15 Hootsuite Alternatives for Better Social Media Management

February 29, 2024 17 min read

Alex Doan

Alex Doan

Best Hootsuite Alternative? Find out Which Social Media Platform Is Best in 2023

With over 18 million users, Hootsuite has become one of the most popular social media management platforms.

However, while Hootsuite offers a wide range of useful features for scheduling posts, analyzing social data, and managing multiple social profiles, it does come with limitations.

Hootsuite’s free plan feels restricted and the paid plans can be expensive for solopreneurs, small businesses, and individuals managing their personal brand.

Thankfully, several capable Hootsuite alternatives offer more features for free or at a lower cost.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top alternatives to Hootsuite across different categories and use cases — whether for scheduling, social analytics, team collaboration, or connecting multiple social media dashboards.

We’ll compare the features and pricing to help you determine if switching from Hootsuite could be beneficial for your needs.

Why Consider a Hootsuite Alternative

There are compelling reasons why you may want to consider alternative options. Here are a few Hootsuite limitations.


Hootsuite’s pricing plans can be quite expensive, especially for small businesses and solopreneurs
The free plan is limited, and the paid plans start at $129 per month up to $599 per month for the most advanced plan. Many lower-cost alternatives offer similar or even more robust features at a fraction of the cost.

Hootsuite ended its free plan option in 2021. Existing users have expressed frustration with steep price hikes for social media management capabilities that previously cost less:

“I am unhappy with doubling the price starting next month. I understand pricing can go up, but double? That’s ridiculous.” (Melissa R.)

📝 Feature limitations

Hootsuite lacks some features competitors offer, such as no AI assistant for writing social media posts, fewer options for building automated workflows, and fewer integrations with other popular marketing & sales tools.

🖥 Ease of use

While Hootsuite offers a slick user interface, some users report a steep learning curve that might not suit beginners.

Users might also face some technical complexities and glitches that disrupt scheduled social media posts, introducing workflow headaches for social media managers like Rachel R.: 

…it always glitches and messes up your live posts, doesn’t show companies or people to tag even when I am copying and pasting the exact names and can see they have a profile, and you are limited in how you can ‘schedule.’”

You’ll want a solution that’s simple with intuitive tools and without advanced complexities.

☎️ Customer support

Some users report frustrating experiences with long wait times and unhelpful agents. Responsive, caring support should be a priority.

Users like Aimee F. detail frustratingly long wait times to receive responses from Hootsuite’s customer service channels: 

“Takes weeks to hear from anyone, including their chatbot. No issue is taken seriously. It has been months of an unusable platform, ignored via email and chat, without any resolution in sight.” 

This leaves teams stranded when issues arise.

Nearly every social media management platform matches Hootsuite’s core features like content scheduling, inbox monitoring, and reporting. But for teams seeking additional capabilities, strong Hootsuite alternatives are worth evaluating.

Top alternative platforms can provide advantages like:

Top 5 Hootsuite Alternatives in 2024

Short on time? Here are the top five alternatives to Hootsuite at a glance. Pricing plans vary depending on the number of social media profiles, team users, and platform functionality.

Social Media ToolBest ForKey FeaturesMonthly Pricing
NextivaSmall teamsUnified inbox, alerts, routing, chatbotEssentials: $59/user Professional: $99/user
AgorapulsePaid media, content moderationPublishing, inbox, reporting, listeningFree (limited)
Standard: $49/user Advanced: $119/user
Social PilotSMBs, agencies, multi-locationScheduling, collaboration, white-labelingPro: $30/month (1 user) Agency: $100/month (6 users)
Sprout SocialLarge organizations, brand monitoringManagement, scheduling, analytics, advocacyStandard: $249/month (1 user) +$199/additional user
Professional: $399/month (1 user) +$299/additional user
BufferSmall teams, Twitter focusAI publishing, analytics, draftsFree (3 channels) Essentials: $6/month (1 channel)
Team: $12/month (1 channel, unlimited team members)

1. Nextiva

Nextiva is an all-in-one cloud communications and collaboration platform best suited for small to medium-sized businesses.

At a fraction of Hootsuite’s cost, Nextiva provides a robust social media management tool to oversee multiple social media networks from one place.

