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Nextiva offers the most flexible, scalable enterprise-grade contact center solution.

Serve customers with excellence when agents have the full customer picture, access to internal support, and the help of smart automation.

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The most modern contact center Transform your customer interactions with a contact center platform that saves you time and money, reduces agent and supervisor stress, and flexibly adapts to fit your needs.
Deploy powerful AI in a single click.
Easy setup. Start in minutes. Add capabilities later.
Inbound, outbound, blended omnichannel.
Manage all agents in one place.
Native workforce optimization.
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Elevate customer & agent experience. Reduce costs. Leverage AI.

Built-in auto dialer

Enhance agent efficiency, connect with more customers and prospects, and save time using Nextiva’s automated dialer.

Omnichannel, from day one

Let your customers choose how to connect with you—using voice, email, chat, SMS or social—on one platform. Start, stop and pick up conversations where they left off.

Workforce optimization

Help your contact center save money, improve first-contact resolution and increase conversion rates using one platform.

Automated outbound campaigns

Set it and forget it outbound campaigns help you stay top of mind with your customer base.

Instantly save time and money with AI

Focus agents on your higher-priority tickets. Offer customers self-serve experiences. Easily leverage the latest in generative AI, without the exorbitant costs.
  • Reduce agent notetaking with auto-transcription
  • Get more insights with AI-created summaries
  • Audit your calls in a fraction of the time
  • Increase the effectiveness of compliance efforts
  • Omnichannel
    Full visibility

    Connect on any channel and any device

    Fragmented customer communication comes together with continuity across voice, email, SMS, chat, video, and social media.
  • Equip reps with multi-channel conversational history
  • Get customers to the right agent, right away with skills-based routing
  • Simplify agent experiences with a single interface
  • Access unified reporting across channels
  • Automation

    Intelligent outbound campaigns with task automation

    Use AI to proactively reach out to customers and take repetitive tasks off your team’s hands.
  • Reach key prospects where they live with smart dialing
  • Help agents say the right thing, every time with dynamic scripting
  • Automate repetitive tasks, faster and easier than ever
  • Let customers serve themselves with speech-enabled IVR
  • IVA

    Boost productivity on every channel with voice bots and virtual assistants.

    Let your live agents take the interactions that need a human touch, and leave the others to interactive voice response (IVR) and intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs).
  • Deploy intelligent assistants on voice, chat, and text channels
  • Reduce costs by assigning repetitive tasks to AI-powered bots
  • Let IVAs solve problems quickly with self-service
  • IVAs to live agents, context kept for seamless switch
  • Stay in compliance with IVAs handling sensitive data
  • WFO

    Never under-schedule or over-schedule agents again

    Accurately forecast and staff each shift and improve agent performance on every call, every time with Workforce management (WFM) and workforce optimization (WFO) capabilities.
  • Multi-skill, multi-channel staffing forecasts
  • Scheduling, adherence, and intraday capabilities
  • Quality monitoring and coaching tools
  • Talk to an expert

    Loved and trusted by millions.

    “over 150 call center agents, and over 100 office staff” "We use Nextiva VOIP for 7 sites, we have over 150 call center agents, and over 100 office staff, the system gives us flexibility for CSR to working from home or any our call center locations. Nextiva Call center has a lot features to allow us to run productive call centers. We love the flexibility of having your office extension on your cell phone." Customer Review — GetVoIP, 2024
    “over 200 users…with Contact Center.” "We started with Nextiva back in Q4 of 2019 with just a handful of users. We now are over 200 users with other products turned on like contact center, auto attendants, IVR, etc. Overall, the system is easy to use and manage. It's very much self service, so you can do many tasks on your own. For the end user, the options of physical phone, mobile app, or soft phone for PCs provides great flexibility." Customer Review — GetVoIP, 2024
    4.6 /5
    Based on 2000+ reviews
    4.5 /5
    Based on 2000+ reviews
    4.5 /5
    Based on 600+ reviews
    4.6 /5
    Based on 3000+ reviews

    When you pick the #1 rated Contact Center, you get:

