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Create amazing customer experiences with enterprise contact center software.

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Goodbye siloed solutions. Hello frictionless omnichannel conversations.


Ensure every customer feels heard with enhanced voice capabilities, including voice bots and context-rich conversations.


Elevate every interaction with Nextiva’s seamless digital capabilities, ensuring robust, real-time engagements across multiple digital channels like chat, email, and social media.


Enhance every customer’s journey with Nextiva’s sophisticated tracking and analytics, which ensure a personalized, context-aware experience from start to finish.

Built for tomorrow

Available today

The award-winning Contact Center. Endless CX superpowers.

Be present everywhere

Customers can communicate with businesses across all channels, choose their preferred channels, switch between them easily, and keep a conversation going.

Customer Self Help

Delight customers with human-like, generative-AI powered contact center experiences. Bring down costs while freeing up time for your human agents.

Journey Orchestration

Automate customer and internal processes and agents workflows with our code-free automation tools, configured with a visual drag and drop interface.

Assist agents to get work done

Help your employees and customers navigate complex or challenging situations, and guide them step by step to take the next best action.

Boost agent efficiency, right away

Generative AI allows you to transcribe, summarize, and analyze customer interactions for immediate time savings and continuous improvement coaching – deployable with just a click.

Your single source of truth for all customer communications.

Nextiva CX seamlessly integrates with CRMs, CDPs, BI and analytics platforms, and a wide range of other software tools. Quickly connect data from one or multiple sources and unite them into powerful automation workflows.

Deliver business results that count

Connect with customers with empathy, deliver amazing experiences, and drive true ROI.

Nextiva customers can experience:


For real.
No planned downtime.

50% reduction in wrapup time

With generative AI-powered agent assist and summarization.

7 1

Fewer apps. Less to manage.

Improve CSAT and NPS

Route all interactions to the right agents. No more unnecessary call escalations, slow transfers, or putting customers on hold. Regardless of the complexity of the customer’s request. Nextiva Agent Assist helps your agents know what to say.

Outcome: Increase customer loyalty, repeated business and renewals


Drive higher productivity and deliver tailored experiences

Dynamic agent scripting reduces repetitive tasks and ensures that agents say the right things at the right time. Pull in data from your CRM or CDP. Let every agent be like your best agent, regardless of their tenure.

Outcome: Increase agents satisfaction, reduce burnout and agent turnover.


Improve your team’s performance

Give your supervisors superpowers with advanced AI quality monitoring and scorecarding.

Outcome: Upskill more agents with less work.


Simplify your
business operations

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Reduce vendor counts

For easier management and cost efficiency

Eliminate siloed operations

With in-built process automation features

Future-proof digital transformation

For easier management and cost efficiency

Seamless integrations to boost your sales and support

Payment gateways

Shipping & logistics

Digital channels


Marketing automation

Survey & reviews

Nextiva analytics in action

Bar chart icon Track sentiment

Performance coaching

Track sentiment

Identify key issues, discover trending topics and automatically route cases to the right employees to drive positive customer sentiment.

Line chart icon Performance coaching

Performance coaching

Performance coaching

Take lessons learned from previous cases and embed new strategies that create consistent, positive interactions with your team.

Magnifying glass icon Discover upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Performance coaching

Discover upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Identify when customers are looking for additional products or services and provide personalized recommendations in real-time to drive revenue expansion opportunities.

Bar chart icon Agent performance management

Performance coaching

Agent performance management

Evaluate each agent and their conversations. Identify patterns in behavior and use data to help them improve case management and resolution success rates.

Megaphone icon Pitch more effectively

Performance coaching

Pitch more effectively

Keep a pulse on your customers interests and identify consumer trends that your team can use in marketing and sales to improve conversion rates.

Star icon Improve CSAT

Performance coaching

Improve CSAT

Use top contact drivers and reasons for dissatisfaction as data points for product, service and support improvements. Resolve issues faster and proactively improve your customers satisfaction.

Users icon Increase customer spend

Performance coaching

Increase customer spend

Happy customers become loyal customers who are likely to spend more with your business. Use conversational insights to drive more repeat business.

Arrow down icon Decrease churn

Performance coaching

Decrease churn

Uncover reasons for dissatisfaction and improve first contact resolutions with intelligent, data-driven talking points. Keep satisfied customers happy and save at-risk customers with greater success.

Future-proof your business

100% hybrid cloud

Nextiva support a full range of deployments based on needs and requirements.


Get the ultimate scalability, cost savings and speed of innovation.


Keep sensitive data on-premise while leveraging the cloud’s scalability for other operations.

On Premise

Often suits industries that need to comply with strict data regulations.

100% REST APIs

Every function of Nextiva can be driven via REST APIs. This means you can easily get data in and out, seamlessly connect to a wide range of external platforms, and programmatically make Nextiva do exactly what you need, without lifting a finger after the initial setup.


Nextiva is not just one block of code. Nextiva is actually 30+ self-redundant systems that all talk to each other. This means Nextiva’s network is self-healing, so there’s no planned downtime. And you can scale your usage with no limits.


Faster time to value.

Nextiva CX Cloud Contact Center is a modern platform that is built from ground up vs other Contact Centers that are dated and siloed solutions that were coupled together.

Immediate provisioning

Implementation at the speed of your business

Enterprise Implementation




Reusable Workflow Components

Easily automate and reuse workflows, eliminating the need to rebuild them from scratch each time

Swift User Creation

Utilize API integration for rapid setup instead of manual creation.

Quick Data Migration

Connect swiftly to your CRM of choice using Rest API, bypassing the manual data scrubbing process, which can take weeks.

Speedy Training

With everyone on one screen and an intuitive platform built from the ground up, learning is simplified compared to navigating through various disjointed components acquired from different companies, which can take months or years to master.

Quick User Onboarding

Enjoy a unified, modern architecture offering a seamless, connected experience on a single screen, in contrast to disjointed customer experiences and app hopping with a patched-together tech stack.

Future proof

Continuous integration and continuous delivery

Modern Architecture Platform

Benefit from continuous enhancements with 150 features delivered last year, contrasting with legacy companies that may take months to implement small capabilities.

Certified by experts

Don’t just take our word for it. Ask us about our independent audit results for top security and compliance
protocols. We’ll help you protect your customer data and support your own internal compliance efforts.

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We’re enterprise-grade, so you can focus on delivering amazing experiences with the trust that we have your back.

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4.6 /5 Based on 2000+ reviews

4.6 /5 Based on 2000+ reviews

4.6 /5 Based on 2000+ reviews

4.6 /5 Based on 2000+ reviews