Save Your Customer Service

5 Ways to Save Your Customer Service After An Epic Failure

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The world’s best companies aren’t built on products and services alone. The top businesses on the planet all have one thing in common: incredible, over the top customer service—employees who answer phones on the first ring or have processes in place (live chat, in-person meetings) that impress clients on a regular basis.

But many of those companies didn’t start out that way. Many learned through trial and error as to the importance of customer service. This is a common lesson, and if business owners are smart to it, they can recover (even from the biggest service failures) and still rise to the top of their industries.

Have you experienced a customer service failure at your company? Maybe a customer that left one nasty review and inspired legions of others to pile on? Or maybe someone yelled at one of your shop employees in front of other current and potential customers?

Customer Service Pet Peeves

Top 5 Customer Service Pet Peeves and What to Do About Them

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We all have our personal pet peeves when it comes to customer service. (For me, it’s when a server asks, “Are you still working on that?”) But some customer service annoyances are pretty much universal — and according to a survey reported in MarketingProfs, these are the top 5. Is your business doing any of these?

5 things customers hate about your business:


PetRelocation Takes Care of Your Companions with Unified Communications

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We want the best for our pets. They cheer us up when we’re down, are always excited to see us and the things they want the most? Attention and food usually in no particular order!

Established in Austin, Texas in 2004, PetRelocation has helped thousands of owners feel confident they can trust their beloved pets to the experienced team to transport their cherished pets safely from Point A to Point B; across the country or internationally.

Website Engagement Tools

3 Website Engagement Tools To Improve Your Customers’ Experiences

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Are you struggling to keep visitors engaged on your site?

This is a common problem that every business has to face. We all want our customers to have an amazing experience whenever they interact with our business, and this is especially true on a website.

That’s because we know that online engagement leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

How to keep your brain sharp

How To Keep Your Brain Sharp Past The 3pm Slump

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We’ve all been there. We look over at the clock and the minute and hour hands seem to be moving along slower than molasses on a cold winter’s day. We can’t seem to focus, we continue to nod off, and nothing we are producing for work seems to be right.

Congratulations, you’ve hit the 3pm slump! Don’t worry though, due to our sleep patterns it’s completely normal to feel tired in the late afternoon. If you’re looking to help prevent its effects on your body here are 10 key tips to help you beat the mid-afternoon slump.

sip proxy server

What Is a SIP Proxy? How Does a SIP Server Work?

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If you’ve used VoIP before, you may have heard the terms SIP server, SIP proxy, and SIP registrar and asked yourself, “what do these terms mean?”

Answer: these terms mean the exact same thing. Essentially they are the technologies that enable Voice Over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) . It is the job of these technologies to manage all SIP calls made through a network (explained below).