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Conversational Commerce

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Bringing commerce conversations together with commerce powered by AI chat bot, AI voice bot and automation. Get My Demo
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Seismic Shift

Conversational technology, such as messaging apps, live chat, chatbots, voice assistants, and social media, transforms the way people buy.

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Chatbots to account for 50% of spend by 2025.

Delivering shopping experience via Live chat, SMS, messangers, social media and voice.

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Conversational Commerce channels to facilitate spending of over $290 Billion globally by 2025.

/ According to Juniper Research

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66% of consumers expressed strong interest in trying GenAI-powered conversational commerce.

Sell products effortlessly on any channel in a conversation, eliminating the need of leaving a conversation to switch to a checkout process


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Seamless cross-channel experiences

Today's customers have conversations across many channels. They might start on your website, continue the conversation on messaging apps or sms, and later switch to a social media or voice call. Ensure their journey is seamless.


Unified customer data management

Manage unified customer profiles across all channels, ensuring that conversational data from various sources, such as voice assistants, phone calls and messaging, converges in one place.


Automation with seamless interactions

AI Chat and Voice Bots are instrumental in creating seamless cross channel interactions. They facilitate conversations and provide guidance during the customer's entire journey, from product discovery to a purchase.

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Nextiva is enabling businesses to have conversations and shop with the customers on any channel in the same place

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Accelerate the purchase cycle

Accelerate the purchase cycle by eliminating friction in the buying process

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Increase share of wallet

Create a personalized buying experience with highly targeted recommendations.

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Improve conversion rates

Any disruption in the buying process is costly. Eliminate the need to switch from conversation channels for payment. 


Upsell to existing customers

Proactively upsell and cross sell to existing customers on their prefer digital channels such as sms, email, messaging apps and social

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Core capabilities

Do business on the following channels

Core capabilities
Chat & Voice Bot

How it works

NextAI leverages technologies like natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and speech recognition at the core of the Nextiva conversational commerce to help businesses to understand and react to customer intents.

Amazing experience
Omnichannel commerce
  • Have conversation and accept transactions on every channel you communicate.
  • Remembering prospective customers preferences even if they switch channels.
  • Be always available 24/7 to accept purchases utilizing AI Voice and Chatbot.
For everybody
Unified agent experience
  • View and manage customer purchase history including all interactions agnostic of channels.
  • Make recommendations based on NextAI learning models that help to identify customers’ needs.
  • Respond in real-time via AI Voice or Chatbot to customer inquiries to optimize for best experiences.
Boost sales conversions
  • Have conversation and accept transactions on every channel you communicate.
  • Remembering prospective customers preferences even if they switch channels.
  • Be always available 24/7 to accept purchases utilizing AI Voice and Chatbot.
Get proactive with Conversational Marketing
  • Keep consumers in their conversational channel of choice and remove friction from the buying process.
  • Minimize abandoned cart behaviors by eliminating the need to switch from conversation channels for payment.
  • Anticipate your customers’ needs before they express them. Nextiva AI tools can help you to analyze customer behavior and predict their next steps.
  • Remember customer preferences and past interactions, no matter where they are even if they’re on a different channel.
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Seamless integrations to boost your sales

Payment gateways

Shipping and logistics

Digital channels

CRMs and CDPs

Marketing automation

Survey and reviews

Core capabilities

Customer use case

Chatbot to share personalized promo coupons

Customers like receiving promotional coupons and more often engage with brands that offer them.

A voice AI assistant to recommend and sell products

It can help customers search for information or to order products easily.

AI-Powered Live Chat conversation and purchase without human touch

Be available 24/7 to serve your prospective and existing customers and take order online on the same channel.

AI-Powered Voice Chat for repurchasing of products and service

Repurchase products that you bought before right on the phone. Also, HIPPA complaint for refilling prescriptions.

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