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Founded in Miami in 2009, On The Map Marketing is a digital marketing agency that offers local businesses services to attract and convert more customers. The marketing firm serves clients across many industries like legal, pet care, home services, automotive, and more. The company’s impressive growth had resulted in growing pains along the way, and they looked to Nextiva for a solution.

The company’s president and CEO, Rick Hoskins, launched On The Map Marketing from his living room. He cold-called attorneys to pitch his services to increase traffic to their websites. His approach worked remarkably well. It wasn’t long before the company developed a reputation for helping law firms rank number one in Google.

Over time, Hoskins established an agency with hundreds of clients across many industries. To exceed their expectations, the company had to grow employee headcount.

Favourite Features: Call Forwarding, NextivaONE AppNextiva Analytics

“A huge chunk of our growth came in 2016, which is when we started using Nextiva.”

Traditional communications don’t scale

In 2016, On The Map Marketing needed a platform to support the company’s communications needs. Staff used cell phones to complete business calls, which was quite inefficient.

This old-school approach wasted time and contributed to a disjointed prospect-to-customer experience. For example:

The growth-focused marketing agency considered many factors before they made the switch. Nextiva’s proven platform and massive value over rivals won them over.

Nextiva really helps us improve sales.

Julian Andrews

Modern tools for a modern company

Upon implementing Nextiva’s platform, the company experienced much clearer client communication. Department leaders were able to measure results using Nextiva’s custom dashboards. If performance wavers, they can dedicate extra resources whenever needed.

The company’s growth, in turn, became unstoppable. Sales Manager for On The Map Marketing, Julian Andrews, boasted, “With Nextiva, we are able to focus on growing our business.”

Getting calls on my cell phone through the NextivaONE App is one of the best features!

Valeria Nunez

The company’s headcount shot up from 5 to 60 sales and support employees. This growth required the organization to expand into a much larger office space. With the ability to adjust their phone system’s features instantly, new employees are ready to go on day one.

Additionally, team collaboration flourished thanks to Nextiva’s internal chat capabilities. If they want to share their desktop or video, it’s only a click away.

The marketing agency benefits from Nextiva’s mobile-ready calling capabilities. Their workforce stays connected wherever they go. “Getting calls on my cell phone through the NextivaONE App is one of the best features,” exclaimed Valeria Nunez, an Account Manager at On The Map Marketing. Nextiva’s mobile app enables professionals to keep their work and personal lives separate.

Nextiva helps us scale our teams and processes. The support staff is great!

Julian Andrews

Solutions to achieve epic growth

The industrious marketing company secured a spot on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List for two years in a row. “A huge chunk of our growth came in 2016, which is when we started using Nextiva,” recalled Andrews. The company’s revenue is north of $3.2MM and has no signs of slowing down.

Few marketing agencies double revenue and achieve meteoric growth. But with Nextiva, On The Map Marketing was able to grow fearlessly.

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