Jesse Cole on Three Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

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Take a moment think back to the last conference you attended, and try to remember the session immediately after the mid-afternoon tea break.

Drawing a blank?

You aren’t alone. By 3 p.m. at most conferences, many of us have one foot out the ballroom door and one eye on our phones, texting fellow attendees about where to meet up for happy hour.

But for several hundred people attending last October’s sold-out NextCon in Scottsdale, Arizona, that script was flipped on its head.


A Year in Review: 2017 at Nextiva

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2017 will be remembered as a banner year at Nextiva. We made innovative strides towards our mission of helping businesses achieve better communications and improve their customer experience. As pioneers in the cloud-communications arena, we are always working diligently on new technologies to accelerate business for our customers. We launched NextOS, the highly anticipated all-in-one communications solution. We upheld our commitment to education with our annual conference, NextCon, and continued to devote ourselves to providing Amazing Service, all of which culminated in widespread press coverage, unprecedented hiring, and significant charitable contributions.

Let's take a look:


5 New Year’s Resolutions With Your Customers In Mind

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A shiny new year is the perfect time to review the past and plan the future. It’s natural to focus on ways to improve your bottom line through better monetary practices and operating efficiencies. But, enhancing the customer experience is a key money-maker, too. Whether you call them New Year's resolutions or strategic planning, here are 5 goals that can help customers throughout the new year.


It’s the Season of Giving: Nextiva Cares & Toys for Tots

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During the holiday season, many Americans feel joy, excitement, cheer, and love.  However, there are still over 13 million children across the U.S. living in poverty who aren’t able to experience the same holiday spirit.  Fortunately, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program works hard all year to make sure that millions of children across all 50 states and U.S. territories are able to feel the love, joy, and warmth of the holiday season.


6 Ways to Keep Employees Productive During the Holidays  

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The holiday season is here, and with it comes distractions for your employees. It’s hard to blame them when there’s cheerful music playing, baked goods to be eaten, guests at home to worry about, and travels to finish planning. Although many of your employees will be taking time off from work during the holidays, it doesn’t mean that your business can also take a break. Here are 6 key tips to keep a productive atmosphere at work:


Mondays with Mike: Anchor Your Affirmations for Success!

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Language may the single most powerful tool we have, whether the context is personal or business.  Language shapes behavior.  It changes minds.  It motivates, and it discourages.  If only we could harness the power of language in order to achieve specific outcomes in our professional lives.

We can, of course. 


5 Customer Relationship Management Predictions for 2018

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The coming year looks to be an exciting one for businesses, especially when it comes to technological innovations. How will the customer experience and customer relationship management change in 2018? Here are five developments to watch for.

1. Artificial intelligence comes into its own: We heard a lot about AI in 2017, but in 2018, the technology’s true potential will begin to be realized. Incorporating improved machine learning and natural language processing, CRM systems using AI will become sophisticated enough for chat bots to provide more than just basic customer support.