    Advanced IVR technology
    Call recording
    Click to dial
    Automatic call distribution (ACD)
    Call analytics
    Call center thresholds
    Desktop softphone & mobile app
    Dialed number identification service (DNIS)
    Customizable call flow builder
    Intelligent call routing
    Customer satisfaction surveys
    Screen pop
    Advanced IVR technology
    Replace multi-level phone menus with automated call flows that include speech recognition and text-to-speech. And, use our Smart Attendant to create dynamic, personalized interactions with your callers. Let Virtual Agents autonomously handle routine and repetitive transactions while your reps focus on higher-value interactions.
    Call recording
    Call recording is one of the fastest ways to get call insights directly from your cloud call center. Turn this feature on for Quality Assurance (QA) of sales, support, and service teams for ongoing coaching.
    Click to dial
    Click on any phone number in a form or list view inside your CRM to initiate a call on your desk phone or the NextivaONE App. Your caller’s name and information will appear on the screen as you’re dialing. Available via our CRM integration.
    Automatic call distribution (ACD)
    Want to manage higher call volumes without the exhausting wait times? Use this add-on to direct incoming calls to the right agent based on your business needs and preferences. ACD turns that flood of inbound calls into an organized call queue.
    Call analytics
    Make better decisions with call data like Talk Time, Abandoned Calls, Call Volumes, and Agent Availability. Measuring agent performance is easy with scheduled reports and visual call analytics available inside our call center software.
    Call center thresholds
    Have a system in place to receive notifications when your call center traffic meets predetermined limits. For instance, the calls in the queue or estimated wait time is unusually high. Yellow and red thresholds inside your inbound call center dashboard can alert agents and supervisors.
    Desktop softphone & mobile app
    Stay connected with your teams and customers from anywhere. Use the NextivaONE App from your home computer or smartphone. Also, move active calls between your desk phone, desktop app, and mobile app.
    Dialed number identification service (DNIS)
    Associate multiple phone numbers to a queue or play specific messages for those callers. With DNIS, two different callers within the same queue could have vastly different experiences — including different music on hold and wait times.
    Customizable call flow builder
    Want your toll-free numbers to offer a specific caller experience? Design your call flow on a canvas with drag-and-drop simplicity. Export your call flow and have a record for reference. Also convert text to human-like speech on call flow scripts via our IVR portal.
    Intelligent call routing
    Manage the ways you route calls with Nextiva’s call center PBX. Advanced call routing directs calls to the right agent based on their skills. You can set up call routing based on the time of day, caller ID, auto attendant selections, and other criteria.
    Customer satisfaction surveys
    Create surveys to gather personal feedback from prospects and customers at any stage of the customer journey. Use Nextiva CRM’s automated surveys to reach customers, say, two days after their support ticket was closed.
    Screen pop
    Display enhanced caller information to your inbound call center agent. Surface relevant information such as account numbers, purchases, and helpdesk tickets as the phone rings. Access this feature via our CRM integrations.
    Outside your standard recorded greetings, also choose to receive email notifications each time you receive a voicemail. Voicemail Transcription can transcribe incoming voicemails and send them to a mobile phone number.
    Intelligent Contact Center

    Unleash The Full Customer Experience

    Essential $129 $99 *limited-time The must-haves Talk to an expert A robust set of tools needed to operate a best-in-class inbound, outbound, or blended global contact center.
  • Powerful inbound and outbound capabilities
  • Workflow engine to reduce human error
  • Gold-standard automations and APIs
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Professional $159 $119 *limited-time Full omnichannel suite Talk to an expert Everything in Essential, plus the complete digital communications package to delight customers across every touchpoint.

    Includes Essential +

  • Voice, SMS chat, email, social, web form, and more
  • Plug-and-play advanced AI for instant intelligence
  • Key quality management and digital supervision
  • Customer journey context at every step
  • Premium $199 $139 *limited-time All-encompassing experience Talk to an expert Everything in Professional, plus insights into the larger trends affecting operations, workforce management, and advanced CX analytics.

    Includes Professional +

  • Dynamic and streamlined workforce management
  • Optimized workflows for heightened productivity
  • Elite CX analytics with user-friendly views
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