Scoring with Next-Level Communication – Florida Panthers’ Power Play


The Florida Panthers, renowned for their spirited presence in the NHL, encountered obstacles in effectively engaging their fanbase because of their old, outdated communication methods.

Since their inception, the Florida Panthers have been dedicated to excellence both on and off the ice, aspiring to create memorable experiences for their fans. By adopting Nextiva, The Panthers aimed to elevate their communication strategy to the same level of performance they bring to the game.

The story of the Florida Panthers is one of a relentless pursuit of excellence. Established in 1993 as the Florida Panthers, the Panthers won their first Stanley Cup in 2023. This winning organization prioritizes its fans constantly and always strives for more.

And, in an effort to grow and foster closer connections with fans – while streamlining internal operations – The Florida Panthers switched to Nextiva

Unified Communication Channels, Enhanced Mobility, Advanced Analytics

“I was blown away by what Nextiva offered compared to other companies. I love the ability to see who I’m talking to and manipulate the call within the CRM in one click. Nextiva really helps the ability to be remote. It provides us the ability to be flexible with our teams and it doesn’t put a break in our business in any way. I was blown away by what Nextiva offered compared to other companies. I love the ability to see who I’m talking to and manipulate the call within the CRM in one click.”

A Championship-Caliber Communication Strategy

Choosing Nextiva’s cloud-based communication was a careful and strategic move for the organization, recognized for its seamless integration and flexibility. In switching to Nextiva, The Panthers positioned themselves for scale – they’re now ready to engage fans across multiple platforms while improving internal workflows.

The implementation was seamless and quick, marked by Nextiva’s approach to partnership. Nextiva ensured that the Panthers were equipped for success from day one. This migration empowered the team with the tools needed for a mobile, efficient work environment and deeper fan engagement.

As Taralynn Reburn puts it, “For us, it’s easy to use Nextiva because it’s one simple platform… If somebody prefers text, we can do that through Nextiva.”

On top of improving the fan experience, Nextiva’s cloud-based business communications platform has allowed us to operate internally seamlessly throughout the building… everyone’s involved

Bryce Hollweg

The Florida Panthers have set a new standard in sports communication, leveraging Nextiva’s capabilities to enhance fan experiences and operational agility.

Bryce Hollweg, Chief Operating Officer, adds, “Nextiva as the next-generation platform has been great… keeping us connected internally or in our business operations but also allowing us to communicate with our fans whether that’s through the phone for our sales floor or through messaging and mobile app as well.”

With Nextiva, the Florida Panthers have not only embraced a cutting-edge communication solution but have also set a benchmark in fan engagement and operational efficiency. The Florida Panthers love their fans – and have built the infrastructure, with Nextiva, to support engagement in and out of the rink.