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How Call Center Software Made Phat Scooters Wildly Successful

One of the best things about Nextiva is seeing firsthand how we help our customers deliver the best customer experience for their customers. So every month, we’ll share a detailed example of how Nextiva does much more than business VoIP with downright amazing customer stories.

Have you ever wondered what call center software can do for a business? The truth is that most companies rarely, if ever, think about this until it’s too late. When they add more customers, they soon realize its business phone system isn’t designed for scalable customer interactions.

I want to tell you about the high-growth startup whose custom motorized scooters can be found zipping around near you: Phat Scooters.

For a flourishing brand like Phat Scooters, they conquered this challenge seamlessly. With a deep desire to elevate their customer experience, they looked to Nextiva for their communications system.

Since 2017, the company has been selling its exclusive brand of high-end scooters to people worldwide. Their customers range from Bill Murray to Larry Fitzgerald, and they’ve quickly earned a reputation for their fun, customizable scooters and excellent customer service.

As the business had grown, they attracted more customers and more employees. And the nature of its product entails a high degree of customization, unlike any other electric vehicle out there. It offers a range of up to 40 miles, a top speed of 20 MPH, and is fully electric.

They established a simple call center to meet the demand, but it lacked the sophistication to provide quality assurance (QA), call recording, and powerful analytics. With the need for a distributed customer service team on the horizon, it was time for a cloud call center solution.

To ensure they could scale to rising customer needs, Phat Scooters Head of People Operations Ashley Fairchild compared multiple cloud communications solutions for her growing team. Ultimately, she singled out Nextiva as the phone system most capable of meeting her team’s needs.

“I’ve worked in call center environments before,” Fairchild said. “So I know what a good one looks like.” To Fairchild, a great call center requires reliance upon call recording software. Today’s top call center solutions allow managers to record, store, and review calls on their own time, then offer training based on the contents of the call recording transcripts.

Businesses looking to scale a phone-based team often onboard new team members, making it difficult for managers to stay on top of their team’s performance. Moreover, as call centers have shifted to remote work environments, call recordings are more prevalent to achieve quality assurance.

At Phat Scooters, their direct-to-consumer experience has created heavy call volume. Most of their orders are finalized over the phone. With over 250 orders every month, its customer service team must be equipped to answer questions, make changes, and ensure no customer falls through the cracks.

Phat scooters used professional call center software to exceed customer expectations.

All told, the team at Phat Scooters handles the entire customer journey, from the initial inquiry, customization, payment, shipping, and receipt of the scooter. These stages mean Fairchild’s team is in continuous contact with their customers for a matter of days or weeks to ensure complete satisfaction.

To arm her contact center with the technology they need, Fairchild turned to Nextiva. “What led us to look for a new business communications platform was the efficiencies of Nextiva. The cost, capabilities, call recording, call groups, and ability to do the attendants and receptionist were critical to our business.”

Out of all the features, Fairchild credits call recording as the most beneficial to her business. “Nextiva just took Phat Scooters to the next level for customer service.” Fairchild says. “It is built [directly] into our process.”

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