Nextiva social media platform

A huge benefit of Nextiva is its collaboration functionality. The platform can seamlessly operate alongside reputation management and customer support tools to keep your entire team aligned.

Nextiva also integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Dynamics 365.

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


Nextiva’s pricing model is simple. The Social Essentials plan is $59/month per user, and the full-featured Social Professional plan is $99/month.

The professional plan has additional features like support SLAs, chatbot tools for inbox management, intelligent inbox routing, and robust social media analytics capabilities.

Who is Nextiva best for?

Nextiva is ideal for small businesses that want an affordable but full-featured social media management platform with tight integration between marketing, sales, and support teams. The collaboration features streamline communication and workflows.

Nextiva is renowned for its virtual phone service, which over 100,000 companies use today.

2. Agorapulse

Agorapulse covers all the basics of social media management exceptionally well: reliable scheduling, inbox monitoring, reporting, and team collaboration.

While it may lack some advanced AI and automation tools, Agorapulse offers a strong suite of fundamentals.

Agropulse is known for its intuitive user interface and excels at supporting larger teams with complex approval workflows. The platform scales easily as your social media efforts grow.

Agorapulse social media software - Hootsuite Competitor

Key features


Agorapulse’s pricing starts at $99 per user, per month. Its Premium plan with additional features like campaign templates, social listening, and custom reporting starts at $199 per user, per month. 

Who is Agorapulse best for?

Agorapulse is ideal for mid-size to larger businesses that want a user-friendly platform to manage high-volume social media accounts with cross-team collaboration. The workflow automation helps streamline approvals.

3. SocialPilot 

SocialPilot is an affordable yet powerful social media management platform ideal for SMBs, agencies, franchises, and multi-location businesses managing numerous social media profiles.

Its white-label solutions and custom branding options allow agencies to offer a personalized experience for each client. SocialPilot makes it easy to collaborate while tailoring content across different brands, locations, and audiences.

SocialPilot social media platform - Hootsuite alternative

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


SocialPilot’s Pro plan starts at just $9/month. Their popular Agency suite is $49/month supporting up to 5 users and 100 connected accounts. All plans have a free 14-day trial.

The affordable pricing, flexibility, and customization make SocialPilot a leading social media software, especially for agencies and franchise/multi-location businesses.

Who is SocialPilot best for?

SocialPilot shines for organizations juggling many social media accounts, creators, workflows, and approval processes. The flexible plans fit solopreneurs up to large agencies alike.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another powerful social media management platform for brands and agencies seeking robust publishing, scheduling, reporting, and collaboration functionality.

While not the most affordable alternative to Hootsuite, Sprout Social offers excellent value by packing many premium features into each pricing tier.

Sprout Social social media management - Hootsuite alternative

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


Sprout Social’s Essential plan starts at $99/mo supporting 5 profiles. Its Professional suite is $249/mo for up to 10 profiles plus deep analytics. All plans have free 30-day trials. Custom quotes are available.

With robust features and analytics packed into each tier, Sprout Social offers excellent value, especially for digital agencies and mid-market social media managers.

Who is Sprout Social best for?

With advanced functionality plus intuitive workflows, Sprout Social excels for mid-market companies and digital agencies that manage multiple social media profiles with larger creative teams.

5. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management platform built to simplify social media for solopreneurs, influencers, and small teams who need an intuitive, affordable toolkit.

While Buffer lacks some advanced functionality of other tools, it excels at social publishing, engagement, analytics, and team workflow fundamentals. The intuitive interface and flexible plans make Buffer extremely accessible.

Buffer social media publishing - Hootsuite alternative

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


Buffer’s basic plan is free for up to 3 connected profiles. The Pro plan is just $15/mo and lets you manage 8 profiles and 10 team members. All tiers come with a 14-day free trial.

Who is Buffer best for?

With its simple but complete feature set and very affordable pricing, Buffer does the best job at serving solo entrepreneurs, microbusinesses, and content creators getting started with social media management.

6. Sendible

Sendible is an intuitive social media management platform built to simplify multi-channel scheduling, reporting, and client collaboration for small businesses and agencies.

While Sendible may lack some sophisticated features of competitor tools, it excels at social media fundamentals through an easy-to-navigate interface paired with excellent customer support.

