Top 10 Mitel Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

January 28, 2024 12 min read

Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson

Top 10 alternatives and competitors to Mitel

If you’re considering using Mitel (or are already a Mitel customer) and looking for alternatives, you’ve landed in the right place.

Mitel offers a popular VoIP phone system for SMBs and enterprises, providing IP phones, softphones, and advanced telephony features.

However, Mitel’s business phone system requires on-premise hardware, extensive setup, and management, and can be quite expensive for small businesses compared to today’s cloud solutions.

Thankfully, many robust cloud VoIP providers rival what Mitel’s on-premise systems offer. These Mitel alternatives deliver similar IP phone capabilities, call routing, IVR, auto attendant, and other functionality without requiring any on-site servers or hardware installation.

In this guide, we outline the top alternatives to Mitel based on pricing, features, and ease of use, helping you find the perfect fit for your business.

Whether looking for remote work flexibility, advanced analytics, or integration with other business tools, you will discover the best alternatives to Mitel worth considering in 2024.

What Is Mitel?

Mitel is a Canadian company offering cloud-based communications solutions for businesses of all sizes.

They’ve been around since the 1970s, starting with on-premises PBX systems and gradually transitioning to cloud-based solutions like MiCloud Connect.

Their main offerings include:

Mitel offers robust feature sets, integration with various software, and secure infrastructure. However, its reputation comes with certain limitations.

Why Businesses Look for Mitel Alternatives

Phasing out of Mitel’s MiCloud Connect effective 2022, with no new contracts or customers accepted onto the MiCloud Connect Platform has made things complicated for both existing customers and new businesses exploring Mitel and who’d rather prefer a cloud-based phone system.

Here are several other factors that might lead businesses to explore Mitel alternatives:

Top Mitel Competitors in 2024

Here are the top 5 solutions compared.

Monthly Price
Starting price per user, annual billing
Best forSmall & mid-sized businessesSolopreneurs & small teamsStartups & Small BusinessesSmall & medium businessesSmall & budget-conscious businesses
Feature prioritiesIntegrations, collaboration, high-quality VoIP. callingBasic VoIP, virtual assistantsModern interface, AI integrationsEase of Use, CollaborationAuto attendant, call Forwarding

1. Nextiva

Nextiva phone system

Nextiva is a feature-rich cloud-based phone system and unified communications platform. It offers unlimited calling, advanced call routing, team chat, video conferencing, call recording, and CRM integrations.

What are some of its top features?

Nextiva offers rich communication features that stand out compared to Mitel, including:

Nextiva video meeting software

A reliable 99.999% uptime SLA, a carrier-grade network, flexible pricing plans, powerful calling, messaging, and analytics capabilities, and industry-leading security and compliance with SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR, make Nextiva a top Mitel alternative for modern business communication needs.

Nextiva pricing options

Nextiva offers simple pricing plans with powerful features. You can choose from these plans based on your needs:

Best for: Nextiva is best for businesses of all sizes seeking a scalable, cloud communications platform with strong integrations. It works well for both small teams and businesses with international calling needs.

2. Grasshopper

grasshopper phone service

Grasshopper is a feature-rich virtual phone system built for small and growing businesses. It allows entrepreneurs and small teams to have a dedicated business phone number that routes calls to their cell phones or landlines.

What are some of its top features?

Grasshopper offers a range of features that support busy small business owners, including:

Grasshopper pricing options

Pricing tiers based on extensions needed:

Best for: Grasshopper is an affordable and full-featured business phone solution for solopreneurs and small teams.

3. GoToConnect (formerly Jive)

GoTo Connect Phone Solution for Businesses

GoToConnect, formerly known as Jive, is a cloud-based phone and meetings platform owned by LogMeIn. It integrates seamlessly with other LogMeIn products like GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

What are some of its top features?

GoToConnect offers phone, meetings, messaging, and support center features, including:

GoToConnect pricing options

GoToConnect offers two main pricing plans:

Best for: GoToConnect is ideal for growing teams that want an integrated business communication suite with strong security and reliability.

4. Dialpad

Dialpad phone system

Dialpad is an AI-powered cloud communication platform that unifies voice, video, messaging, and contact center features. It’s designed for agile teams that need to connect and collaborate from anywhere.

What are some of its top features?

Dialpad offers advanced communication features across voice, video, messages, and online meetings. Some of these features include:

Dialpad pricing options

Dialpad offers three pricing tiers:

Best for: Dialpad focuses more on intelligent features for the modern and mobile workforce. It works best for businesses needing more AI capabilities.

