Customer Service

How to Empower Your Team to Deliver Great Customer Service

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Today’s businesses operate differently than businesses of yesterday. However, one core, fundamental element has not: customer service.

Don’t get us wrong… Customer service is still an important part of any business model today. But, many businesses approach customer service differently.

We are blessed with the availability and accessibility of technology. In fact, many businesses have adopted technological solutions to help them manage customer service, such as online chat features, social media management and monitoring, and pre-recorded phone lines.

Sustainable Company Growth

3 Business Metrics You Should Be Analyzing for Sustainable Company Growth

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Every business owner wants a clear picture of what is going on with their company, what actions lead to company success, and, even more importantly, what leads to failures. Analyzing the right business metrics can help identify problematic areas and uncover new growth opportunities that inevitably lead to financial growth. Let’s take a look at some of the most important business metrics and why they matter.

Conan O'Brien Nextiva Success Story

Conan’s communications hold up under laughs during mobile roadshows

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The demand for flexibility of Conan’s communications during mobile roadshows is no joke—they need a reliable and easy-to-use option that enables their team to stay in touch remotely and with their “home office” operations. To top it all off, they needed a custom plan tailored to fit their needs.

Employee Appreciation

5 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

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Whether you’re a humble mom and pop shop or a global corporation, having an effective employee appreciation strategy is important to the success of your company.   

You might be wondering; how do you please the masses when individual preferences vary so greatly?

It’s not an easy task, and let’s be realistic, it’s impossible to please everyone.

However, it is possible to greatly raise the percentage of overall satisfaction at your company by having strategies in place to help you prosper. 

Read on to learn how to show employee appreciation in five valuable ways.

Customer Service Experience Tips

8 Amazing Tips to Improve your Customer Experience through Business Communications

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There are two very important things in business today. Can you guess what they are? If you guessed finances and marketing, you aren’t wrong… but that’s not what we are referring to in this article.

We are going to address two other important elements in business:

Communication and customer experience.

The two go hand in hand.

In today’s digitally driven era, the customer experience is more important than ever, and communication can help drive it. Many businesses today are adopting software, solutions, and implementing creative strategies that conquer both. Curious to see them in action?

Read on for eight amazing business communications tips that will help improve the customer experience.