How to Choose the Best Call Center Service Provider for Your Business

June 25, 2024 8 min read

Danny Grainger

Danny Grainger


A study by Invoca found that over two-thirds of adults prefer to contact businesses by phone. People spend far more time on their smartphones than ever before. And that means they’re always connected and expect prompt service.

As companies grow, more potential clients need to reach the customer service team. This means telephone inquiries increase, which, if you’re unprepared, could impact response times and personalized responses. If you’re not ready, you could create a negative customer experience.

This is where outsourced call center services come into play. They offer scalable solutions to enhance your customer experience as your company grows. 

However, with hundreds of call center software providers in the market, choosing the best call center services for your business is difficult. This comprehensive guide walks you through the process, addressing common pain points and offering practical insights to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your unique business needs.

What Are the Different Types of Call Center Services?

Before you start considering which call center provider to choose, you must first understand the different types of call center services available. Each type serves specific business needs, and you need to know which one your business requires.

Inbound call centers

Inbound call center services handle incoming customer calls. They address various inquiries, including appointment setting, customer care, after hours calls, support, and order processing. These services are the front line of your customer service operations, as they ensure your customers get prompt assistance and don’t wait too long on the phone.


From product inquiries to tech support, working with inbound call outsourcing companies gets you a team of highly trained call center agents equipped to handle your customer concerns. This frees up your in-house staff to focus on other critical tasks and also ensures your customer needs and issues are addressed, especially during peak periods.

Outbound call centers

Outbound call center services make outgoing calls for cold-calling, cross-selling, marketing, or survey purposes. They’re powerful tools for businesses looking to expand through lead generation and improve their offerings through customer feedback and market research.

Functions of an outbound call center

Blended call centers

For businesses requiring a more versatile solution, blended call center software offers the best of both worlds. This software juggles both inbound and outbound calls, allowing you to streamline customer interactions and sales efforts under a single program.

Signs Your Business Needs Call Center Services

If you’re experiencing one or more of the following, you need to start thinking about outsourcing your customer support to a professional call center.

Higher call volumes

As your business grows and gains traction in the market, the demand for customer support will increase. 

As a result, your in-house team will struggle to keep up with the increasing call volume, leading to long wait times and frustrated customers, ultimately, negatively impacting your brand reputation. The best way to avoid this is by partnering with a call center, which will improve accessibility and ensure no customer inquiry goes unanswered.

Increasing hold times

Long wait times are a leading cause of customer frustration and will harm customer loyalty and retention. 

When customers are left on hold for extended periods, they feel undervalued, become increasingly impatient, and eventually hang up the phone, leading to abandoned calls and lost business. With a call center’s scalable resources, you can make sure customers receive prompt service, reducing lengthy hold times and improving your overall customer experience.

Rising customer complaints

If you’re noticing a surge in customer complaints, social media mentions or escalations to management are a sign that customers are unable to reach the right people within your organization to resolve their concerns effectively.


The right call center service provider will address this issue by offering your business access to a team of specially trained customer service agents who know exactly how to handle such situations. 

Existing phone systems can’t scale

Your traditional phone system will struggle to keep up with the growing need for advanced features and scalability for a rapidly growing business. 

Call center software providers like Nextiva offer a flexible and scalable solution so you can easily adjust resources and capabilities as your business needs change. Importantly, you can do this without significant infrastructure investments or ongoing maintenance costs.

What to Look for When Choosing a Call Center Service

With so many call center services available, each with different features, prices, and capabilities, you must evaluate their offerings carefully to ensure you get a service that aligns with your customer service goals.


Consider these key factors. 


When evaluating potential call center services, look for a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your operations and enhance the customer experience.

Essential features include:

  • Interactive voice response (IVR): An IVR system allows customers to navigate through a menu of options using voice prompts or touch-tone inputs, ensuring their phone call is routed to the appropriate agent or department efficiently.
  • Call routing: Advanced call routing capabilities ensure incoming calls are directed to the most qualified agent based on factors like skill set, language proficiency, or customer history, reducing transfers and improving first-call resolution rates.
  • Call queuing: This feature allows callers to hold their place in line while freeing up agents to handle other calls, ensuring no customer waits indefinitely.
  • Call recording: The ability to record calls and archive customer interactions is invaluable for training, quality assurance, and compliance purposes.
  • Real-time analytics: Comprehensive call center reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into call volumes, wait times, agent performance, and customer satisfaction metrics, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and optimize operations continually.
  • Workforce management tools: Advanced scheduling and forecasting tools will help you manage agent staffing levels more effectively, ensuring the right resources are in place to meet fluctuating demand.
  • Multilingual support: If your business operates in multiple regions or caters to a diverse customer base, the ability to provide support in multiple languages is a significant advantage.
  • Omnichannel capabilities: As customer preferences evolve, you must offer omnichannel support across various channels, including voice, email, chat, social media, and SMS/text messaging.
  • Integration with CRM systems: Seamless integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform will provide agents with a comprehensive view of customer data, enabling more personalized and efficient service.


