Nextiva vs. Ooma: Which VoIP Provider Is Better?

November 30, 2023 8 min read

Alex Doan

Alex Doan

Nextiva vs Ooma

Choosing a VoIP provider for your organization can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get lost in lists of features and pricing when researching providers, especially when you need to account for qualities like great customer support and service reliability. 

Nextiva and Ooma are two of the leading VoIP business phone line providers for 2024, but which one is right for you? Both offer comparable pricing and have plenty of happy customers, so the devil is in the details.

This guide compares both platforms to help you choose the best VoIP service for your business, looking at features, pricing, and customer ratings. And while we believe Nextiva is the superior option in most cases, Ooma could meet the needs of those looking for micro-level offerings. 

Nextiva vs. Ooma VoIP Comparison

Looking to compare Nextiva and Ooma at a quick glance? This side-by-side comparison table can help. 

Monthly PriceThe Enterprise plan starts at $32.95 per userThe Pro Plus plan costs $29.95 per user
Customer Ratings (GetVoIP)4.6 out of 5
3,031 reviews
4.3 out of 5
36 reviews
Call Management (TrustRadius)9.6 out of 108.9 out of 10
Video ConferencingUnlimited video participants on the Enterprise planUp to 100 video participants
Monthly Toll-free Minutes2,500500
App Integrations20 integrations5 integrations
24/7 Customer SupportYesYes (during business hours)

Nextiva’s Enterprise VoIP plan costs slightly more than Ooma’s Pro plan, starting at $32.95 per user per month compared to Ooma’s $29.95 per user per month. 

That said, the $3 a month difference is well worth it, with Nextiva delivering higher customer support and call management ratings and unlimited video participants. Nextiva also includes significantly more toll-free minutes, app integrations, and customer support hours. 

Nextiva vs. Ooma VoIP Product Features & Pricing

Both Ooma office VoIP technology and Nextiva’s business phone system offer similar features at comparable pricing. That said, Nextiva offers more “bang for your buck,” and includes personalized support and advanced functionality that businesses need. 

Nextiva plans, pricing & features

Nextiva has multiple price plans to help you balance the cost and functionality of your business communication needs. 

Nextiva voip service

Nextiva’s Essential plan is priced at $18.95 per user monthly, and gives you these features:

Nextiva’s Enterprise plan gives you additional functionality for just $32.95 per user monthly:

Nextiva offers advanced functionality, with reliable features that can help you with all of your company’s phone system needs. 

Nextiva also offers attractive multi-year and volume-based discounts to keep your VoIP costs low. For example, if you have a team of up to 20 and prepay for three years, the Essential plan drops from $25.95 to $18.95 per user monthly. 

Ooma plans, pricing & features

Ooma’s Essentials plan starts at $19.95 per user per month, with features including:

Ooma’s highest-tiered plan is their Pro Plus plan, which costs $29.95 per user per month, and it includes additional features like the following:

Ooma’s pricing is slightly less than Nextiva’s, but the comprehensive features Nextiva offers is well worth the difference. Nextiva also offers 12,500 toll-free minutes, a multi-level auto-attendant, and powerful video conferencing capabilities. 

Ooma vs. Nextiva Analytics

With the Ooma Office Pro plan, you can utilize the new call analytics functionality to get an overview of when your calls come in with easy-to-use charts. You can view metrics like:

Most of Ooma’s metrics are basic, though effective. Nextiva offers more advanced versions of these analytics. You can see more here: 

Analytics FeatureNextivaOoma
Call dataView and analyze all call data, including call volume, duration, and qualityView and analyze basic call data, including call volume and duration
Agent performanceTrack and measure agent performance, including average call handling time, first call resolution rate, and customer satisfactionTrack and measure basic agent performance, such as average call handling time
Team performanceTrack and measure team performance, including call volume, call abandonment rate, and customer satisfactionTrack and measure basic team performance, such as call volume
Custom reportsCreate custom reports to track and measure the metrics most important to your businessLimited ability to create custom reports
IntegrationsIntegrates with a variety of CRM and other business softwareLimited integrations

Nextiva features a built-in business intelligence tool that helps you make smarter business decisions, find hidden insights, and boost staff performance. Our analytics includes all of the above metrics and more.  

Nextiva’s analytics also has a voice analytics tool that provides a real-time synopsis of all actions in your contact center. You can see the voice analytics data that you need with Nextiva’s interactive maps and graphs.

