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A better phone system for your small business

A complete phone system with advanced features to match your business needs in this new normal.

Professional auto attendant

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Voicemail to email delivery

HD video conferencing

Local & toll-free numbers

Free number porting

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How does a business phone system work?

A cloud-based business phone system is an advanced telephony system that runs entirely on the internet. If you’re connecting to a PSTN, VoIP converts your analog voice signals to digital packets and vice versa during transmission.

With Voice over IP, your data is compressed and sent over a digital network. To start using a cloud phone system, all you need is a reliable VoIP provider like Nextiva.

Forget this:

Clunky, obsolete hardware

Recurring maintenance fees

Unreliable uptime

Get this instead:

Cloud-based business lines

Remote-friendly phone features

Incredible prices

Business phone system pricing


As low as

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PROFESSIONAL 36 mo. agreement
PREPAY 36 mo. agreement
1-4 users
5-19 users
20-99 users
100+ users

Per month / user
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Unlimited Calling within the US/CA

Free Local and Toll-Free Number

Top Rated Mobile App

Video and Audio Meetings

Team Collaboration

Unlimited Business SMS


As low as

$31.95 Information icon
ENTERPRISE 36 mo. agreement
PREPAY 36 mo. agreement
1-4 users
5-19 users
20-99 users
100+ users

Per month / user
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All Professional features PLUS

CRM & Business Integrations

Real-Time Voice Analytics

Call Recording

Got pricing questions?

Advanced phone features built for remote work.

Auto attendant

Call routing

Toll-free numbers

Caller ID

Video conferencing

Call forwarding

Call transfer

Call recording

Why choose Nextiva for your business?

Business phone service

A VoIP phone system made for the way you work. Advanced features like HD audio and video conference calling, text messaging, and automatic call forwarding can support your teams no matter where they are.

Mobile & desktop apps

Manage inbound and outbound calls with the same business phone number right from your mobile phone app. Carry your virtual phone system in the palm of your hands. iOS- and Android-compatible.

Desk phones

Want to take call quality up a notch on your business phone calls? We can help you provision IP phones, cordless phones or even your existing analog phones as reliable business lines.

Paperless faxing

Nextiva offers a virtual fax service at an affordable price. Use your existing PC, tablet, or mobile device to send and receive faxes. No more clunky fax machines. Do it all via your VoIP service provider.

Proud to be a leader on G2.

Business phone system FAQs

Is cloud VoIP cheaper than a landline?

Yes, business phone service provided from the cloud is typically 60% less expensive than landline phones.

Cloud-based phone service provides customers with dozens of advanced VoIP features that typically cost extra from the local phone company.

PSTN, Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call center — there’s a lot out there that can overwhelm you as a small business owner.

With Nextiva’s phone system, your business communications will get a lot easier (and affordable!). Phone calls, text messages, and personal calls — we separate and simplify these for you.

And, all of it happens on the cloud. That new phone system you’ve been wanting? It’s finally within your reach.

Can I use my existing phone numbers?

Yes, you can use your same phone numbers in a cloud VoIP phone system.

The process known as porting allows companies like Nextiva to migrate your phone service smoothly, so you don’t drop any calls.

Nextiva provides free porting to its cloud VoIP customers, and they make the entire process easy and straightforward.

Am I charged per user or per line?

Each user who can place or receive calls is considered one line of service. You are charged for the maximum number of users you can create for your account.

Also, some standard taxes and fees apply to each small business VoIP line on an account. For more information or tax details by state, click here.

How many phone lines do I need?

We recommend selecting the number of lines that you plan to use within the next year. It’s a good idea to offer dedicated lines for sales, customer support, and your remote employees.

Don’t forget about providing lines for meeting rooms, private offices, and common areas like kitchens.

Learn more about how many phone lines your business needs in this helpful blog post.

What does cloud-based VoIP mean?

Cloud-based VoIP achieves end-to-end phone connectivity through the internet instead of a local server or a traditional phone solution.

Businesses that switch to a cloud-based office phone system experience lower costs and instant access to dozens of advanced calling capabilities. This includes call routing, voicemail to email, IVR, etc.

VoIP service from the cloud is compatible with nearly all of today’s VoIP desk phones and can be used with a downloadable app.

How does Nextiva help companies work remotely?

Nextiva offers a complete platform that enables people to work from home with its cloud PBX system.

Since 2008, the company has equipped 100K+ companies of all sizes to grow their workforce in their office and abroad.

Here are some of the ways Nextiva’s small business phone system helps people work from anywhere:

  • Cloud phone - Manage your company’s telephone system over the internet while keeping your staff connected.
  • Conference Calling - Dial in to connect multiple people over a phone line to participate in a conference call, so you can hold essential meetings even when people are working remotely.
  • Video conferencing - There is no need to travel when you can connect face-to-face, using one-to-one HD video calls with other Nextiva App users.
  • Voice calling - You don’t need a cell phone or desk phone when you can call from your business directly from the smartphone app.
1 Billion+ Calls on our network
100,000+ Happy customers
1,000+ Global employees

The best business phone system can now be yours.

Chris Hayes

I have nothing but praise. The best experiences I’ve had in IT have been with Nextiva.

Chris Hayes
IT Director, Conan

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