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Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz (pronounced mi-KAL-o-wits) started his first business at the age of 24, moving his young family to the only safe place he could afford – a retirement building. With no experience, no contacts and no savings he systematically bootstrapped a multi-million dollar business. Then he did it again. And again. Now he is doing it for other entrepreneurs. Mike is the CEO of Provendus Group, a consulting firm that ignites explosive growth in companies that have plateaued; is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; is MSNBC’s business make-over expert; is a keynote speaker on entrepreneurship; and is the author of the cult classic book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. His newest book, The Pumpkin Plan has already been called “the next E-myth!”

Company Culture

How to Build Healthy Corporate Culture From the Ground Up

By January 29, 2018 No Comments

One thing I’ve learned across all the companies I’ve created is just how vital company culture is.

This is especially true when you’re starting a new company and can’t afford to hire experienced veterans who command high salaries. 

So, how can you put great people in place without spending the fortune you haven’t earned yet?

You create such an amazing culture that people want to work for you.  And here’s how I do it:

Signs an Employee is Starting a Competing Company

Watch Out! Signs an Employee is Starting a Competing Company

By January 22, 2018 No Comments

If you’re hiring super-sharp people (and you should be,) you’re eventually going to have it happen:  One of your superstars is going to start a company that competes with yours.  When that happens, you stand to lose customers and even employees, so it’s critical that you have as much advance warning as possible.

Let’s take a look at some indicators one of your employees is considering becoming your competition.

Bad Business Habits to Break

8 Bad Business Habits to Break for 2018

By January 15, 2018 No Comments

I’m not really one for all the “New Year, New You” hype, but I am a fan of making resolutions that make sense.  One thing I’ve learned from writing for and speaking to entrepreneurs is that we’re all hungry for new ways to improve our companies and our efficiency.  But another thing I’ve learned is that it’s not always about what new thing you should do.  Sometimes your emphasis should be on what you need to stop doing.

Here are eight bad business habits you should commit to breaking.

Marketing Mistakes

5 Ways to Gain Valuable Intel by Scoping out the Competition

By January 8, 2018 No Comments

Some of my best ideas have come from my competitors.  Think about it…as entrepreneurs, we’re constantly networking and looking for best practices and inspiration.  And sure, we can learn from people in every industry.  But each industry has its special concerns, the things that are unique and don’t necessarily translate well for outsiders.

That’s where your competition can be so useful.  Rather than developing solutions to every problem all on your own, take a peek at your competitors.  You’ll uncover all kinds of useful information from the following sources.

UCaaS Market

Anchor Your Affirmations for Success!

By December 25, 2017 No Comments

Language may the single most powerful tool we have, whether the context is personal or business.  Language shapes behavior.  It changes minds.  It motivates, and it discourages.  If only we could harness the power of language in order to achieve specific outcomes in our professional lives.

We can, of course. 

Business Strategies

5 Practical Strategies to Prioritize Profit

By December 18, 2017 No Comments

I know just how hard it can be to manage all the aspects of your business…after all, I’ve owned quite a number of different companies myself.  So I get it.  You’re busy.  You’ve got eighty bazillion things on your plate, all of which matter to someone.  But while I strive to grow my companies and deliver excellent service, there’s one thing I’ve learned that I absolutely cannot ignore:  profitability.

You see, profit is the fuel that keeps my company running.  It’s what allows me to employ so many great people.  It’s what lets me provide security and income for my family.  It’s what permits me to share time and resources with my community to make it a better place. 

losing a client

How to Recover from Losing a Client

By December 11, 2017 No Comments

There are hundreds of reasons clients leave one business for another.  They might be moving and find another location more convenient.  Maybe there’s an introductory offer that caught their eye.  Or maybe it’s actually your fault, and you didn’t give them the excellent service you’ve staked your reputation on.  Inevitably, though – whatever the reason – you’re going to be faced with a customer who’s moving on.

How you react matters for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the possibility of recovering that customer sometime in the future.  Wondering what to do now that you’re down a client? 

Here’s my strategy on what to do after losing a client: