Dialpad Pricing, Plans, & Features: Is the Cost Worth It?

April 12, 2024 10 min read

Robert Pleasant

Robert Pleasant


Dialpad offers a sleek interface, AI voice smarts, and a range of calling and conferencing features — all designed to streamline omnichannel communication.

It’s a popular choice for businesses seeking a unified phone system and AI contact center solutions. But is it really the best deal for what it provides?

We’ll dissect Dialpad’s pricing plans, uncover its strengths and weaknesses, and see how it stacks up against a competitor like Nextiva. This way, you can decide if Dialpad offers the best value for your communication needs.

What Is Dialpad?

Dialpad is an AI-powered cloud communication platform offering a unified communications hub and features like VoIP calls, text messaging, video conferencing, team chat, voicemail transcription, and more.

One of the key aspects of Dialpad is its focus on artificial intelligence for an enhanced customer experience.

Dialpad AI offers features like call transcription, AI summaries of customer interactions, sentiment analysis, real-time coaching for calls, and AI sales tools. These features automate tasks and equip businesses with intelligent insights.

Dialpad Pricing & Plans

Dialpad offers a range of communication solutions to meet the needs of any business size. Here’s a breakdown of its three main business communication plans:

1. Standard plan (for small teams)

Dialpad’s Standard plan costs $15 per user per month and provides a basic assortment of business phone system features. Each user gets one local business phone number and can be licensed with a minimum of one seat and a maximum of one office. 

Among the Standard plan’s features are:

Limitations: Support is limited to web and chat channels; phone support is not available. Users can only have one local business phone number. This plan lacks advanced call routing features and CRM integrations.

2. Pro plan (for growing businesses)

For businesses looking for more advanced features, Dialpad’s Pro plan is available at $25 per user per month. This includes all the features from the Standard plan while adding new features and increasing certain limits.

For example, departments and ring groups are increased to a maximum of 25 users, and the office maximum is increased from one to 10 (although the seat minimum is also increased to three). 

Pro plan features include all features of the standard plan, plus:

Limitations: While offering more features, the Pro plan still has limitations on the number of users per department/ring group (capped at 25) and maximum office locations (up to 10). A dedicated support number is also missing.

3. Enterprise plan (for large organizations)

Finally, there’s Dialpad’s Enterprise plan. As the name suggests, it’s designed for large enterprises that need a communications solution for many employees. While it requires a minimum of 100 seats, it can be used across an unlimited number of office locations.

Notably, the pricing plan for Enterprise is not disclosed, so interested businesses must reach out directly to see what it will cost their organization.

The Enterprise plan includes all the features in the Standard and Pro plans while adding:

Limitations: The meeting limit is capped at 10 participants. Due to the custom nature of the plan, pricing details, and specific feature availability require contacting Dialpad directly.

Common features across plans

Some elements of Dialpad’s offerings are accessible on all plans, including certain calling and messaging features, security compliance, and chat support.

For users interested in messaging, these features include:

For users who host or join many meetings, participants can join meetings from their desktop or via a mobile browser, while users in the US and Canada can also dial in. Other common meeting features include:

Additionally, Dialpad has certain security features and compliance levels that are universal across plans. These include:

Finally, all Dialpad users can expect support via an online knowledge base and community forum, multilingual web- and chat-based support, and live support options. Keep in mind that live support is available 24/7 for Pro and Enterprise users only and is not available to Standard users on weekends.

Internet fax (eFax) is only available as an add-on, regardless of your plan. After the first 1,000 faxes each month, each additional fax will cost $0.10, so organizations that send virtual faxes will need to factor this into their budget.

Additional costs and savings on Dialpad plans:

Dialpad Pricing & Plans Compared To Competitors

While Dialpad is a strong communication solution, it’s worth considering competitor options to ensure the best fit for your business needs. Dialpad offers a variety of features, but its limitations in certain areas might lead you to explore alternatives.

For instance, some users report occasional call drops and connectivity issues. Additionally, features like 24/7 support and advanced integrations may require upgrading to a higher-tier plan.

Nextiva stands out as a compelling alternative to Dialpad with several advantages:

💰Pricing structure

Nextiva offers a tiered pricing structure with three main plans: Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. These plans are comparable to Dialpad’s plans and include features like unlimited calling within the US and Canada, free toll-free numbers, and SMS/MMS messaging, even in the basic plan.

Nextiva excels in offering a bundled UCaaS experience, meaning many features like video conferencing and voicemail-to-email are included under a single plan, unlike Dialpad where separate plans might be needed for some features.

A well-structured tier system with each plan progressively adding valuable features like video conferencing capabilities, advanced integrations, and call recording simplifies the value for you. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs without overpaying.