Sendible social media tool - Hootsuite alternatives

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


Sendible’s Essential plan starts at $29/mo for 1 user and 10 connected profiles. Their Agency tier at $99/mo supports 5 team members and 50 social accounts. All plans offer a free 14-day trial period.

Who is Sendible best for?

Sendible stands out as an ideal social media software for microbusinesses, boutiques, and freelance consultants who want simplicity without sacrificing core features.

7. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a long-standing social media scheduler built for bloggers and solopreneurs who want to manage both website content and social media from one place.

While SocialOomph has limited platform support compared to other tools, they excel at core scheduling features paired with excellent customer service. The blog integration fills a unique niche.

Socialoomph social media publisher - Hootsuite competitor

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


SocialOomph has a free plan for one connected account. The Pro suite is $25/mo supporting up to 10 profiles and 5 blogs. All paid plans include a 30-day free trial period.

Who is SocialOomph best for?

SocialOomph stands out for bloggers, solopreneurs, and microbusiness owners who want a streamlined way to organize both blogging and social media efforts in one dashboard.

8. Planable

Planable is a social media management platform built specifically to simplify and streamline content ideation, design collaboration, and approval workflows for teams.

While Planable does not cover every aspect of social media management, it provides an intuitive hub for creative teams to seamlessly plan and manage content across multiple channels and stakeholders.

Planable social media software - Hootsuite competitor

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


Planable offers a free plan for up to 50 scheduled posts. Their Pro suite is $29/mo per user including unlimited posting, branding, and priority support. Volume discounts are available.

Who is Planable best for?

With its emphasis on smooth content design/approval workflows, Planable shines for mid-size to larger businesses and digital agencies that juggle numerous stakeholders in the creative process.

9. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is an all-in-one marketing work management platform built to wrangle workflows, projects, approvals, and assets across an organization’s entire marketing team.

While not solely focused on social media scheduling, CoSchedule provides robust calendar management alongside deep marketing collaboration tools — making it easy to consolidate workflows enterprise-wide.

CoSchedule social media scheduling - Hootsuite alternative

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


CoSchedule offers a free plan including basic calendar features. The Pro Suite is available for $29/month per user which unlocks team collaboration, custom views, priority support, and more.

For larger marketing teams, CoSchedule provides the ability to truly orchestrate complex workflows across departments — making it easy to scale marketing efforts.

Who is CoSchedule best for?

CoSchedule excels for larger organizations and agencies seeking an intuitive “command center” to manage marketing workflows, projects, teams, and content under one roof.

10. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a unique social media scheduler focused on automation tools to efficiently recycle evergreen content across social channels.

Rather than taking a manual approach to content creation and engagement, MeetEdgar shines by providing robust functionality to build a library of reusable content that can be automatically optimized and re-shared.

MeetEdgar social media content scheduling - Hootsuite alternative

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


MeetEdgar starts at $29/mo and supports up to 5 social profiles. The Pro suite is $79/mo for 25 accounts plus more automation power. All plans have a free 7-day trial.

For small teams that want to work smarter, not harder, MeetEdgar provides automation to simplify social media engagement.

Who is MeetEdgar best for?

With its focus on content recycling and automation, MeetEdgar stands out for solopreneurs, microbrands, and boutique agencies seeking to streamline social publishing and lighten the content creation workload.

11. SocialFlow

SocialFlow is an enterprise-grade social media publishing platform built specifically for major media publishers and large-scale brands.

While SocialFlow does not offer tools beyond publishing and analytics, it excels at providing robust AI optimization, security features, and customization for organizations with vast audiences and content libraries.

SocialFlow social media monitoring - Hootsuite competitor

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


SocialFlow pricing is not publicly listed. Quotes are available upon request.

Who is SocialFlow best for?

With advanced functionality catered toward major publishers, SocialFlow stands out for large media outlets, major enterprises, and complex organizations with security concerns managing huge volumes of content and audiences.

12. Crowdfire

Crowdfire focuses on simplifying content creation through intelligent recommendations, curation tools, and competitor benchmarking.

While Crowdfire has limited functionality beyond content workflows, they provide robust AI-powered suggestions to streamline ideation and curation for multiple platforms.

Crowdfire social media monitoring - Hootsuite replacement

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


Crowdfire offers a free plan for 3 connected profiles and 10 scheduled posts. The paid Pro plan starts at $12/mo with additional curation sources. Volume discounts are available.

