Building a World-Class Calling Experience for a Leading IT Services Provider

As one of the nation’s leading IT service providers, Charter Global provides staff augmentation and digital transformation services to businesses around the United States. 

The Charter Global team has executed successful IT projects for numerous mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies in multiple industries—including telecom, healthcare, finance, transportation, media & entertainment, energy, retail, and hospitality.

Plan: Customer Experience Suite

Founded: 1994

Favorite Features: Voice, Call Recording, Analytics

The call reporting and analytics are so robust that I can quickly prepare reports for my weekly meetings, QBRs, and MBRs.

David Norton
Director of Digital Sales, Charter Global

Quality, Reliability, & Functionality

Charter Global’s sales team routinely has phone calls with the largest brands on earth. 

The problem? The company’s legacy phone system routinely dropped calls and had poor audio quality, hindering the sales team’s ability to pitch clients professionally. 

Their system also lacked tools for coaching and monitoring, making it difficult to train underperforming reps in real time. Because of limited reporting and analytics functionality, Charter Global spent countless hours gathering data to measure its sales performance.

David Norton, Charter Global’s Director of Digital Sales, recognized the need for a communication solution that would provide the quality, reliability, and functionality to support a high-growth, customer-focused organization.

After extensive research, one clear winner emerged: Nextiva.

Crystal-Clear Voice Calls

After switching to Nextiva, the change in call quality was apparent. Charter Global SDR’s now connect with prospects and deliver their presentations with confidence. With no system downtime, the sales team consistently meets their call goals, making over 100 calls per day.

This increased call quality has allowed the team to double their number of booked meetings—a dramatic improvement.

Creating Consistent Processes

With Nextiva, Charter Global was able to implement a structured process throughout the entire customer journey. The approach required agents to check crucial boxes, ensuring that they never missed a single step.

Not only did this help Charter Global build credibility among their clients, but they also delivered a seamless customer experience.

Robust Reporting, Comprehensive Coaching

Armed with Nextiva’s reporting features, David can quickly generate weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance reports—providing actionable insights for the leadership team. 

David also leverages call recordings and analytics to provide real-world insights and coaching for his team. Instead of giving general advice, he can review calls with underperforming reps and offer actionable feedback for improvement.

My team is very process-driven, and Customer Experience Suite ensures every step is checked off. It helps us remain credible and streamline our workflow to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

David Norton

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