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What is video conferencing?

A video conference is a preferred way to deliver live presentations over the internet. Key features of a video chat include real-time audio, chat, screen sharing, live webcam videos.

Seeing is believing with high-quality video and screen sharing. Built on the same technology as VoIP phones, team video calls are easy and fast to set up.

Nextiva provides a video conferencing solution with its business phone service.

Why use video conferencing?

Unlike phone calls over landlines, video lets you fully express yourself. Real-time video conveys a full range of emotions and builds rapport with attendees. Group video calls enable your team to collaborate over your existing VoIP solution.

Attendees not using Nextiva can still benefit from a robust and reliable meeting experience. They can meet with your team from their browser and call in with their phone for maximum flexibility. People can dial in using any phone like your landline, iPhone, or Android.

Video conferencing benefits

  • Cloud-based. There's no need for expensive conference phones, a traditional PBX, or bulky business communication hardware.

  • Desktop and mobile app. Meet instantly with a simple and enjoyable experience using your computer or smartphone.

  • High performance. Never skip a beat in your presentations with lag-free screen sharing, crystal-clear audio, and high-definition (HD) video.

  • HD quality. Provide the best experience for attendees by using a proven VoIP platform.

  • Guest viewing. Guests can attend the group video meeting from the convenience of their web browser. No downloads or plugins needed.

  • No time limits. Level up the real-time collaboration with an all-day web conference without any nags or limits.

Get video conferencing and more with Nextiva’s Business Phone Service.

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Eric Siu "We love Nextiva's reliability and features like call pop, free online faxing, auto attendant, IVR and call routing. It gives us the appearance of a bigger, more polished business." Eric Siu CEO, Single Grain
Chris Brencans "Countless sales have been done on the Nextiva mobile app. We couldn't run our business without it. Since adopting Nextiva in 2016, we've seen 203% revenue growth." Chris Brencans CMO, On The Map Marketing
Business Phone Service Benefits

Why businesses choose Nextiva

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Modify your preferences and toggle features in minutes. Don't compromise on scale or flexibility.

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We handle more than one billion calls every year. Dependable 99.999% uptime you can trust.

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Nextiva is HIPAA and SOC-2 compliant, with a multi-million-dollar security budget.

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Call Quality

High-performance data centers and HD Voice technology ensure superior voice quality.

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Ease of Use

Anyone can set up and use Nextiva’s cloud PBX system, not just technical staff.

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Amazing Service

Get live support your business needs from our in-house team available 24/7.

How to create a team video conference

It’s easy to start a video conference with your team using Nextiva.

  1. Open and sign in to the NextivaONE App.
  2. Click My Room in the upper right corner of the app.
  3. Ask team members to join your room by right-clicking your name and selecting Join Room. Optionally, you can invite others by copying your meeting link and sending it to them via email or chat.
  4. Click the video camera icon located along the top of the chat window to share your video.

By accessing your video conference over VoIP, it works instantly without any further settings.

Video conferencing FAQs

Video conferencing is a type of virtual meeting that involves two or more people and takes place in a face-to-face format over video. Typically, video conferencing is live streaming, but can include pre-recorded video. Video conferencing is a necessity in the world of remote and hybrid work. Nextiva provides a video conferencing solution with its business phone service and built-in to its new business productivity software.

Video conferencing works by utilizing VoIP technology to make video calls via the internet. When combined with VoIP, you can utilize high-quality video and screen sharing to make video calls and connect with teammates and customers.

The cost for video conferencing varies widely based on your needs and the software tool that you choose. It’s true that you can find some free video conferencing platforms, but free often comes with a time limit such as no video calls longer than 30 minutes. Or even a max number of video calls you can make in a day.

The most cost efficient way to get video conferencing is to choose a provider that bundles video calls with an existing package. For example, Nextiva includes video conferencing with its existing VoIP packages which start at $18.95/mo.

For high-quality video conferencing, you will need a computer or mobile device equipped with a speaker and microphone, a webcam, a high-speed internet connection, and video conferencing software like the one that comes with Nextiva.

If you’re wondering if video conferencing is secure, the answer is “it depends” on your VoIP provider and the video conferencing software you choose. If you sign up for video conferencing with Nextiva, your video conferencing will be backed by Nextiva’s world-class network security. Our data centers have 24/7+365 monitoring and meet security standards set by the ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Showing your smile helps you build stronger relationships and sell more – it’s how business gets done today

There’s nothing remote about face-to-face

The power of video has been proven over and over. But you don’t need to spend millions to make video work for your business.

We’ve got ideas and practical pointers to help your business use video conferencing to power better conversations, reduce misunderstandings, and get the job done faster.

Video conferencing is a type of virtual meeting that involves two or more people and takes place in a face-to-face format over video. Video conferences often happen via live streaming, but can include pre-recorded meetings.

As more and more companies adopt a remote-first office environment, video conferencing is a necessary tool for the workplace. Even if your business isn’t entirely virtual, many employees are moving to hybrid or fully remote work and others are working remotely while traveling. They will need the ability to hold and attend video meetings in order to connect with the rest of the team.

There are many common uses for video conferencing, including:

  • Team meetings
  • Webinars
  • Job interviews and candidate screenings
  • Company all-hands presentations
  • One-to-one customer support
  • Consultations
  • Product demonstrations
  • Sensitive conversations that shouldn’t be in email
  • And more

Features of a video conferencing software:

There are many video conferencing software options available on the market. But it comes down to choosing the software that best fits the needs of your business. For example, are you using it only for large groups such as webinars? Your needs might be different from a business that needs to conduct small group meetings.

Either way, these are important features to look for in a video conferencing software:

  • Live screen sharing
  • Simultaneous text-based chat functionality
  • Recording
  • Multi-device support (i.e. ability to join a meeting from a mobile device)
  • File sharing
  • Speaker and participant mute

Equipment requirements for video conferencing

You do need some standard equipment in order to implement video conferencing for your business.

Basic video conferencing equipment includes a high-speed internet connection, a web camera with audio, and a video conferencing software platform. For a more advanced route, you might choose to acquire a green screen to create professional backdrops, high-quality microphones, or extra lighting like a ring light.

Nextiva has video built into its NextivaONE software. No need for an additional video conferencing platform. Plus, the platform includes the ability to send text-based chats and file sharing while in the video meeting.

How video conferencing benefits your business

There are many benefits and advantages to using video conferencing. First and foremost, video meetings allow you to have face-to-face conversations that aren’t easily addressed with email. You know how sometimes it’s simply easier to explain “in person” versus in writing?

Video conferencing is the solution for difficult conversations (or simply just to save time versus crafting a long email), especially if your team is dispersed or working remotely.

Other benefits of video conferencing include:

  • Support and include your remote workforce
  • Improve productivity and speed to resolution
  • Offer interactive problem-solving solutions for customers
  • Share live meetings employees and customers who can’t attend in-person
  • Improve communication
  • Save time and money versus traveling to live meetings
  • Increase collaboration for employees dispersed across different locations
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How to Start a Video Conference

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Video Conferencing

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