Law Firm Marketing Tips: Strategies to Grow Your Practice in 2024

November 21, 2023 14 min read

Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson

Personal Injury Law Firm Growth Marketing Tips - 2024 Guide

As an attorney, your law firm is not just about providing legal guidance but also about attracting potential clients.

It takes a lot more than a bar membership to attract profitable clients. You must develop an effective law firm marketing plan to grow beyond referrals.

We’ll explain the broader marketing strategy and specific, simple tactics you can use right now—you only need about a couple of hours—and we know that’s not cheap.

No fluff, no beating around the bush. Let’s dive into the marketing efforts that will transform your law firm.

But first, let’s think about your typical client and why it’s hard for them to find your law firm’s website.

Why It’s Hard to Find a Good Lawyer

Locating a skilled lawyer who is an excellent fit for your unique legal needs can be challenging. It could feel like searching for a needle in an enormous legal haystack. Many variables can make this process difficult.

Gone are the days of staring at 10-pound yellow pages and seeing a high-dollar law firm emblazoned on the spine.

Finding a new lawyer in a sea of TV, radio, and display advertising is difficult. You could be investing in these marketing campaigns and not getting any return.

Depending on the legal practice, the research process is high-stakes. There are different characteristics non-legal professionals look for.

  • Criminal cases: Getting a superior defense is what matters most. The cost of a bad defense could haunt them for decades. Do they go with the one that advertises the most around town or the one that’s more qualified in their practice areas? Referrals matter, but online reviews matter more.
  • Civil cases: While not as high-stakes, the thinking around civil matters is that the plaintiff or defense must win or settle amicably. Or they could be liable for attorney fees and damages, so balancing your budget with a firm with a solid track record is key. Both referrals and online listings are crucial to standing out.
  • General guidance: Hopefully, not every client plans to go to trial, and for those who do, they view legal counsel as a wise investment, much like insurance. Are you knowledgeable on legal matters and can guide clients to avoid time in court or costly settlements? Referrals from satisfied clients matter more here, but online directories can be a huge help.

Potential clients face these obstacles when finding an attorney:

  • Outdated, hard-to-navigate law firm websites
  • Generic contact forms are on the website.
  • Complicated lead generation sites that result in dead ends
  • Office phone numbers that ring forever
  • Voicemails that don’t get returned
  • Days or weeks even to speak with someone
  • Overly positive client reviews
  • Emails that go into a black hole or land in spam

Bottom line: It’s tough for your law firm to stand out. 

Many new clients feel pressured to make a decision and may find themselves seeking an authority — you. They want to be reassured that they’re making the right decision at every step.

You must cover the basics before investing in any digital marketing growth tactic. You’re losing money and clients right now whenever leads fall out. (Their legal woes don’t disappear; your competitors scoop them up.)

So, what can you do about it?

We’ve compiled these eight marketing tactics so you can attract higher-paying clients, and so they’re ready to sign within minutes of speaking to you or your partners.

Law firm marketing limitations

Personal injury lawyers are limited in how they can reach consumers.

The interaction is an inbound motion where consumers contact you to initiate a deeper discussion. Otherwise, you must also include certain language or disclosures in your advertisements.

In reality, this means consumers fire up Google searches to look for a lawyer or attorney in their local area or with their specific needs in mind. If you’re lucky, they might have heard your brand on TV or radio and are trying to find your office.

But in most instances, content marketing through organic search, video content, landing pages, and Google Ads generates the most website traffic for law offices.

From there, they visit your website or your online listing. Only when they take the next step can you communicate with them.

Even with this marketing strategy, it’s worth it. On the Map Marketing, marketing found that the personal injury market is worth over $50 billion.

Personal injury law firm market size grows from profitable clients. (Data from On The Map Marketing)

So, how do you stand out, become trusted, and close more business?

We’ve listed several helpful marketing tips for personal injury law offices—or any law firm, really.

8 Law Firm Marketing Strategies to Try (In Less Than 5 Hours)

1) Claim Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is the first step to growing your personal injury law firm.

Claiming your Google Business Profile is an often overlooked marketing channel. This free marketing tool increases your visibility on Google search results and Google Maps, driving more potential clients to your website.

But it’s not just about availability — it’s about credibility, too.

A complete and accurately listed Google Business Profile presents a professional and trustworthy law firm brand. Few things can hinder a client’s trust faster than incorrect or unclear information about your business. For example, imagine the frustration of a potential client who travels to your office only to find you working from home.

Claim and verify your Google business profile. Specifically, check that the business address, telephone number, and business hours prospective clients see are accurate. Plus, you can add photos of your team or office space, further personalizing your brand and promoting a sense of familiarity before a client contacts you.

Claiming your Google Business Profile is straightforward. Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide:

  1. Log in to your Google account.
  2. Go to Google My Business and click ‘Manage Now’.
  3. Enter your law firm’s name.
  4. Follow the prompts to enter your office location, category (law), phone number, and website URL.
  5. Verify your business. Google will send a postcard with a verification code to the address you provided. Input this code into your profile once you receive it.

