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Location-based service charges government taxes and fees

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Business VoIP Taxes, Surcharges and Fees

Nextiva is required to collect taxes and fees on behalf of federal, state and local government entities.
Taxes are based on your location and are subject to change.

Click on your state in the table below for more information about specific taxes.

Nextiva Standard Fees Per Line*

RRF = $4.02** | E911 = $1.25

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*Subject to change

**Nextiva's RRF fee is a fee that will be charged monthly to offset costs incurred by Nextiva in complying with regulatory filing and reporting requirements. This fee is not a tax or charge assessed by any governmental agency. The RRF fee will apply to every phone number, including toll free and virtual numbers. This is currently at $4.02 per line of service (depending on product offering) and a smaller percentage per number on your account. In order to find the percentage on your account, you would take $4.02/your sub fee X any local numbers, DIDs, and extensions to get your total.

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