Call tracking metrics to know

Inbound calls

The number of incoming calls handled by your cloud phone system.

Total calls

The number of incoming, outgoing, and internal calls completed.

Answered calls

The number of calls received by a live person.

Missed calls

The number of calls that are forwarded, abandoned, or answered by voicemail.

Toll-free calls

The number of calls made through toll-free phone numbers.

Internal/external calls

The number of calls consisting of an internal call source (coworkers, ring groups, etc.)

Talk time

The period of which a phone call is connected to a live agent.

International calls

The number of inbound calls originating outside of the United States.

Voicemail calls

The number of calls that result in callers reaching a voicemail box.

Calls in queue

The number of calls waiting to be answered after being handled by an IVR.

In addition to these call tracking metrics, you can transform the call data depending on your business needs.


The quantity of all values that meet certain criteria over a given period.


The total of all metric values added together over a selected period.


The highest or lowest value of a selected metric over a given period.


The average metric value of a given metric over a selected period.

Share of total

The percentage of a metric compared to the total of a given metric.