Top 10 Aircall Alternatives & Competitors [2024 Guide]

May 25, 2024 11 min read

Alex Doan

Alex Doan

Aircall alternatives and competitors

Looking for a business communications solution beyond Aircall? You’ve come to the right place.

While Aircall excels in user-friendliness and affordability for small teams, some businesses may require a more robust feature set or integrations with specific CRMs.

This guide explores 10 Aircall alternatives, highlighting their strengths and potential drawbacks to help you find the ideal fit.

What Is Aircall?

Aircall is a cloud phone system and call center software that enables companies to set up a virtual call center, manage calls and contacts, analyze call data, and integrate with CRM and helpdesk tools. The company has about 15,000 users worldwide and is headquartered in France.

Key Aircall features include auto-attendants, call routing, contact center management, advanced analytics, and integrations with tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack.

Why Consider Aircall Alternatives

While Aircall offers a solid foundation for call centers, here are some reasons you might explore other telephony providers:

Now, let’s review Aircall competitors worth checking out.

Top 10 Aircall Alternatives To Stay Ahead

The following table quickly compares the popular Aircall alternatives. Use it as a starting point to inform your research.

Focus, value proposition Unified comms, more value for moneyCost-effectiveMobile-centricAI-powered
PricingStarts at $18.95/user/monthStarts at $14/user/monthStarts at $15/user/monthStarts at $15/user/month
Key FeaturesExtensive call management features, user-friendlyAffordable, simpleMobile app focusCall coaching, analytics

Here’s a deep dive into each Aircall competitor:

1. Nextiva

Nextiva phone system

Nextiva is a unified cloud communications platform known for its reliability, call quality, and extensive feature set (over 40 standard and advanced options).

Nextiva is easy to use and offers excellent customer support.

Nextiva’s cloud contact center provides real-time analytics into phone calls and has nurturing tools to automatically send information to customers. Its pricing is simple and affordable.

Depending on your business requirements, you can get a variety of standard and advanced phone system features.

What are Nextiva’s top features?

Nextiva pricing

Nextiva offers three feature-packed VoIP plans that match small business budgets. The tiers (billed annually) include:

While Nextiva’s pricing may be slightly higher than some alternatives, it offers a comprehensive suite of features, excellent customer support, and a user-friendly platform. This translates to significant cost savings in the long run.

2. Grasshopper

grasshopper phone service

Grasshopper is a great option for small businesses seeking a cost-effective solution. Grasshopper integrates your business line with your personal cell phone, offering features like vanity numbers and custom greetings.

Ideal for solopreneurs or teams on a tight budget, but may lack scalability for larger businesses.

What are Grasshopper’s top features?

While Grasshopper’s setup is different from other business VoIP platforms, it still offers some important communication features, including:

Grasshopper pricing

Grasshopper caters to small businesses with four feature-packed plans at affordable price points. The tiers differ based on the number of users, phone numbers, and extensions supported:

3. OpenPhone

Openphone business VoIP

Another business phone system designed for startups and small businesses. OpenPhone adds a new business number to your existing cell phone and offers features like a multi-channel inbox and call recording with transcriptions.

Consider exploring OpenPhone if you prioritize a mobile-centric solution.

What are some of its top features?

OpenPhone has a small but robust suite of communication tools, including:

OpenPhone pricing

OpenPhone offers three main pricing plans, each with optional features and add-ons:

4. Dialpad

Dialpad phone system

Dialpad offers an AI-powered business phone system well-suited for hybrid teams, offering features like call coaching and real-time analytics.

What are Dialpad’s key features?

Diapad pricing

Dialpad provides three main pricing tiers (billed annually):

5. delivers essential communication tools at a competitive price point. It allows businesses to create a professional presence with business phone numbers usable on personal devices.

Consider if you prioritize affordability and core call center functionalities.

What are some of its top features?

Key features include: pricing offers three pricing tiers:

6. GoToConnect (formerly Jive)

gotoconnect phone service

An all-in-one cloud communications suite for small and medium businesses. GoTo Connect combines business phone, meetings, and messaging within a broader platform focused on business-customer communication.

