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February 28, 2024 7 min read

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Alex Doan


Avoxi is a popular cloud-based communications platform offering virtual number and contact center solutions. 

Its most notable contact center solutions include corporate telephony and embedded communications, and it offers specialized solutions for industries like retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and travel and hospitality. 

Avoxi’s all-in-one cloud communications platform was designed for global businesses, and it’s a reliable tool — but it isn’t the only solution out there. Let’s discuss Avoxi’s strengths, potential downsides, and Avoxi alternatives to consider in 2024. 

What Are Some of Avoxi’s Strengths?

Avoxi’s strengths are primarily centered around a strong and scalable user experience. 

Avoxi call center dashboard

Usability and organization

Avoxi’s platform is often praised for its user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand features. The platform is logically organized, making it quite simple for customer support agents to find what they’re looking for. 

Customer support

Strong customer support is an essential call center phone system feature. If your call center needs assistance with anything — setting up an account, learning how to use a feature, or resolving technical concerns — you want to know your VoIP provider is ready to jump in.

Many Avoxi customers have noted the high-quality customer support, which seems capable of resolving issues quickly. 

Ease of use

Avoxi’s overall system is easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of varying skill levels. This is important, as business phone systems should be usable for all team members — even those who aren’t technologically proficient. 

Scalable setup

Avoxi’s platform is relatively scalable, offering a straightforward process for businesses to add or remove user licenses easily. Setting up call routing and virtual attendants is also simple, allowing small businesses and large call centers alike to ensure that all customer calls are directed to the right people. 

Different types of call routing

Why Customers Look for an Alternative to Avoxi

While many customers who choose Avoxi do so for ease of use and logical organization, many feel that it isn’t the right fit for their business. What follows are some issues that drive consumers who are considering Avoxi to look at competing solutions.


Significant cost concerns

Avoxi’s pricing model requires businesses to purchase a one-year prepaid contract, which can be a significant concern for some customers. This is a significant upfront cost for potential customers, which can be nerve-racking if they haven’t used the service before.

In some cases, this requirement may not be immediately evident or fully understood by potential users, causing confusion and potentially resulting in customers feeling like Avoxi has deceptive pricing practices.

A mandatory long-term financial commitment upfront can be a major drawback for businesses seeking flexibility in their budgeting and financial planning. 

Visual dashboard issues

Avoxi offers a visual dashboard display for improved contact center analytics and management, but some users have reported issues with the dashboard’s accuracy or effectiveness. 

Lack of mobile app

Historically, Avoxi hasn’t offered a mobile app (also known as a “softphone”), which can be a huge limitation for businesses with on-the-go employees. However, it is now working toward rolling out a mobile app. 

Reporting limitations

Some users may feel that Avoxi’s reports that contain raw data are confusing. Others may be frustrated by a lack of customization options. 

Top 6 Competitors to Avoxi

Many VoIP providers offer small business phone systems and contact center solutions, but let’s review the six best Avoxi alternatives for 2024. 

1. Nextiva

Nextiva is an exceptional unified communications (UCaaS) platform offering omnichannel communications options, including phone calls, SMS and text messaging, live chat, and video conferencing. Nextiva also includes advanced features that contact centers look for when choosing a VoIP provider.

Nextiva call center

Core features include:

Nextiva’s most significant strengths include the extensive array of features offered, which include internet fax, extensive integrations, visual voicemail, and advanced analytics. It also offers all the virtual phone system features you need to manage high volumes of inbound and outbound calls, including call handling features, unlimited domestic calls, robust call management, auto-attendant functionality, and HD video conference abilities.

Nextiva is a strong Avoxi alternative for businesses seeking an all-in-one communications solution. It offers transparent plans, with options for month-to-month and annual pricing alongside advanced and versatile features that scaling businesses and contact centers need. 

2. JustCall

JustCall is a cloud-based phone system that is currently breaking ground with AI capabilities. 

JustCall call center

Some of the platform’s core features include:

The most significant strengths of JustCall include:

  • Outreach functionality with bulk SMS campaigns.
  • AI-driven call transcription and call insights, moment analysis, and call scoring.
  • Productivity and team management tools.
  • Seamless integrations with CRMs and other business communications tools.

JustCall is a good Avoxi alternative for sales and support teams interested in optimizing their communication workflows or those looking for AI-heavy tools. 

However, while AI for contact centers and support teams can seem appealing at first glance, many businesses don’t actually need these features, and they may not always be fully reliable. 

3. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is another virtual phone system with AI features and strong integrations.

Talkdesk contact center

Some of Talkdesk’s core features include:

Talkdesk’s core strengths include:

  • Real-time analytics.
  • Customizable interactive voice response (IVR) systems.
  • Mobile app support.
  • Integrations with popular CRMs.
  • Pricing plans tailored to different business needs.  

Businesses managing multiple customer touchpoints may benefit from Talkdesk’s call center software. The data-driven customer service features and AI-powered omnichannel and workforce engagement are a powerful combination.  

4. Aircall

Aircall is another reliable cloud-based virtual phone system that’s great for small, sales-focused teams.

Aircall dashboard

The platform’s core features include:

The platform’s strengths are:

  • A user-friendly interface.
  • Warm transfers.
  • Seamless CRM integrations.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Smart call recording. 
  • Customizable user roles.

Businesses looking for a simple but effective VoIP provider may want to consider Aircall. It has a user-friendly interface with seamless CRM integrations, making it a solid option to enhance your business communications without a lot of bells and whistles. 

5. GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is a hosted VoIP service that offers reliable contact center solutions.

gotoconnect phone service

Core features of GoTo Connect include:

The platform’s most significant strengths include:

  • Reliable cloud-based contact center features.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Customizable admin controls.
  • Video meeting capabilities.
  • A user-friendly dial plan editor.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of desk phone models. 

GoTo Connect is suitable for businesses looking for affordable but scalable communications solutions with decent customization options. It’s also a great tool for those who want basic video meeting capabilities. GoTo Connect’s pricing is straightforward, but Nextiva is a more cost-effective option and has a better overall rating

GoTo Connect and Nextiva reviews and ratings comparison

6. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is the last VoIP provider on our list, and it offers most of the basic features that businesses may look for. 

OpenPhone call center

OpenPhone’s core features include:

The platform’s strengths include:

  • A unified call log view.
  • Voicemail transcriptions.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Call recording.
  • Shared ring groups.
  • Integrations with CRM tools like HubSpot.
  • IVR. 

Small- and medium-sized businesses may want to consider OpenPhone, especially if they have remote or hybrid teams. The unified view of communications and integration with tools like HubSpot can make it easier for teams to deliver improved customer support. OpenPhone’s pricing is affordable, though it may come with limited features compared to other providers. 

The Verdict: Why Nextiva Wins

While every business should choose a contact center solution that best aligns with their needs — including budget, desired features, and scalability potential — Nextiva is reliably one of the best VoIP providers on the market.

Nextiva offers a robust suite of unified communications tools, including advanced call management, video conferencing, and CRM integrations. By doing so, we provide an all-in-one communications solution that can improve support agents’ and customers’ experiences — with exceptional call quality and 99.999% uptime. 

Nextiva also offers transparent and competitive pricing. Our clear pricing tiers are designed for businesses of all sizes with diverse needs, always offering value at an affordable price point with the features you need. 

You can rely on Nextiva’s exceptional 24/7 customer support, which includes multiple support channels, a wealth of online resources, and experienced support agents who are available to all customers (regardless of plan level). 

Nextiva is the leading Avoxi alternative.

See why top brands use Nextiva to handle calls at scale. Easy to use. Fast setup.

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