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Customer expectations have changed.
Consumers want unified experiences that siloed and dated solutions can’t deliver

01Consumer habits

Customers are buying and interacting over more channels than ever before, they switch between them and expect companies to follow and remember their conversations. 

02Consumer expectations

Consumers no longer compare experiences among competitors. They compare companies to the best experiences they’ve ever had.

03Consumer tech-adoption

Today, companies hear from their customers more but understand less. Consumers are adopting new technologies faster than companies can adapt to them. 


A complete conversational platform for amazing customer experiences

Improve sales

Keep customers engaged. Build loyalty and encourage repeat purchases and renewals.

Increase satisfaction

Leverage AI tools working alongside humans to engage more customers in less time and at reduced cost.

Reduce your churn

Use predictive AI to identify dissatisfied customers and recover the experience before they churn.

Nextiva is unifying all conversations and customer management on a single platform

Seamless OmniChannel Conversations Sales and Support

Engage with your customers wherever they are on every channel and understand customer preferences, history, and needs better than ever before.

Unified Customer View

Gain a 360-degree view of each customer by consolidating data from all touchpoints – be it phone, text, social media, email, chat, or reviews.

Real-time Data

Keep your customer data up to date in real-time. Any changes made on one channel instantly reflect on all others, ensuring that your team receives the most current and accurate customer information.

Automated Workflows

Streamline your processes with AI automated workflows that trigger based on customer actions and interactions. Reduce manual tasks, save time, and provide a faster response to customer inquiries.

The ultimate CX platform that goes beyond conversations

Connected conversations

Unified customer management

Create a single source of truth for all your customer conversations, and provide amazing service every time.

AI-powered automations

Automated workflows

Provide a better customer experience with intelligent routing and AI-powered automations.

Customer journey management

AI powered Journeys

Automate monitoring of your customers’ activity over time to improve engagement and retention.

Seamless integrations to boost your sales and support

Payment gateways

Shipping & logistics

Digital channels


Marketing automation

Survey & reviews

Real-time insights that drive customer outcomes

Surveys such as CSAT or NPS only give you feedback from a fraction of your customers. Using AI driven insight from every conversation provides you with the customer’s sentiment in real time.

Track sentiment
Utilize AI-driven call transcription, summary and sentiment analysis to gain real-time insight into the customer’s perception during interaction.
Minimize customer churn
Proactively understanding negative customer sentiment enables prompt action to resolve issues and retain customers.
Reduce reliance on surveys
Surveys offer limited insights. By analyzing each interaction in real time, you know immediately how well your business is meeting customer expectations.
Gather Customer Insights with Minimal Effort
Surveys require significant time and resources for creation, distribution, and analysis, while AI-driven insights from existing conversations provide real-time feedback effortlessly through sentiment analysis.
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Transform your customer experience with seamless interactions across all channels, powered by AI

  • Inbound Voice

    Inbound Contact Center

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  • Outbound Voice

    Outbound Contact Center

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  • Live Chat

    Embed AI Powered live chat with chatbot on your website

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  • SMS

    Interact with customers via text

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  • Messengers

    Provide service with WhatsApp and others

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  • Email

    Provide sales and service via email

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  • Digital Channels

    Be present in all social and review channels where your prospects and customers are

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  • Conversational AI Voice Bot

    Solve customer issues quickly and effortlessly with IVA and IVR

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  • AI ChatBot

    Automate tasks and customer responses

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  • Unified Agent Helpdesk

    A single place for all agent and customer conversations

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  • Conversational Analytics

    Get real-time actionable data to drive growth in your business

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  • Reporting and Analytics

    View, analyze and act based on deep customer insight

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