Evaluate GoToConnect if you seek a unified platform for various communication

What are some of its top features?

GoToConnect customers can enjoy its top VoIP features like:

GoTo Connect pricing

GoTo Connect offers a variety of communication features including phone service, video conferencing, messaging, and a contact center. There is no pricing listed on the website, but they do offer a free trial. Users can contact GoTo Connect for a quote.

Here’s another GoTo Connect pricing guide to refer to.

7. 8X8

8x8 phone service

8×8 provides a unified cloud communications platform with voice, video, chat, and contact center functionalities.

The platform offers real-time call monitoring and advanced features like call parking. However, pricing requires customized quotes, so it’s best suited for businesses comfortable with a more complex setup process.

What are some of its top features?

8×8 offers excellent call management features, including:

8X8 pricing

8×8 pricing requires custom quotes across five tiers:

You need to speak to an 8×8 salesperson to get a pricing quote for these plans.

8. OnSIP

OnSIP phone service

OnSIP is a hosted VoIP provider that allows businesses to keep their existing phone numbers. The platform offers features like skill-based routing and video conferencing, with pricing plans catering to different call volumes.

Consider OnSIP if you prioritize retaining your existing phone numbers while migrating to a cloud-based solution.

What are some of its top features?

Customers on different plans get access to different OnSIP features. Amongst some of their top features are:

OnSIP pricing

Onsip offers two main pricing plans:

In addition to the base plans, OnSIP offers a variety of individual features that can be added to customize a plan. These features include auto attendants, call recording, dial-by-name directory, ring groups, voicemail, call parking, and more.

9. Ooma Office

ooma voip

Ooma Office is a streamlined business phone service for small teams. It focuses on ease of use and offers features like call blocking and conference calling.

Explore Ooma Office if you prioritize a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for a small team.

What are some of its top features?

Key Ooma features include:

Ooma Office pricing

Ooma offers three straightforward pricing tiers:

Besides basic plans, Ooma offers several optional services, such as porting your existing phone number ($39.99) and additional phone numbers ($9.95 per number per month).

10. Twilio Flex

Twilio phone system

A digital engagement center facilitating communication across various channels like phone, email, chat, and messaging apps. Twilio Flex empowers businesses with a customizable interface and intelligent routing for efficient customer interactions.

Consider Twilio Flex if you require an omnichannel communication solution with a high degree of customization.

What are some of its top features?

Twilio Flex pricing

Twilio Flex pricing varies by user with 5000 free user hours and two pricing tiers:

Both plans include a free trial with 5,000 free active user hours.

Choosing the Right Aircall Alternative

The best Aircall alternative depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider factors like:

Evaluate these factors alongside the strengths and weaknesses of each Aircall alternative explored above to make an informed decision that empowers your business with the most suitable communication solution.

Don’t forget to conduct further research or request free trials or demos to gain hands-on experience before making your final choice.

Why Is Nextiva a Top Aircall Alternative?

The ideal communication solution strikes a balance between features, cost, ease of use, and scalability to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow and propel your business forward. And Nextiva does just that.

Nextiva offers a slew of features — over 40 standard and advanced phone system features that can be customized to fit any call or contact center solution.

It’s also highly rated by users for ease of use, allowing you to set up complex call flows and routing in just minutes. Whenever questions arise, Nextiva’s amazing support team is ready to guide users through any aspect of the service.

However, features and support wouldn’t matter much without rock-solid reliability and security. Nextiva delivers both military-grade data centers and end-to-end encryption protecting every conversation.

Nextiva’s extensive features, ease of use, stellar support, and ironclad security, earned it the #1 spot as U.S. News’ top-rated business phone provider for two years straight.

Businesses seeking to take their phone connectivity to the next level need look no further.

Ready to take your phone system to the next level?

Check out Nextiva’s transparent pricing plans.

Note: Aircall, Grasshopper, OpenPhone, Dialpad,, GoToConnect, 8×8, OnSIP, Ooma Office, and Zoom have no relationship with Nextiva, Inc. and are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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