Your conversations. Our analytics. Real insights.

Deliver meaningful insights in real time from all your customer conversations.

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Track every interaction

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Turn Real-Time Insights from every Conversation to Results you can measure

Boost sales & measure insights

Low operating cost and reduced customer churn and turnover
  1. Lower Operating Costs

    Identify and reduce key expenses and operational efficiencies in your contact center.a

  2. Reduce Customer Churn and Turnover

    Identify and remove causes of customer friction. Identify and address the root causes of customer dissatisfaction.

  3. Boost Sales

    Learn from top sellers to maximize closing rates. Transform every conversation into a learning opportunity for customer-facing teams.

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Amazing numbers

Nextiva’s platform analyzed
10 million interactions in 2023

Why Nextiva Analytics

Unlock the power of conversations.
Say goodbye to siloes.

No data integrations required

Eliminate the need and frustration of collecting customer interaction data across multiple platforms. We beautifully unite all conversation data for you, since you are already using Nextiva.

Prebuilt reports

Nextiva Analytics and reports are customizable, yet we provide many out-of-the-box reports to help businesses deliver better business outcomes.

Easy to use & deploy

No need for a data science degree. Give everyone from data admins, business operators to agents the power to create custom reports with minimal learning.


  1. Monitor All Conversations in a Single Place

    View all customer conversations on a single platform and bring an end to a distorted and fragmented view of the customer.

  2. Understand customer behavior in real-time

    Get a holistic picture of every customer experience at individual level and surface critical and actionable business insights.

  3. Improve and grow your business based on real time insight

    Ensures a deep understanding of your customers’ true needs based on sentiment, effort, emotion, and intent.

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Keep a pulse on your business

Deep insights

Extracts valuable information from previous interactions, revealing buyer sentiments and needs. This enables teams to tailor their outreach and adjust strategies for each unique prospect more effectively.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Replace intuition with data. Getting real data that can help inform more accurate learnings about successful and failed deals and the reason a customer chooses to go with a competitor can be challenging.

Proactive Selling and Support

Enable sales and support teams to anticipate customer needs, often before they are explicitly expressed. This proactive approach allows sales and support teams to preemptively tackle potential concerns, making the support sales process more efficient.

Continuous learning

By identifying areas of improvement, reps become more effective throughout the various stages of the sales and support cycle .With data at their fingertips on what has worked in the past — for them and for other reps as well — they can quickly upskill and grow.

Templated analytics & reports designed with you in mind


Sentiment Analysis

Identifying and categorizing opinions expressed in conversation data to determine customer attitudes.


Trend Analysis

Tracking conversation topics over time to identify emerging trends and customer interests.


Keyword Analysis

Extracting key terms and phrases to understand common topics or concerns.


Emotion Detection

Assessing the emotional tone behind customer conversations to gauge satisfaction and engagement.


Intent Recognition

Understanding the intent behind customer inquiries to improve response strategies.


Case Studies/Testimonials Section

Featuring stories and quotes from businesses that have successfully used conversational analysis to drive growth.


Call to Action

Encouraging visitors to sign up for a demo or contact for more information.


Custom Admin Reports

Build custom reports with no code required within minutes.


Customer Reports for everyone

Give the power of custom reporting to sales and support teams members and teams.

How it works

About Nextiva Analytics

Conversational intelligence employs machine learning and AI to analyze voice and digital data to capture sentiment analysis, along with emotional intent. It enables businesses to identify patterns, predicts buyer needs, and it provides recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of customer interactions.

Nextiva Analytics in action

Track sentiment

Track sentiment

Identify key issues, discover trending topics and automatically route cases to the right employees to drive positive customer sentiment.

Performance coaching

Performance coaching

Take lessons learned from previous cases and embed new strategies that create consistent, positive interactions with your team.

Discover upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Discover upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Identify when customers are looking for additional products or services and provide personalized recommendations in real-time to drive revenue expansion opportunities.

Agent performance management

Agent performance management

Evaluate each agent and their conversations. Identify patterns in behavior and use data to help them improve case management and resolution success rates.

Pitch more effectively

Pitch more effectively

Keep a pulse on your customers interests and identify consumer trends that your team can use in marketing and sales to improve conversion rates.

Improve CSAT

Improve CSAT

Use top contact drivers and reasons for dissatisfaction as data points for product, service and support improvements. Resolve issues faster and proactively improve your customers satisfaction.

Increase customer spend

Increase customer spend

Happy customers become loyal customers who are likely to spend more with your business. Use conversational insights to drive more repeat business.

Decrease churn

Decrease churn

Uncover reasons for dissatisfaction and improve first contact resolutions with intelligent, data-driven talking points. Keep satisfied customers happy and save at-risk customers with greater success.

Ready to make business conversations better?