A Slam-Dunk Partnership – Bringing Enhanced Communication to San Antonio’s Finest


The San Antonio Spurs, an esteemed professional basketball team, faced significant challenges with their previous communication systems. Katie Murphy, the IT support manager, led the transition to a more dynamic and efficient communication solution provided by Nextiva.

The San Antonio Spurs are a basketball dynasty – with 5 NBA Championships and NBA Hall-of-Famers like Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich. The 67-year-old team has a high standard for success – and is used to winning.

Favorite Features: Remote Accessibility, Flexibility, Scalable Growth

The San Antonio Spurs are considered one of America’s greatest sports teams. Founded in 1967 as the Dallas Chaparrals, part of the ABA, the San Antonio Spurs joined the NBA in 1976.

Known for their disciplined play and tight-knit players and coaches, the Spurs have reached the NBA playoffs 39 times – winning the championship 5 times in their 57-year history.

Now, the Spurs use Nextiva to modernize their communications system. From remote accessibility to tech flexibility – Nextiva helps the Spurs usher in a new chapter of the fan experience, enabling modern and creative ways to connect.

“With Nextiva, our team doesn’t drop calls; there’s amazing voice quality, and it’s been an incredibly reliable way to connect with our fans and create a better customer experience.”

Cloud-Based Communication

The Spurs chose Nextiva’s cloud-based communication solution for its promise of easy manageability, flexibility, and seamless integration. Nextiva is the choice among professional sports teams, like the Florida Panthers.

A systems migration is never easy, unless you have the right partner. That’s where Nextiva came in. The transition to Nextiva offered increased operational efficiency, improved mobility and flexibility, and reliable and secure communication.

The Spurs were primed for scale. And, for work-from-anywhere.

Nextiva allows us the flexibility for our young sales force to choose the way they prefer to work… Reliability and call quality is extremely important.

Chris Monroe

For game days, event days, and every other day – the Spurs are ready. Katie Murphy (Manager, IT Support) says, “It’s important that our sales staff be able to reach their clientele with Nextiva. They’re able to do that wherever they may be in the arena.”

The Spurs organization has no choice but to be organized. With Nextiva, the Spurs now have the operational infrastructure for championship-level communication. The technology is one thing, but the Amazing customer experience that Nextiva provides is on another level.

Katie Murphy says, “Nextiva has been an excellent partner. Anytime we need anything, they’re able to help us and assist with the support team… My daily workflow has been greatly improved”.

Better communication leaves time for strategic decision-making. The Spurs have the formula for success, and Nextiva is around 24/7 to support the organization.