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Nextiva helps nonprofits harness the power of effective communication to deepen relationships while amplifying your mission’s impact

Director Fundraising
 Volunteer Coordinator
Community Outreach

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Increase in repeat donations by sending a Thank You message within 48 hours.


People engaging with nonprofits on social media take action, be it donating, volunteering or participating


Attend local charity events due to social media.

Simplify fundraising and event coordination with our all-in-one conversation platform.

Ensure donors and volunteers feel valued and get the experience they deserve.

Director Fundraising

Hit fundraising goals in less time

Interact closely with donors on the channels they prefer. Use tools to remember details and past interactions and AI to automate manual tasks.

Volunteer Coordinator

Maintain an active pool of volunteers

Respect your volunteers’ time by running a tight ship powered by efficient conversations.

Community Outreach

Get the word out

Share about your cause online and help the community find ways to pay it forward.

Our “tech” promise

Start conversations that strengthen connections and impact.

Be top of mind for donors, volunteers and your community at large.

Manage donor relations

Connect with donors in the channels they prefer, whether it’s a call, text, or video meeting.

Coordinate volunteers

Reach out to solicit help for events and daily work. Chat with the core team in private chat rooms.

Raise awareness online

Post on social and manage comments and DMs. On the same platform, manage your online reviews.

Director fundraising

Facilitate fundraising with outstanding conversations.

Respect your donors by answering calls quickly, switching to text if they prefer, and hosting meetings remotely.

Take a call or text anywhere

Talk wherever you are using the mobile and desktop app. Calls, texts, and contacts sync across devices.

Route VIP callers

Use AI automation to answer calls immediately and route calls to the right team.

Reference call notes in the app

When you’re on a call or just finished one, click to type notes. Notes are attached to the call record for easy reference.

Meet on video

Set up video meetings to chat through details. Share your screen to give more context or review a presentation.

Provides us the opportunity to enhance the customer experience by integrating our website directly with our phone system.

Jean Elias

VP of Marketing at Consumer Education Services Inc.

Volunteer Coordinator

Maximize volunteers’ efficiency by getting everyone on the same page.

Use one platform to plan with your team, coordinate with volunteers and simplify logistics.

Organize your core team

Create chat rooms for internal conversations. Organize your conversations by setting up a separate room for each initiative.

Be available via text

During the event, it’s easier to answer a quick text than take a call.

Meet virtually

Provide a remote video meeting option for kick-off meetings.

Manage the paperwork

Share links to required paperwork and request volunteers to submit filled documents and images through text messages. Easily search for a contact to ensure they’ve submitted all docs and are ready to start.

Coordinating volunteers has never been smoother. Nextiva's platform allows us to stay organized, communicate efficiently, and make the most of our team's time.

Brandon Estep

Executive Pastor at MarionNaz church

Community Outreach

Galvanize your community

Share your mission, connect with your community and get more people excited about your cause.

Create and schedule social posts

Build your month of posts and schedule them to post across multiple platforms.

Easily address every comment and DM

Have a presence on multiple social channels but manage all mentions from a single inbox.

Protect your online reputation

Choose which review sites need monitoring and send all reviews to a single inbox where you can set alerts and quickly respond.

Our community outreach has reached new heights. From social media engagement to managing online reviews, Nextiva's unified platform has become our go-to for impactful conversations.

Vincent Edwards

Executive Director at YMCA of Greater Louisville

We help nonprofits deliver unique experiences and amplify their impact using Nextiva’s unified conversation platform.

Orange County Rescue Mission

With Nextiva since 2022


Our whole operation is dependent on Nextiva…It’s reliable, consistent, and easy…

Jim Palmer

CEO Orange County Rescue Mission

Northside Christian Church

With Nextiva since 2022


Nextiva made it much easier and faster for us to reach out to new kids in our students ministry.

Jacob Bales

 Student Ministry Pastor at Northside Christian Church

I’m a big fan of Nextiva.

Steve Wozniak

Co-founder at Apple

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