5. dashboard is a feature-rich VoIP platform for agile, distributed teams across the US. It delivers voice, video, SMS, and fax capabilities.

What are some of its top features? offers 50+ features to streamline communications. These features include: pricing options comes in three pricing options.

Best for: is an affordable, full-featured VoIP provider that scales well for SMBs with remote/hybrid workforces.

6. Aircall

aircall phone system

Aircall is a cloud-based call center software designed for sales, support, and non-profit teams.

What are some of its top features?

Aircall offers advanced phone, collaboration, call center, productivity, and analytics features, including:

Aircall pricing options

Aircall offers two standard pricing plans and an option to get a customized package, but you must have at least three users. (You’ll spend at least $1,080 yearly.)

Best for: Aircall combines essential call center tools for small businesses. The onboarding assistance also simplifies transitioning from legacy systems like Avaya or Mitel. Ideal for fast-growing SMBs.

7. 8×8

8x8 phone service

8×8 is a platform for cloud-native contact centers, voice, team chat, meetings, and embeddable communications.

What are some of its top features?

8×8 offers a range of call management, productivity, and admin features in their cloud PBX solution. These include:

8×8 pricing options

8×8 pricing offers custom quotes across five tiers:

Best for: 8×8 empowers modern, mobile contact centers with continuity of customer and employee experience across engagement channels. Global compliance coverage facilitates international deployments.

8. OnSIP

OnSIP offers a cloud-based VoIP phone system tailored for remote teams

OnSIP offers a cloud-based VoIP phone system tailored for remote teams.

It’s a complete phone system replacement with traditional phone system features like conference bridges, voicemail management, and HD voice calls — both on your desktop and smartphone.

What are some of its top features?

OnSIP’s features are lean and straightforward, including:

OnSIP pricing options

OnSIP offers two main plans:

Best for: OnSIP facilitates seamless communication and collaboration for today’s remote-first teams with excellent reliability, security, and support.

9. Ooma

ooma phone service

Ooma is a business phone service made for small businesses that need a reliable, flexible phone system.
Its plans and features are tailored to businesses working remotely so you can keep a separate business line, hear clear audio, and work efficiently.

What are some of its top features?

Ooma Office provides more than 35 features, including:

Ooma pricing options

Ooma is available in three service plans:

10. Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone System Screenshot

Zoom is well-known as the go-to video meeting and conferencing tool, but it’s also a cloud phone service provider. It’s an enterprise-grade cloud phone system natively integrated with Zoom’s popular video conferencing capability.

What are some of its top features?

Zoom Phone offers more than 30 calling and phone administration features, including:

Zoom pricing options

Zoom Phone offers three pricing plans.

How To Choose a Mitel Alternative

When considering alternatives to Mitel, first reflect on your reasons for wanting to switch systems.

For example, if Mitel has become too expensive for your business or lacks essential features like call center tools, software integrations, scalability as you grow, a user-friendly interface for staff, and consistent uptime and performance, these could all be motivations to explore other options.

1. Identify key needs

Clearly determine your key communications needs and priorities before selecting a new system, including preferred deployment method (cloud vs. on-premise), number of users to scale for current and future growth, budget constraints, must-have capabilities like video and call recording, and ease of use for rapid employee adoption.

2. Explore top Mitel alternatives

With your key criteria defined, research top alternative solutions. Here are a few solutions that mitigate some of Mitel’s limitations.

3. Compare features and pricing

Vet the solutions under consideration by analyzing how their features, tools, integrations, and pricing models compare to the capabilities you require and the cost of keeping your Mitel system. Use comparison websites like G2 and reviews to evaluate them side-by-side.

4. Get demos and free trials

Finally, sign up for demos and utilize free trials of your shortlisted options to get firsthand experience using them. Collect feedback from your team and select the platform that aligns most closely with your priorities and use cases.

Choose Nextiva — the Best-Practice Alternative To Mitel

When looking to switch from Mitel, Nextiva takes the top spot.

Customers love Nextiva — 93% of Nextiva customers would recommend its business phone service. On GetVoIP, Nextiva has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

Below are more ratings across third-party review websites that show how customers feel about the service:

Nextiva reviews

Nextiva offers world-class reliability and military-grade data centers that handle your business communications. This means you’ll never have to worry about your uptime or security, and you can focus on serving your customers.

With more than 40 standard and advanced phone system features, Nextiva offers Amazing Service for support, implementation, and onboarding.

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See what your phone system is missing.

Get more than a dial tone for your business.

Mitel, Grasshopper, GoToConnect, Dialpad,, Aircall, 8×8, OnSIP, Ooma Office, and Zoom have no relationship with Nextiva, Inc. and are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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