Early Access Programs – Beyond Risk Mitigation

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Early access programs (EAPs) are becoming the tech industry norm. The limited release of a product provides developers with a controlled environment to fix any unforeseen problems. EAPs are agile in nature, meaning changes can be made quickly without any long term negative consequences.

That being said, limiting an early access program to risk mitigation is a mistake. Early access programs offer a multitude of benefits to both the creator of the product and the end user.


A Beginner’s Guide to Porting

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If you are thinking of switching to VoIP phone service, or switching between VoIP providers, you’ve probably heard of the porting process.  In short, porting is the process of keeping your current phone numbers when switching to a new phone provider.  But the process itself can be quite confusing!  Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked porting questions.


Mondays with Mike: 7 Stellar Strategies for Saving on your Taxes       

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As we turn the page on the calendar it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re wrapping up the old year right and getting the new one off to a great start.  We know we have to pay taxes, and we may even appreciate the benefits we get from handing over our money to the government, but we owe it to ourselves to make sure we don’t hand over more than we’re required to by law.


5 Key New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business Phone System

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January 1st isn't the only day to set goals and make New Year's resolutions. While many of us tend to set goals focused around career, health, and finance, your business communications and phone system may need a little attention, too. You might think your phone system is a "set it and forget it" type of business tool, but think again – there are numerous ways you can adjust your phone system to make it work better and harder for your business goals. Check out these five areas to see how you can arrange your business for success with an optimized phone system in 2017.


4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need EQ as Much as IQ

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Small business owners and their direct reports clearly need above-average intelligence to know how things work — from understanding the numbers to knowing every phase involved in getting their products or services to customers. Whether that knowledge comes from a MBA or experiential knowledge, a good Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is pretty much essential.


Work Your Biz Wednesday: The Power of Positive Thinking of Your Business Expectations

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We all know about the phenomenon of higher expectations leading to better performance, and it's named after the Greek myth of Pygmalion. Pygmalion was a Greek sculptor who fell in love with a statue he created, which was given Aphrodite's blessing and turned into an actual woman. In our modern time, we understand that low expectations lead to poor performance. This is known as the "golem effect." So, when it comes to your business, your business expectations tend to become your business reality.


Tuesday Tip: 5 Simple Steps to Using Data for Better Customer Service

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Customers today have more options than ever before. They can compare your products and services to your competitors at the click of a smartphone button. That means customer service is often the deciding factor in whether you attract and retain a customer—or whether your competitor does.