Nextiva Raises $200M to Fund Vision for Connected Communications

September 14, 2021 | 2 min read

Nextiva Raises $200m for Connected Communications

Today marks an exciting step for Nextiva. We have raised $200M in funding from Goldman Sachs.
This is a powerful endorsement of Nextiva’s vision and our team’s strength in creating a market-changing platform that helps businesses communicate better, work smarter, and grow faster.
We have been preparing for this moment for 8 years. We filed and were granted over 50 patents in customer interactions and journeys. We invested over $100M of our earned capital to test and successfully validate our platform in the market.
Nextiva’s purpose since the very beginning was to help businesses to grow with communication at the core.
The customer experience is more broken than ever, and more businesses need help. We are accelerating our vision to serve the growing number of businesses that are struggling to grow and develop lasting relationships.
Businesses lack the context of their conversations with customers, because the content, which is the most valuable part, is essentially being thrown away by existing solutions.
To compensate for this, companies are using 15-25 applications to communicate, manage, and collaborate with customers and teams. This results in silos of data that give an incomplete view of a customer’s journey, which only increases the gap.
Instead of getting closer to customers, they further fragment their environment, becoming separated from customers and increasing complexity for their teams.
This is the #1 struggle that businesses face today, regardless of how many tools and technologies they add.
Nextiva views things differently. It’s not enough to connect two people on the phone, video, email, SMSthis is expected. We believe that connection is just the start. The real value lies in understanding the content of the conversations with customers.
We are bringing all customer communications into a single stream of information to enable deep customer understanding, while eliminating application clutter.
By automating supporting tasks, we optimize business users’ time and allow them to focus on the relationships that really matter.
By setting up the right conversations with the right context at the right time, we enable businesses to build customer relationships that last.
Our vision of “Powering Human Connections” extends beyond business. Helping people connect and create a shared understanding is not only a business thing⁠—it’s a virtue in and of itself.
This is the change we drive in the world. In the future, we see everyone using Nextiva or something like it.
Get ready for connected communications!

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Tomas Gorny


Tomas Gorny

Tomas Gorny is a Polish-born American Entrepreneur. He is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of UnitedWeb, a holdings company, and Nextiva, a cloud communications provider. Tomas has founded several successful technology companies including IPOWER in 2001, Nextiva in 2006, and SiteLock in 2008. He was named Arizona’s Top Tech CEO in 2017 by the Phoenix Business…

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