Who is Crowdfire best for?

With its emphasis on content creation, Crowdfire shines for solopreneurs, microbrands, and boutique agencies that want to simplify and enhance ideation and curation.

13. eClincher

eClincher is a feature-rich social media management platform tailored to agencies and enterprise brands managing complex workflows across multiple brands, locations, and stakeholders.

While not as intuitive as some competitors, eClincher provides extensive functionality like multi-channel publishing, reputation management, workflow automation, and integrations with AI content tools.

eClincher social media management - Hootsuite competitor

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


eClincher starts at $65/month for 1 user and 10 profiles. Its Agency Suite is $175/mo with more collaboration tools, reporting, and priority support.

Who is eClincher best for?

eClincher stands out most for large agencies, enterprise brands, and franchises that need to streamline social media workflows across many stakeholders while maintaining brand governance.

14. MavSocial

MavSocial is a specialized social media platform built to empower large franchises, dealerships, agencies, and retail brands to streamline localized social media campaigns across all locations.

With extensive functionality around managing ad campaigns and digital assets tailored for multi-location entities, MavSocial solves unique challenges brands face by collaborating with local branch teams.

MavSocial social media management tool - Hootsuite competitor

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


MavSocial starts at $78/month for 3 users and 30 profiles. Enterprise options are also available.

Who is MavSocial best for?

MavSocial is an ideal social media management platform for large retail brands, auto dealership groups, franchises, agencies managing regional clients, and other multi-location entities that need to collaborate on social media campaigns across numerous local outlets while maintaining brand governance.

15. ContentStudio.io

ContentStudio is a user-friendly social media management platform built to simplify planning, collaborating, creating, approving, scheduling, and analyzing content.

While the tool may lack some sophisticated enterprise features, ContentStudio makes it easy for small teams to streamline multi-channel content workflows.

ContentStudio.io social media content scheduler - Hootsuite alternative

Key features

Why it’s better than Hootsuite


ContentStudio’s starter plan is $25/month, including one workspace and five social accounts. The pro plan, at $49/month, includes team functionality and publishing to blog sites. All plans come with a 14-day free trial. 

Who is ContentStudio best for?

ContentStudio provides an affordable, intuitive solution perfect for solopreneurs, influencers, entrepreneurs, and small teams needing an integrated platform to manage content workflows across social media and websites.

Final Verdict: Best Alternative To Hootsuite

Finding the ‌best social media management tool doesn’t have to be so hard. You can make a more informed choice with our list of worthy Hootsuite competitors.

All solutions considered, Nextiva offers small businesses the best balance of social media monitoring and publishing features. Its pricing is also attractive to most small businesses.

Nextiva social media management software - social media analytics and reports.

Most social media management tools will include scheduling, reporting, and inbox management. Along with all of these features, Nextiva includes: 

At a fraction of the cost of Hootsuite, Nextiva provides a total solution that supports social media marketing and customer support teams alike. 

Social inbox example from Nextiva social media management software.

Features To Look for in a Hootsuite Competitor

Here are some features to look for in a Hootsuite alternative.

Social Media Scheduling 

Team Collaboration 

Analytics Capabilities 

Pricing Plans 

How To Choose The Best Hootsuite Alternative

One place to manage all your social media.

The easiest way for businesses to monitor and engage across social media.


What’s the best alternative to Hootsuite? 

While every business has unique needs, Nextiva is the best social media management tool that replaces Hootsuite for small businesses. In addition to basic scheduling and inbox management tools, Nextiva includes functionality for customer support teams, such as SLA support, reputation management, and more.

What features should I look for in a social media tool?

When vetting social media tools, consider their scheduling features, collaboration tools, content curation, and any additional features important to your business. Additionally, you want to take advantage of workflow automation so social media posts don’t fall through the cracks. Lastly, an important factor is how its pricing plan is billed (monthly or annually).

Is there a lower-cost Hootsuite competitor?

Yes, there are several affordable alternatives to Hootsuite with flexible pricing plans. Check out these top five Hootsuite competitors: Nextiva, Agorapulse, SocialPilot, Sprout Social, and Buffer. When evaluating them, consider your social media publishing needs and how social media fits with your business plan, such as customer retention, demand generation, and brand management. 

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