While Ooma’s analytics aren’t quite as sophisticated as Nextiva’s, they’re fine for businesses that don’t need advanced tracking or that are on a budget. They are not, however, a good fit for businesses that need advanced tracking and may be looking for custom reporting and advanced integrations to understand (and optimize) call data and performance. 

Nextiva vs. Ooma Reliability

Nextiva has 99.999% uptime and carrier-grade data centers, which means you’re always online around the clock, even if the internet at large has an occasional hiccup. 

Nextiva’s data centers use fully uninterruptible power sources, with impeccable uptime in the industry. This is supported by Nextiva’s eight points of presence within North America, which leads to better call quality, less latency, and greater redundancy. 

On the other hand, Ooma boasts call quality but does not have an uptime guarantee like Nextiva and other VoIP providers. Ooma also only has four points of presence in North America, which is half of what Nextiva offers. 

Ooma vs. Nextiva Customer Support

Customer support is a key consideration that all brands should take into account when choosing a VoIP or business communications provider. 

Nextiva offers several ways to get help, including:

Phone lines are open Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. MST, seven days a week. 

While on weekends, their phone lines are open between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. MST.

Ooma also provides phone support available every day of the week and during office hours. Their support personnel are reliable in terms of ensuring that you get the needed help at any time.

Because every business claims to deliver great customer experiences, it’s important to let existing clients chime in here. Reading customer reviews online that specifically mention customer support should be a vital step in your decision.

Nextiva is known for delivering outstanding customer support experiences, with expert agents with a commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Nextiva GetVoIP ratings

Over 3,000 Nextiva reviews are posted on GetVoIP, many of which mention our customer service. Here are a few of them:

When it comes to Ooma’s customer reviews, some customers have recently reported struggling to get in touch with their support team. 

One customer review on TrustPilot, for example, noted that they couldn’t connect with support when they tried to follow up for charges after cancellation. Another review mentioned that the customer service policies created an unpleasant experience. 

Ooma vs. Nextiva Setup and Usability

Initial setup and overall usability can directly impact your experience. It’s essential to choose a tool with intuitive usability and strong ease of use so that all members of your team can use the technology. 

Ooma’s three-step system makes the setup process simple, enabling users to get the system up and running in your company efficiently. Ooma also provides straightforward interfaces for desktop and mobile devices, and devices are pre-configured. 

Nextiva’s user interface is incredibly intuitive, even with complex requirements. Robust features like user administration, call flows, and voicemail transcription are easy and straightforward, ensuring that even tech novices can navigate the software.

Nextiva voice setup

If you have any questions during the setup process, don’t worry — Nextiva’s customer support team can help you every step of the way. 

While both Ooma and Nextiva offer simple setup and usage, NextivaONE (including desktop app and mobile app) is more intuitive than Ooma’s, with a more visually appealing and feature-rich interface.

Which VoIP Service Is Right for Your Business?

Every company has its pros and cons, so you’ll need to consider those when choosing a VoIP service.

A small five-person business relying heavily on a call center, for example, will have starkly different needs from a large company with 20 customer service teams. 

That said, Nextiva consistently offers more extensive features and functionality for only $3 more per month with comparable plans. 

Nextiva’s customer support and reliability both consistently outperform Ooma’s scores on multiple platforms, including GetVoIP. Nextiva has a 4.6 score, while Ooma has a 4.3 customer support rating.

Nevertheless, the best phone service for your business ultimately depends on your budget, unique needs, and which specific features are most important to you.

Nextiva works best if:

Your company has more demanding communication needs, such as:

Ooma is ideal if:

You are interested in either residential or micro-level offerings. While Ooma’s features are sufficient for a small business, larger organizations will need a more feature-rich solution. 

Ooma, however, is great for residential VoIP phone service. It’s one segment that Nextiva doesn’t cover. 

So, which VoIP service should you choose? 

We may be biased, but we believe that Nextiva is a stronger solution for most business needs when you’re considering a VoIP phone system. Customers get the most calling functionality at a great price, all backed by the company’s signature Amazing Service®. 

Nextiva takes cloud-based business VoIP and unified communications to the next level with advanced features that go beyond basic functionality. And when your business expands, you’ll have a tightly integrated contact center that scales with your team. 

Nextiva’s all-in-one communications platform can help your business improve, assess, and optimize communications performance with exceptional uptime and reliability.

Get Nextiva VoIP service. Simple. Affordable.

Get your business phone, messages, video meetings, contact management and notes–integrated in ONE powerful app.

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