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Streamline your dealership’s communication tools to close more car sales, drive productivity, and deliver consistent customer experiences.


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Auto shoppers consider online reviews extremely important.


5 out of 6 dealership inquiries are left unaddressed.


Service calls go to voicemail or end in hang-ups due to hold times.

One platform for automotive marketing, sales, and service

Unify all your conversation tools to boost productivity, accelerate sales growth with personalization, and create exceptional customer experiences.


Enhance your visibility and grow your reputation

With 70% of car buyers relying on reviews, Nextiva helps you keep track of what they’re saying about you online, and respond quickly. Use social to proactively share about new inventory and feature happy customers.


Supercharge sales with AI

5 of 6 dealership inquiries are unanswered. Utilize AI for self-service, efficient routing, quick responses, and seamless engagement on preferred channels. Gain recognition for helping buyers quickly find what they need.


Stand out with exceptional service

70% of service calls go unanswered. Eliminate missed calls or hang-ups with AI that provides customers with real-time status updates, automated appointment reminders and pick-up notifications.

Our “tech” promise

Run your dealership’s marketing, sales and service.  On one platform.

95% of vehicle buyers use digital to start their search. Nextiva ensures you connect with customers where they are.

Centralized reputation management 

Give staff and customers the easiest way to contact you—via texting. 

Appointments with AI

Use AI to share today’s special, answer FAQs, and route phone orders quickly. Provide automated answers using an AI chatbot—and jump on to handle high-touch requests manually. 

One place for conversations

Stay connected with customers and keep the conversation history intact using the Nextiva mobile and desktop app on any device–whether at your desk, in the lot, or at the shop.


Reputation management simplified 

Manage all online reviews and mentions in one inbox. Get alerts and respond instantly when needed.

Review site management

Select which review sites you want to automatically and actively monitor. Respond to reviews automatically or manually as soon as they hit your unified inbox.

Social listening

Comments and DMs route to one inbox so when they’re talking, you’re listening (and responding right from the same workspace)

Competitor benchmarking

Stay ahead of the competition by gaining insights into their new promos, service offerings, or incidents for increased opportunities.

Build a following

Connect with potential customers on their preferred channels such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, and more.

Nextiva boosted our dealership's online reputation by managing reviews and scheduling social posts for brand building.

Brandon Lillie

Marketing & Media Director at Porterbuilt Fabrication (Auto Parts)

Sales & Service

Handle high-volume inquiries with AI 

Let Sales and Service focus on revenue-generating work while AI handles routine and repetitive tasks.

Answer and route instantly

Answer on the first ring and get your caller where they want to go, whether it’s to the Service department or their favorite salesperson.

Give recorded responses to FAQs

Provide answers quickly with Auto Attendant and intelligent IVR. Guide callers seamlessly, providing answers to routine questions or status updates on service cases.

Filter and respond with an AI chatbot

Answer routine inquiries with an automated chatbot. Capture responses and route to a live agent when necessary.

Handling high-volume inquiries is a breeze with Nextiva, allowing our sales teams to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

Drevon Young

Sales at Earth Motor Cars

Sales & Service

Stand out with positive, personalized experiences 

Customers demand personalization. From initial inquiry to a completed sale and servicing their vehicles, we help your team deliver amazing experiences.

Remember your customer

Conduct business from one place. All calls, texts, and video meetings happen in the app. Customer conversations are logged and viewable, giving you context as you answer a call or return a text.

Schedule appointments via text

Utilize text for personalized and efficient scheduling, leveraging customer’s preference for texting. Route incoming texts to a special team that can respond quickly. Team members have 360-visibility into incoming and outgoing texts so everyone’s on the same page.

Send reminders over text

Utilize text reminders for scheduled appointments and routine maintenance.

Make your chatbot live

Surprise customers when there’s a live person on the other side of your chatbot. Provide the answers and personal attention they need to build trust and move a sale along.

Nextiva transforms customer connections, centralizing communication for efficiency and satisfaction through text-based interactions.

Jon Snyder

IT Director at Earth MotorCars

We help automotive retailers deliver unique customer experiences and accelerate growth using Nextiva’s AI powered platform.

Shelby American, Inc.


We try to stay at the leading edge of technology in a lot of different ways, so we wouldn’t settle for anything less than Nextiva…

Rich Sparkman

IT director, Shelby American, Inc.

Toole’s Garage

With Nextiva since 2023


In the automotive business, Nextiva helps us stand out by adding a personal touch through text-based interactions.

Mark Berger

Operations Manager at Toole’s Garage

GP Auto Logistics

With Nextiva since 2023


Nextiva enhances visibility by managing online reviews, social listening, and connecting with potential customers.

Maria Carrizo

Account Manager at GP Auto Logistics

Nextiva is more than technology. They’ve got heart.

Kevin Garnett

NBA Champion & Hall of Famer

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