How to set up click to call

Desktop-based calling

1 Download and install the Nextiva App on your desktop.

2 Sign in to the Nextiva App.

3 Set Nextiva as the default calling app for your operating system.

Windows 10

1 Click the Start menu and select Settings.

2 Click on Apps, then Default apps.

3 Scroll down and click on Default apps by protocol.

4 Locate TEL (URL:Tel Protocol) and click on the button labeled “Choose a default.”

5 Select Nextiva from the list of phone apps.


1 Open FaceTime. If prompted, sign in with your Apple ID.

2 Click the FaceTime menu located at the top left and select Preferences.

3 Near the bottom, change the "Default for calls" dropdown menu to Nextiva App.

4 Close the window. The settings will be saved when you click on phone numbers.

When you click on telephone numbers while browsing the web, such as within Google Chrome, you will be prompted to complete the call with the Nextiva App.