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What is video conferencing?

A video conference is a preferred way to deliver live presentations over the internet. Key features of a video chat include real-time audio, chat, screen sharing, live webcam videos.

Seeing is believing with high-quality video and screen sharing. Built on the same technology as VoIP phones, team video calls are easy and fast to set up.

Nextiva provides a video conferencing solution with its business phone service.

Why use video conferencing?

Unlike phone calls over landlines, video lets you fully express yourself. Real-time video conveys a full range of emotions and builds rapport with attendees. Group video calls enable your team to collaborate over your existing VoIP solution.

Attendees not using Nextiva can still benefit from a robust and reliable meeting experience. They can meet with your team from their browser and call in with their phone for maximum flexibility. People can dial in using any phone like your landline, iPhone, or Android.

Video conferencing benefits

  • Cloud-based. There's no need for expensive conference phones, a traditional PBX, or bulky business communication hardware.

  • Desktop and mobile app. Meet instantly with a simple and enjoyable experience using your computer or smartphone.

  • High performance. Never skip a beat in your presentations with lag-free screen sharing, crystal-clear audio, and high-definition (HD) video.

  • HD quality. Provide the best experience for attendees by using a proven VoIP platform.

  • Guest viewing. Guests can attend the group video meeting from the convenience of their web browser. No downloads or plugins needed.

  • No time limits. Level up the real-time collaboration with an all-day web conference without any nags or limits.

Get video conferencing and more with Nextiva’s Business Phone Service.

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Our customers said life became easier after switching to Nextiva.

Eric Siu "We love Nextiva's reliability and features like call pop, free online faxing, auto attendant, IVR and call routing. It gives us the appearance of a bigger, more polished business." Eric Siu CEO, Single Grain
Chris Brencans "Countless sales have been done on the Nextiva mobile app. We couldn't run our business without it. Since adopting Nextiva in 2016, we've seen 203% revenue growth." Chris Brencans CMO, On The Map Marketing
Business Phone Service Benefits

Why businesses choose Nextiva

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Modify your preferences and toggle features in minutes. Don't compromise on scale or flexibility.

Benefits Mark

We handle more than one billion calls every year. Dependable 99.999% uptime you can trust.

Benefits Mark

Nextiva is HIPAA and SOC-2 compliant, with a multi-million-dollar security budget.

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Call Quality

High-performance data centers and HD Voice technology ensure superior voice quality.

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Ease of Use

Anyone can set up and use Nextiva’s cloud PBX system, not just technical staff.

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Amazing Service

Get live support your business needs from our in-house team available 24/7.

How to create a team video conference

It’s easy to start a video conference with your team using Nextiva.

  1. Open and sign in to the Nextiva App.
  2. Click My Room in the upper right corner of the app.
  3. Ask team members to join your room by right-clicking your name and selecting Join Room. Optionally, you can invite others by copying your meeting link and sending it to them via email or chat.
  4. Click the video camera icon located along the top of the chat window to share your video.

By accessing your video conference over VoIP, it works instantly without any further settings.

Video conferencing FAQs

A video conference is a modern upgrade to conference calls with your team.

You no longer need to set up a specific phone number and conference bridge.

Video conferences use VoIP technology to achieve real-time communication over the internet. Since it's not analog, you can also use other modes of business communication. HD voice improves call quality.

Set up video meetings, share your screen, and collaborate with instant messaging. You can even set up a dedicated conference room.

Modern video conferencing solutions also offer an alternative to face-to-face presentations. It provides low-latency, HD screen sharing in video meetings for the ultimate in team productivity and collaboration.

You can use the Nextiva App on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Our mobile app is available on most mobile devices, with native apps for Android and iPhone.

Since you don’t need expensive conference phones, the costs are low. Web conferences are established using the cloud phone system technology, so it’s built to scale across the entire organization.

Plan to meet with someone outside of your office? Provide them the guest link in an email, chat, or text message. All they need is their browser, and they can dial into the video conference from their landline or cell phone.

Online video conferences utilize secure internet technologies like TLS and SRTP that encrypt the connection. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) also uses these protocols for enhanced security.

Learn more about Nextiva’s network and stringent security practices that protect every business on its platform.

Video conference calls are an excellent replacement for face-to-face meetings. Experienced staff can hold training presentations for new hires across the country.

When Microsoft's Skype debuted in 2003, it pioneered video calls between friends and family. But for a small business, video conferences help your team communicate effectively. You'll be able to stay in touch when you are working outside of the office or working at home.

High-quality video conferencing services help companies to provide better hands-on customer support. Support reps can quickly solve technical issues over the internet and can guide customers through real-time screen sharing.

Get video conferencing and more with Nextiva’s Business Phone Service.

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Eric Siu, CEO

"We love Nextiva's reliability and features like auto attendant, IVR and call routing. It gives us the appearance of a bigger more polished business."

Eric Siu, CEO
Single Grain
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