GoTo Connect Pricing & Plans: Is It Worth It?

April 29, 2024 8 min read

Devin Pickell

Devin Pickell

GoTo connect phone system

GoTo Connect is a cloud-based communication service offering voice, video, and messaging capabilities for businesses. The platform is designed to manage all your communications in a single platform, much like other conferencing solutions.

With features such as customizable call routing, multi-level auto attendants, and integrations with popular business apps, GoTo Connect provides a straightforward option for businesses requiring basic communications and functionality.

When researching a business communications platform, pricing and plan structures will likely be among the first items you’ll look at.

In this article, we’ll dissect GoTo Connect’s pricing, plans, and features to see if it’s the right fit for your business needs. Let’s dive in.

GoTo Connect Pricing Plans

GoTo Connect offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different team sizes and feature preferences. Here’s a breakdown of its core plans:

GoTo Connect Pricing Plans

Basic plan — $29.00/user/month (billed annually)

Ideal for startups, solopreneurs, or small teams with simple communication needs.

Features of the Basic plan:

Standard plan — $39.00/user/month (billed annually)

Suitable for growing businesses looking for scalability and advanced features.

This plan offers everything in the Basic plan, plus the following features:

Price Per User/Month$29$39
Unlimited Calls (US & Canada)YesYes
Toll-free minutes03/minute 1000 Included per account
(.019/minute after)
International CallingNoYes
Business SMSLimitedYes
Video ConferencingUp to 150 participantsUp to 250 participants
Online Meetings & Screen SharingYesYes
Cloud PBXYesYes
Call RecordingNoYes
Call Analytics & ReportingBasicAdvanced
Mobile App (iOS & Android)YesYes
IntegrationsLimited (Outlook and G Suite)Popular and vertical-specific integrations
24/7 Customer SupportSelf-service onlyYes

Additional Cost Considerations With GoTo Connect Plans

While the core GoTo Connect plans offer a comprehensive feature set, there are some additional costs to keep in mind:

It’s important to carefully evaluate your business needs and weigh the additional costs of toll-free numbers, international calling, add-on features, and potential hardware purchases before finalizing your GoTo Connect plan.

Pro Tip: Contact the GoTo Connect sales team and inquire about bundled packages that might combine your desired features and hardware at a discounted rate.

Choosing the Right Plan for Your Business

Selecting the optimal GoTo Connect plan depends on several factors:

If you’re a small business with basic communication needs, the Basic Plan may be sufficient. However, if you need more advanced features like call recording and analytics, you’ll likely need the Standard Plan or a custom quote from GoTo.

Comparing GoTo Connect with competitors and weighing alternatives is a good way to see whether its pricing is comparable with the features offered. Here’s a Nextiva vs. GoTo Connect comparison to help you weigh the alternative.

How Do Nextiva Pricing Plans Compare?

Nextiva offers tiered pricing plans to cater to businesses of various sizes and communication needs. Let’s break down each plan and its key features:

nextiva pricing plans

Essential plan — $18.95/user/month (billed annually)

Ideal for startups, consultants, or local small businesses with basic communication needs. 

Notable features of the Essential plan include:

Professional plan — $22.95/user/month (billed annually)

Ideal for growing businesses with increased communication needs and collaboration demands, for example, marketing agencies, e-commerce stores, and customer support teams. 

This includes everything in the Essential plan, plus the following features:

Enterprise plan — $32.95/user/month (billed annually)

Suitable for large businesses with complex communication workflows and high-volume activities, for example, large contact centers, healthcare providers, and financial institutions. 

This includes everything in the Professional plan, plus the following features:

If we compare GoTo Connect and Nextiva plans in a scenario where a business may require 20 or 100 users, here’s an estimate of how that pricing would stack up.

Service ProviderPlan20 Users100 Users
GoTo ConnectBasic$580.00Unavailable
GoTo ConnectStandard$780.00$3900.00

As you can see, Nextiva offers competitive pricing, especially for businesses with more users.

Core Features of GoTo Connect & Nextiva

GoTo Connect business conferencing & calling features

GoTo Meeting Software Screenshot

Nextiva business conferencing & calling features

Nextiva video meeting software

Comprehensive Feature Comparison

Feature or functionalityNextiva EssentialNextiva EnterpriseGoTo Connect BasicGoTo Connect Standard
Monthly price (billed annually)$18.95$22.95$29.00$39.00
User capacityUnlimitedUnlimitedUp to 20 usersUnlimited
Unlimited voice & video calling (U.S. & Canada)
Mobile apps (iOS & Android)
Toll-free minutes1,50012,5001,000 shared1,000
Video conference duration limit45 min45 minUnlimitedUnlimited
Video conferencing participantsUnlimitedUp to 150Up to 250
Video meeting recording
Meeting scheduling and calendar integrations
Team messaging
Voicemail to email
Toll-free numbers
Unlimited internet fax
Auto attendant
Call recording
Multi-level auto attendant
Salesforce/HubSpot integrations
Call queues1
Voicemail transcription
Advanced analytics and reporting
Microsoft Teams integration
Single sign-on

Overall, Nextiva seems to be a more cost-effective solution with a broader range of features, especially for businesses that need more than basic communication functionalities.

Nextiva offers generally cheaper plans, especially for businesses with more users (20 or 100 in the provided example).

It offers a wider range of features even in their Essential plan compared to GoToConnect’s Basic plan. For example, Nextiva includes unlimited internet fax, voicemail to email, and toll-free numbers, whereas GoToConnect requires a higher-tier plan for these features.

Nextiva also offers some features entirely missing from GoToConnect’s base plans, such as CRM integration, call recording, voicemail transcription, and advanced analytics.

Nextiva’srofessional setup assistance can be helpful for businesses that don’t have the IT resources to configure a new communication system themselves.

Which Provider Is Right for Your Business?

Choosing between GoTo Connect and Nextiva involves a nuanced consideration of your business’s communication needs, budget constraints, and growth plans.

Nextiva is a great fit for

GoTo Connect may be a good fit for

The Final Verdict

While GoTo Connect caters to businesses that are focused on large-scale video communications and straightforward service tiers, Nextiva emerges as a cost-effective, robust solution, as broken down in our comparison.

Nextiva’s comprehensive feature set, coupled with its transparent pricing structure, provides businesses with the flexibility and scalability necessary to grow and adapt.

For businesses weighing their options, Nextiva’s business phone system stands out as a well-rounded solution that aligns affordability with a breadth of features, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking a balance between cost and functionality. And if you require phone number porting from an existing provider to Nextiva, we can help with that process!

GoTo Connect Pricing FAQs

Does GoTo Connect offer a free trial?

Yes, GoTo Connect offers a free trial so you can try out the service before you commit to a paid plan.

What is the difference between GoTo Connect and GoTo Meeting?

GoTo Meeting is a separate product from GoTo Connect that focuses specifically on video conferencing. While GoTo Connect includes video conferencing functionality, it also offers a wider range of features like cloud PBX, call center, and messaging.

Does the GoTo app cost money?

There isn’t a single “GoTo app” that encompasses all of GoTo’s offerings. GoTo Connect has a mobile app, but since it’s part of the overall GoTo Connect service, it would follow the pricing plan you have for GoTo Connect (free with trial, or paid subscription).

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