Intelligent Brand Management For A Global Logistics Leader


As a leading global logistics company operating in over 220 countries and territories, DHL delivers over 1.7 billion parcels per year. For over 50 years, the Bonn-based brand has been synonymous with fast, reliable delivery anywhere in the world.

Plan: Brand Management Suite

Founded: 1969

Favorite features: Centralized communication, intelligent routing, analytics

Maintain Your Reputation Across Every Channel

Every quarter, DHL handles over 10,000 customer interactions on multiple channels—including Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As can be expected, the massive volume of messages became unmanageable, overwhelming the support team.

Without a central ticketing system in place, DHL agents had to log into each platform separately and manually review each message before responding. The slow and laborious process caused considerable delays, making customers feel unheard and frustrated.

The team also had no way to prioritize urgent interactions, further risking damage to DHL’s brand.

Faster Responses, Better Customer Satisfaction

DHL partnered with Nextiva to streamline their customer engagement and help maintain their stellar reputation online. With Nextiva’s Brand Management Suite, all of DHL’s social channels connected to a single inbox, eliminating the endless task switching and manual activity.

The DHL team saw immediate results—significantly reducing response times to under 2 hours. They also achieved an incredible 99% success rate, a considerable improvement over their previous efforts.

Leveraging The Power of Automation

Instead of manually sorting through tickets, the DHL team could now target specific keywords online—particularly keywords related to a negative customer sentiment. Nextiva automation tools would identify those comments and route them to the support team

Automated alerts also notified senior stakeholders whenever online influencers with large followings mentioned DHL, so that the team could take a concierge approach with their VIP customers.

Deep Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

Nextiva’s robust reporting features allowed DHL to gain insight into their team’s performance and activity. 

Rather than relying on guesswork, DHL management could make intelligent staffing decisions based on each business unit’s workload and allocate their resources for maximum efficiency. 

Nextiva also allowed DHL to understand their customer behavior in greater detail, creating personalized experiences at every stage of the buying journey.

Key Takeaways

Centralize your customer communication for faster responses.
Automate your ticket escalation process to prioritize urgent messages
Leverage reporting to make intelligent staffing decisions

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