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Unlock your team’s full potential, optimize your resources, and revolutionize customer experiences with the power of Workforce Engagement Management (WEM).

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Modernize your team with Nextiva’s
Workforce Engagement Management

One platform
Get rid of fragmented apps in your business — Give your contact center an overhaul so you can focus on business, not tools.
Modern & future-proof
Motivate teams with empowerment features. Replace outdated and siloed apps with a modern contact center with continuous innovation.
Advanced capabilities
Enjoy features such as virtual agents, AI-driven productivity tools, rich automation, and an integration-friendly platform.

How it works

Nextiva WEM

One platform for customer &
employee satisfaction

Increase customer loyalty

Extend lifetime value
Personalized engagements with customers create loyal buyers.
Reduce churn
AI analyzes text and audio to determine customer intent and overall sentiment.
No repeated information
Connected apps and systems maintain full interaction history
Higher CSAT
Lower resolution times & consistent experiences across channels
Next-level interactions
Arm agents with complete customer details for meaningful personalization.
Land and expand
Sync with buyers strategically to increase upsell momentum.

Reduce employee attrition

Gamify productivity
Agent reports provide transparency with real-time statistics and team rankings, to raise the benchmark.
Reduce app overload
Utilize a future-proof suite of features on one unified platform — Integrate existing apps that you can’t live without.
Wipe out agent fatigue
Agents get burned out by hard to navigate systems and fragmented information. Upgrade to our agent-friendly tools and endless automation options.
Unifying siloed communication
Whether a customer started on chat and then decided to call, or reach out on messenger, agents enjoy a full view across channels.
Shorten employee onboarding
The unified Agent Dashboard means there are no additional apps to learn. In the moment scripts, team chat, and supervisor coaching tools better equip your agents from day one.
Empower supervisors
Real-time AI transcription and intuitive coaching tools enable supervisors to step-in when needed.

Enterprise grade & scale,
available for all

Voice recording and transcription
Recorded calls are transcribed in real-time for agents and supervisors.
Screen recordings
Agent desktops are captured along with voice recordings, for a full view of the call.
Agent recordings
Agents can review their own recorded calls to gain performance insight.
Compliance recordings
Designed to aid in TCPA/FCC compliance efforts, sensitive information is automatically redacted from call transcriptions.
Analytics for better decisions
The most popular contact center reports are paired with custom dashboards to track key performance stats, queue traffic, and campaign success.
Reporting fueled by Google
Harness the power of Google Data Studio BI along with Nextiva for better reports, transparency, and collaboration.

Powerful data insights

Agent Analysis View
Agents can easily see reports directly from their app. View benchmark performance stats and team rankings, as well as customized widgets for increased transparency.
Campaign Analysis View
Strategically track marketing and sales endeavors and analyze phone number campaign stats to make data-driven choices.
Queue Analysis View
View omnichannel queue details live to minimize wait times, assist agents on long calls, cherry-pick workitems, and simplify workforce management.

Performance Management

Intelligent Collaboration

Quality Monitoring
& Agent Coaching

Agent Home Page Widgets

Supervisor Real-Time Dashboards

Agent-Facing instrumentation

Dynamic Scripting & Schopping Carts

AI-based Agent Assist & Tooling

Supervisory Custom Widgets

Presence Management

Internal Chat Support

Voice Memo Support

Call Transfers Person + Queue

Queue-based threading

Topic-based threading

Dynamic QM Surveys

Workitem + Cherry Picking Controls

AI-enabled Agent Scoring

Supervisory Dashboards

Supervisory Alarms

Workitem + Queue Detailed Views

Nextiva WEM Features

Agent home page widgets provide motivating insight

  • Supervisory goals
  • KPI comparisons to peers
  • Access to voice mail, callbacks
  • Occupancy data
  • Customisable widgets

Agent-facing shopping makes WEM a breeze

  • Shopping carts customizable per campaign
  • Use up-loadable product catalog
  • Native capability needs no external software
  • Ability to transfer data to CRM or back-end billing

Secure Payment Agent Assist is native and PCI-compliant

  • Credit card data not seen or heard by agent
  • Success codes written into CRM
  • Agent gets real time status of transaction
  • Automatic loop-back to agent

Agent-facing Knowledge Base adds WEM power

  • Split screen allows view of dialog +KB suggestions
  • Real time dialog fuels KB search
  • Same KB can power customer communications
  • Works with real time summarization

Real time call summarization removes burnout and adds accuracy

  • Generative AI crushes time to summarize
  • Reduces wrap-up time radically
  • Agents can edit summary results

Supervisor home page widgets are customizable WEM tools

  • All dashboards widgetizable
  • All SLA & KPI stats available for widgets
  • At-a-glance view of what’s important
  • Customizable views

Nextiva already helps over 100,000 businesses.

Nextiva has already helped over 100,000 businesses manage their online reviews and has built a robust solution that is trusted today by businesses looking to build a better online reputation.

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