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“I’m incredibly happy and proud to be part of the Nextiva team. Being able to work from home, especially now that I’m a mother, has been a tremendous help in maintaining my professional career. Nextiva’s supportive environment enables me to balance both my personal and professional life seamlessly, and I’m grateful for the opportunities it provides.”

Estefania Yarce

Team Experience

“I have been with Nextiva for over 10 years, and it has been truly rewarding. I have been able to develop my career while witnessing Nextiva rapidly grow as a business. The culture here makes me feel heavily invested in the future of this company because I don’t want to work anywhere else.”

Shauli Falach

Manger at Office of Amazing

“Nextiva has truly cultivated one of the best work environments out there today. I never thought I would find a company I would become so passionate to grow and build with until I came to Nextiva.”

Matt Merhulik

Escalation Specialist

“My experience at Nextiva starts with all of the amazing support from my teammeates and being surrounded by other female leaders.”

Danielle Wilson

Business Development Representative

“Nextiva has been a place of significant growth, challenging me to exceed my limits and refine my skills to their fullest potential.”

Alexandra Lueck

Brand Reputation and Customer Advocacy

“Nextiva is one of the best companies that encourages collaboration and idea-sharing that I’ve ever worked for. The culture here always focuses on being forward-thinking and embraces all types of professional talents to achieve Nextiva’s goals.”

Paul Cottrell

Onboarding Technician

“I love working at Nextiva! I continue to learn and have a great Manager that encourages me to grow professionally each day”

Christine Carter

Payroll Specialist

“Nextiva is my second home since 2017, where the culture fosters a genuine sense of family. The company’s relentless pursuit of innovation and technology sets it apart, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve. What truly sets Nextiva apart is its commitment to listening and valuing every team member’s input, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas thrive. Working alongside such incredible individuals, I feel privileged to be part of the Nextiva family.”

Bogdan Fidiiov

Onboarding Technician Manager

“Everyone here truly breathes AMAZING SERVICE which builds strong bonds amongst peers focused on a common goal. But the constant innovation is what blurs the lines between work and play. Around every turn there is something new and exciting designed to meet the needs of our customer base and I find a lot of joy in rising to the challenge.”

Angela Elam

Senior Manager, Relations and Retention

“Starting out as a hardware returns specialist, Nextiva presented an opportunity to develop and grow at every turn. Now after five years, I have worked in multiple business areas and have learned and grown so much, all thanks to Nextiva.”

Thomas Gagnier

Hardware specialist

“Nextiva has provided me excellent opportunities to grow and excel. I Started off in our Customer Support team, and eventually managed to make it into Engineering; All from learning more and more as time went on, and for this I am truly thankful for the opportunities that I was offered.”

Frank Smith

Site Reliability Engineer

“Nextiva has impacted my life immensely, forever changing it for the better. I cannot even describe how grateful I am for the opportunities I am discovering here. I am genuinely excited about the amazing future of Nextiva, as it holds a special place in my heart, and I am eager to contribute to its continuous success.”

Anastasiia Novikova

Manager, Technical Support, Ukraine office

“Nextiva cultivates an environment where innovation thrives & ideas flourish. Joining this team isn’t just a career move; it’s a journey of unlocking limitless possibilities in the world of communication technology. I’m proud to be part of a company that doesn’t just shape the future; it defines it.”

Stephanie Priser

Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner, US Office, Nextiva

“Working at Nextiva has been full of amazing opportunities for my career advancement. I genuinely LOVE all of my colleagues and helping businesses grow using Nextiva’s technology, has been incredibly rewarding.”

Leilani Andorfer-Lopez

Account Executive, US Office

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