$18.95 per user per month$22.95 per user per month$32.95 per user per month
Unlimited calling in the US and Canada
Free local and toll-free numbers (up to 1,500 toll-free minutes)
Mobile SMS/MMS (up to 1,000 messages per user per month)
Unlimited internet fax
Voicemail-to-email notifications
Integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Google Contacts
Video calling (up to 45 minutes per meeting)
24/7 customer support
Everything in the Essential plan
Unlimited conference calls (up to 40 participants)
Unlimited video conferencing
Screen sharing
Multi-level auto attendant
Mobile and desktop SMS/MMS
Advanced integrations with popular CRM and customer-facing apps (including Salesforce and HubSpot)
Up to 3,000 toll-free minutes
Everything in the Essential and Professional plans
Unlimited participants in voice and video conferences
Call recording
Unlimited video conference recording
Voicemail transcriptions
Up to 12,500 toll-free minutes
Single sign-on
Integrations with Microsoft Teams
More advanced integrations for CRM and customer-facing apps, and custom integration capability

☎️ Focus on customer service

All Nextiva plans include 24/7 customer support, ensuring you have assistance whenever needed. Dialpad’s basic plan only offers chat and web support, with 24/7 support reserved for higher tiers.

🖇 Strong integrations

Nextiva boasts a robust integration library, including popular CRM and customer-facing apps like Salesforce and HubSpot. This seamless integration streamlines workflow and enhances team collaboration.

🔐 Security and compliance

Nextiva prioritizes security with world-class network security practices and compliance with various standards like HIPAA. This is crucial for businesses handling sensitive information.

📈 Call quality and reliability

Nextiva leverages VoIP technology for exceptional call quality and reliability. This ensures clear communication and a positive experience for your customers and team members.

Business Phone System Feature Highlights

Both Dialpad and Nextiva offer helpful business communications features, but which are deserving of special attention? Let’s highlight some of the key features for each and see what stands out.



Key features of Dialpad’s plans include:


Nextiva voip service

Nextiva’s plans also provide important communications tools and features, including:

Expanded Comparison Table

How do Dialpad and Nextiva compare when they go head-to-head? See how their features compare in this handy chart:

Feature or FunctionalityNextiva EssentialNextiva EnterpriseDialpad StandardDialpad Enterprise
Monthly price (billed annually)$18.95$32.95$15Not disclosed
Unlimited voice and video calling (US and Canada)
Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
Video conference duration limit45 min45 min5 hours5 hours
Video conferencing participantsUnlimited1010
Video meeting recording
Meeting scheduling and calendar integrations
Team messaging
Voicemail to email
Toll-free numbers
Unlimited internet faxAdd-onAdd-on
Auto attendant
Call recording
Multi-level auto attendant
Salesforce and HubSpot integrations
Call queues
Voicemail transcription
Advanced analytics and reporting
Microsoft Teams integration
Single sign-on

Nextiva prioritizes affordability, a bundled UCaaS experience, and a high volume of toll-free calls while Dialpad values cutting-edge AI features, mobile-centricity, and the possibility of advanced integrations tailored to your specific software.

Which Provider Is Right for Your Business?

Now that you understand what each provider offers, you can determine which is better for certain businesses based on their needs, size, and workforce.


Dialpad’s AI analytics and voice intelligence appeal to businesses looking for innovative tech solutions. Dialpad is designed with a mobile-centric workforce in mind, so it can accommodate salespeople, support agents, and consultants who predominantly work out of the office or in hybrid environments.

Dialpad phone service

Global businesses, however, may find its lack of international calling a problem. Organizations with complex call center operations may find that Dialpad is not robust enough for their needs, and its limited scalability can be an issue for growing businesses.


Nextiva’s flexibility and scalability make it a fit for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Customer-centric businesses can benefit from Nextiva’s strong CRM integration and customer service tools, which are exceptionally helpful for improving customer relationships and support.

Nextiva business communications

Additionally, Nextiva’s suite of communication tools — including voice, video, and team messaging — provides a great solution for organizations looking to invest in unified communications.

Its robust mobile app and team collaboration tools also effectively support a distributed workforce, and it has a reputation for high reliability and uptime, which is great for businesses in which phone services are critical.

Plus, Nextiva’s own customer service is highly acclaimed and available at all times.


When you compare Dialpad and Nextiva, the latter has the edge for businesses looking for a robust, all-in-one communications platform with an emphasis on enhancing customer relationships and providing a seamless experience across channels.

Its features improve customer interactions and employee collaborations while providing valuable insights into your communications.

Nextiva caters to the needs of larger businesses with extensive customer service teams, sales teams, and contact centers. Growing businesses of all sizes will find that Nextiva is reliable and scalable.

See what your phone system is missing.

Level up your business communication. See why top brands use Nextiva to handle calls at scale.

The Verdict on Dialpad Pricing

Dialpad offers a feature-rich cloud communications platform with a variety of plans to suit different business needs. Let’s weigh its pros and cons.



Dialpad’s pricing can be a good fit for businesses that need a feature-rich cloud phone system with strong AI capabilities. However, it’s important to carefully consider your needs and factor in potential add-on costs before making a decision. It may not be ideal for small businesses that don’t need all the bells and whistles of AI capabilities and looking for a simplified solution.

When choosing Dialpad, ask yourself:

You can then determine if Dialpad’s pricing aligns with your budget and requirements. Don’t forget to compare Dialpad’s pricing with other VoIP providers like Nextiva to find the best fit for your business.

Considering Dialpad alternatives? Check these out.👇

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