In addition to call center features, ensuring the solution you choose seamlessly integrates with your existing business tools and platforms is a must.

  • CRM software integration: Integrating your call center with your CRM system will provide agents with a comprehensive customer data view, including purchase history, preferences, and previous interactions, enabling more personalized and efficient service.
  • Ecommerce platform: For ecommerce businesses, integration with your online store or shopping cart will streamline order processing, returns management, and customer support.
  • Help desk tools: If you rely on a help desk or ticketing system, integrating your call center will ensure a seamless information flow and enable efficient ticket management.
  • Marketing automation: Integrating your call center with marketing automation platforms will help you capture valuable customer data, track campaigns, and facilitate lead nurturing efforts.
  • Enterprise collaboration: Ensure the call center service integrates with the productivity and collaboration applications your team uses daily, such as email, calendars, and project management tools.

By choosing an integrated call center solution, you’ll enhance efficiency, improve data accuracy, and provide a cohesive customer experience.

Nextiva integrations

Ease of use

A user-friendly interface is crucial for agents and supervisors, significantly impacting training time, efficiency, and overall productivity. Look for intuitive tools and dashboards that make it easy to manage calls, access customer data, and monitor performance metrics.

Features like drag-and-drop call controls, customizable dashboards, and quick access to customer information and interaction history will help reduce the learning curve for agents and minimize potential errors or frustration.


Implementing a cloud call center solution can be complex, and having reliable technical support and comprehensive onboarding services is vital to ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing your investment. When evaluating providers, consider:

  • Dedicated account managers: A dedicated account manager or customer success representative will serve as your primary point of contact, providing personalized support and guidance throughout implementation and ongoing optimization.
  • Online resources: Access to a comprehensive knowledge base, tutorials, and self-help resources will empower your team to troubleshoot minor issues and find answers to common questions quickly.
  • Training and onboarding: Look for providers offering comprehensive training programs and onboarding support to ensure your team fully understands the solution’s capabilities and best practices.
  • Responsive assistance: Ensure the provider offers responsive support channels, whether through live chat, email, or phone, to address any issues or queries promptly.
  • Availability and scalability: Evaluate the provider’s ability to scale resources up or down based on your evolving needs, ensuring you never experience service disruptions or capacity constraints during periods of high call volume.

By prioritizing support and enablement, you’ll have the resources necessary to maximize the value of your call center investment and drive long-term success.


Protecting customer information is of utmost importance, given the weight that consumers put on data privacy. With this in mind, you must select a call center service that follows industry standards and regulations.

Look for providers that implement:

  • Data encryption (call recordings, customer data, etc.)
  • Single sign-on access controls
  • Feature limitations to meet industry requirements (e.g., HIPAA)
  • Processes to safeguard against data breaches

Growing Businesses Choose Nextiva

Nextiva, a leading provider of cloud-based customer communication services, offers a comprehensive suite of VoIP call center solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of growing businesses. 

Nextiva ticks all the boxes we’ve discussed in this article. With advanced features like call routing, call queuing, IVR, real-time analytics, voicemail, and seamless integration with popular CRM and help desk software, Nextiva helps businesses deliver some of the best customer experiences possible.

For instance, Benefit Harbor saw huge positive results from Nextiva’s call center service.

As an HR software company, it experienced rapid growth in clients going from paper to digital. 

However, their original on-premises PBX call center, a phone-only solution, took weeks to answer client tickets. This led to significant call center productivity issues and missed business until Benefit Harbor partnered with Nextiva and saw a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

“Nextiva was willing to deliver what we needed. We had a lot of asks that maybe were outside of the box. I was very appreciative of the Professional Services Team being able to jump in from the get-go.”

~Jennifer Strand, Benefit Harbor’s Contact Center Director

If you’re ready to deliver outstanding customer service, you must explore Nextiva’s VoIP call center solutions. Check out Nextiva’s cloud call center and learn more with a personalized consultation.

The right cloud call center goes a long way.

Give your agents reliable, virtual access and your customers unmatched service.

Danny Grainger


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