Building A Consistent Brand Experience For A Retail Giant


Known for its ready-to-assemble furnishings, distinctive blue and yellow color scheme, and delicious Swedish meatballs, IKEA is the largest furniture retailer on earth. The Scandinavian giant operates in 462 locations around the globe, with over 200,000 employees.

Plan: Brand Management Suite

Founded: 1943

Favorite Features: Intelligent Routing, Surveys, Reporting & Analytics

Create A Consistent Brand Experience

A consequence of being the #1 retailer on the planet? A massive amount of customer interactions. 

Not only did IKEA have to deal with a huge volume of incoming messages, but they also had to create specialized service teams to route messages manually to the right departments. 

The IKEA team also struggled to standardize their survey process. With multiple communication channels, the surveys often had random designs that lacked brand consistency. 

Internally, IKEA had similar challenges. Measuring employee performance was haphazard and inconsistent, making it difficult to ensure that the online experience reflected the brand’s high-quality standards. 

The solution? Nextiva.

An Intelligent Solution For Every Channel

During the onboarding process, Nextiva worked with IKEA and their social media agency to facilitate a Design Thinking workshop, where the teams collaborated to build workflows for handling queries and intelligently routing requests to the right department.

IKEA now enjoys a centralized platform to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. Team members can respond to requests and resolve issues faster than ever before. IKEA’s agency handled routine queries, while dedicated team members could focus on urgent matters.

With Nextiva, the team was also able to implement a consistent, brand-compliant survey experience across every communication channel. Not only did this change reinforce the IKEA brand, but it also made it easier to review and analyze responses—regardless of the source.

Identifying Opportunities With Better Reporting

Using customized dashboards, the IKEA team can measure employee performance with detailed analytics. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, managers can train each team member on specific areas of improvement.

This data-driven approach has unlocked new levels of productivity and improved oversight across the organization.

Key Takeaways

Centralize your communication channels for faster response times
Create a consistent brand experience for your surveys
Identify training opportunities using analytics

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