless interactions

Proactive context awareness reduces friction for both customers and agents and promotes loyalty.

Guiding customers

Applied workflows and AI leads customers to the most favorable outcome available.

Channel adaptability

Adaptability to channels promotes customer choice which translates to reduced churn via respect

Empowered Agents

Agents with proper tools learn, adapt and stay engaged, reducing turnover and improving efficiency.

Enhanced Experience

Intelligent oversight bolsters real-time coaching benefiting quality of customer experience.

Continuous CX improvement

Dashboards and historical trends mean adaptability for constant improvement of CX for customers.

Future-proof your business

100% hybrid cloud

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Keep sensitive data on-premise while leveraging the cloud’s scalability.


Get the ultimate scalability, cost savings and speed of innovation.


Keep sensitive data on-premise while leveraging the cloud’s scalability for other operations.

On Premise

Often suits industries that need to comply with strict data regulations.

100% REST APIs

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Every function of Nextiva can be driven via REST APIs. This means you can easily get data in and out, seamlessly connect to a wide range of external platforms, and programmatically make Nextiva do exactly what you need, without lifting a finger after the initial setup.


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Nextiva is not just one block of code. Nextiva is actually 30+ self-redundant systems that all talk to each other. This means Nextiva’s network is self-healing, so there’s no planned downtime. And you can scale your usage with no limits.

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