2) Set up a professional phone system

Best Phone Service for Law Offices - Nextiva

business phone system is paramount to communicating with clients and team members. With so much marketing effort invested in attracting potential clients, don’t disappoint them with an unresponsive or disjointed calling experience.

Here are several specific features every successful law firm needs.

With these essential calling features covered, you can truly advance the marketing goals of your law office.

3) Enable business SMS for client follow-up

Respond to incoming text messages from prospective clients. 

Truth be told, not everyone is ready for a phone call.

When following up on a potential client, they might respond faster via text message. This is why business SMS is necessary for your law firm’s marketing strategy.

Here’s why you should harness the power of business SMS:

  • Speed: Text messaging gets your message across in seconds.
  • High open rates: Text messages have jaw-dropping open rates. SMS open rates exceed 90%.
  • Increased engagement: Clients are more likely to engage with texts than through email marketing messages. You can even receive photos, video content, or audio recordings via MMS.

To make business text messaging a valuable asset of your digital marketing strategy, we recommend you:

  • Gain consent. Ask your clients for permission to text them. It’s not professional or polite to blindside them with unexpected texts.
  • Be concise. Your message should be straight to the point. Nothing loses a client’s interest faster than unnecessary wordiness. Be direct with what call to action is required next.
  • Be accessible: Answer questions quickly and celebrate milestones. Clients will appreciate your engagement.

Tip: After you help a client win their case, tactfully ask them to post a positive review on your business listing. Get more ideas on how to ask →

4) Invest in helpful online content

Content marketing ideas to grow your personal injury law firm. (via On the Map Marketing agency)

Helpful content is a cornerstone of effective online marketing—you wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t.

When you share specific advice around the needs of potential clients, each new asset is an investment in becoming a trusted thought leader. Here’s how to leverage online content for legal marketing:

  • Tap into your target audience’s pains. One of the easiest ways to tackle law firm SEO is to create content around the problems and questions your target audience faces. Go beyond the basics and make your local business stand out with a unique perspective.
  • Publish regular blog posts. Even a small law firm’s blog could be a powerful resource hub. Cover various legal topics, updates, FAQs, and the legal implications of recent news. Ensure that you utilize search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve your visibility on search engines and get more visitors to your website.
  • Pair great content with a CTA. A call to action (CTA) will move website visitors to take the next step, such as a free consultation or case review. It’s helpful to align these closely with your practice area to ensure you attract good-quality clients.
  • Share engaging case studies. Showcasing real-life examples of clients you’ve helped builds trust. These stories should be accessible on the law firm’s website and are ideal for social media marketing purposes. Of course, check with the client first and anonymize any sensitive details.
  • Create downloadable resources. Dedicate a small chunk of your marketing budget to creating attractive checklists, templates for legal documents, guides, or infographics. These assets are ideal to add to separate web pages, which helps attract backlinks. These help your site stand out and appeal higher in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Beyond the specific content you publish, pay close attention to how you present it.

Break down complex legal jargon into easy-to-understand language. Make your text scannable with headers, bullet points, and short paragraphs. Keep your tone professional yet empathetic.

🚀 Case Study: How On The Map Marketing Achieved Massive Growth With Nextiva

5) Create helpful videos for blog posts

One of the best SEO strategies for law firms to stand out is video marketing.

These videos aren’t ads for your legal services. They serve as ways to relate to your potential customers and prove yourself to be an authority in your practice area.

Explainer videos help break down legal concepts into digestible snippets. They can better understand how your services can help potential clients navigate the challenging legal landscape.

For instance, Jake from Nextiva explains the ins and outs of business phone numbers

Could you do the same for your practice? 

However, distribution is critical for videos to be effective.

Create 3–4 social media posts for each video and schedule them over the upcoming months. Give each of them a strong storytelling hook rather than simply posting links. 

And for social media marketing effectiveness, consider uploading the videos directly to social media platforms like LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms heavily tilt toward native video.

6) Enhance your law firm’s online presence

Law firm marketing tips to show up higher on Google. Get more customer reviews and provide helpful answers to common questions.

When expanding your law firm’s online presence, it’s crucial to claim numerous business profiles and ensure they are in-depth and enriched with valuable information. An enriched profile is more likely to grab attention and inspire trust, and it also helps with search engine optimization.

Trust me, a lot is changing around online search. The more third-party references you have, the more your law office will show up favorably in searches. The return on investment for a consistent, professional online presence is massive.

Here are four must-haves when enriching your online profiles:

Keep in mind that consistency is vital across your various profiles. Conflicting information can hinder your law firm’s marketing effectiveness and SEO strategy. Ensure the information is consistent, up-to-date, and accurate.

By managing your business profiles, you make it easy for prospective clients to find you through local searches.

7) Reach multilingual audiences

Bilingual law firm websites appeal to a broader customer audience (in English)
English language law firm website example
Bilingual law firm websites appeal to a broader customer audience (in Spanish)
Spanish language law firm website example

Engaging with a bilingual audience can significantly expand your reach and potential client base. Language barriers keep your clients from benefiting from your legal services. Here are a few tactics to break down the language barriers and help your law firm website reach a broader client base.

  • Professional translation services: Outsourcing your content for professional translation may initially seem like a sizable investment. It pays off in the long run. A small error in legal terms can have serious ramifications; thus, accuracy is critical.
  • Bilingual staff: While hiring professional translation services is a good start, having at least a few bilingual employees can be a game-changer. They can interact directly with clients who are not proficient in English, making them feel more understood and comfortable.
  • Website language: Provide a simple language switch option on your website. This small gesture can make a big difference by enabling visitors to read your content in a language they are more familiar with. Use a reliable tool or service to automate translations, ensuring accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

Remember, embracing diversity and showing your commitment to serving all communities, irrespective of their language, significantly improves your firm’s reputation. This opens doors to new markets, new clients, and an increased brand reputation that can lead to higher growth.

8) Maintain a trustworthy social media presence

As an attorney or law firm, engaging your audience on social media platforms is a surefire way to attract potential clients and build lasting relationships.

Simply having a social media presence is not enough. Your activities on these platforms need to reflect your credibility and professionalism. Don’t let it sit idle; take an active approach to managing social media for your law firm.

Make sure they can easily schedule a consultation. After all, the purpose of these profiles is not just brand awareness but also the conversion of potential clients into actual clients.

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Personal Injury Law Firms: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition (2024 Gameplan)

  • Set up a reliable inbound client experience (1 hour monthly). 
    Verify every form on your law firm’s website is collecting new leads, adding them to your email list, and building confidence in your law firm. Take a second look at your initial emails—ensure they remove doubt, increase confidence, and serve as an excellent first impression of your personal injury firm.

    Confirm that every incoming call gets answered or returned promptly. If you must have them leave a voicemail, at least get it transcribed and delivered via email; it’s an easy way to ensure you can follow up with high-value clients. Just remember, speed leads here!
  • Improve your online reputation with case studies and testimonials (2 hours monthly).
    Sharing positive experiences and successful outcomes from past clients can earn the trust of potential new clients, who will be reassured they’re in capable hands. Ask for honest, positive reviews and distribute them within your marketing materials.

    Customer reviews work hand in hand to increase trust and grow your online presence — ultimately, so new clients are ready to proceed after an initial consult.
  • Invest in local SEO efforts (2 hours monthly). 
    Regularly updating your website’s content, using relevant keywords, and maintaining a blog with helpful guides and pointers help attract new visitors to your site. If you can’t do it, work with a trusted marketing agency to tap into their expertise and proven marketing services. Responding to new reviews and refreshing your business profiles online is free.

    With a large enough presence, you can ensure your personal injury law firm is found consistently when new clients research your area of expertise. Likewise, you’ll also improve your overall visibility online.
  • Offer free consultations or case reviews (8 hours monthly). 
    These show potential clients that you’re confident in your ability to win their cases and allow them to get to know you and your firm without obligation.

    Remind them that you can chat securely over a virtual meeting platform like Nextiva or Google Meet. Think of these as both being good stewards and pre-qualifying clients. Potentially, you can direct them to other providers listed on Avvo if you’re not a good fit.
  • Be judicious with pay-per-click (PPC) spending (1 hour monthly). 
    Buying your way to the top of the search engine ensures high visibility for high-value searches. However, some of the most valuable terms come at a huge cost, so exclude informational search terms.

    Instead, double down on high-intent terms. Based on your conversion data, you’ll quickly see which search terms result in acquired clients. Create organic content on these topics to propel your marketing strategy further.
  • Get serious about video marketing (4 hours monthly). You won’t succeed at first. Give it patience and commit to publishing a video series at least once a week (or more). You don’t need an expensive studio. Get creative with talking videos, in-car videos, and recorded slide decks that you speak to. Over time, these will get watched and seen on search engine result pages.

    Explaining the basics of your area of law or discussing general trends goes a long way toward building your firm’s reputation with future clients. Think about the questions and uncertainties your clients have and address them clearly.

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The Verdict Is In: Hustle Now to Thrive in 2024

You know what it takes to run your law office. But not every partner knows how to scale it.

We hear you. In fact, Nextiva provides a complete law office phone system for firms of all sizes. You won’t have to cut corners to deliver a superior user experience.

Whether you’re an established law firm or an attorney working solo, Nextiva simplifies the inbound customer experience and keeps your entire team connected, all while providing a platform for seamless customer management.

Streamline your firm’s communications with Nextiva: voice, text, video, and collaboration.

The best time to act was yesterday. The second-best time? Right now. Make 2024 the year to grow your personal injury law firm.

👉 Get a personalized demo and see how Nextiva is your best partner to scale your law office.

To thrive in 2024, you must improve your law office’s communications. Bring it all on one platform: voice, video, SMS, collaboration, and customer experience. This way, you focus on your client’s needs without duct-taping separate apps together.

And here’s a friendly nod to those whose careers are built on fine print.

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