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Brian Solis at NextCon 2017

Brian Solis on Five Ways to Get in the Customer Mindset

By January 18, 2018 No Comments

In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, companies are grappling with how to net as many sales as possible, how to emerge as industry leaders, and how to innovate to attract customers.

And many are struggling to keep up.

In late October, Brian Solis, a futurist and principal analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet Company, stood on stage at NextCon in Scottsdale, Arizona, and delivered a high-energy presentation that spoke truth to business owners about how to be successful in our ever-changing world. 

The answer: focus on the customer experience.


Jesse Cole on Three Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

By January 4, 2018 No Comments

Take a moment think back to the last conference you attended, and try to remember the session immediately after the mid-afternoon tea break.

Drawing a blank?

You aren’t alone. By 3 p.m. at most conferences, many of us have one foot out the ballroom door and one eye on our phones, texting fellow attendees about where to meet up for happy hour.

But for several hundred people attending last October’s sold-out NextCon in Scottsdale, Arizona, that script was flipped on its head.


A Year in Review: 2017 at Nextiva

By January 2, 2018 No Comments

2017 will be remembered as a banner year at Nextiva. We made innovative strides towards our mission of helping businesses achieve better communications and improve their customer experience. As pioneers in the cloud-communications arena, we are always working diligently on new technologies to accelerate business for our customers. We launched NextOS, the highly anticipated all-in-one communications solution. We upheld our commitment to education with our annual conference, NextCon, and continued to devote ourselves to providing Amazing Service, all of which culminated in widespread press coverage, unprecedented hiring, and significant charitable contributions.

Let's take a look:


Mondays with Mike: 5 Practical Strategies to Prioritize Profit

By December 18, 2017 No Comments

I know just how hard it can be to manage all the aspects of your business…after all, I’ve owned quite a number of different companies myself.  So I get it.  You’re busy.  You’ve got eighty bazillion things on your plate, all of which matter to someone.  But while I strive to grow my companies and deliver excellent service, there’s one thing I’ve learned that I absolutely cannot ignore:  profitability.

You see, profit is the fuel that keeps my company running.  It’s what allows me to employ so many great people.  It’s what lets me provide security and income for my family.  It’s what permits me to share time and resources with my community to make it a better place. 


NextCon 2017: Top 10 Highlights

By December 13, 2017 No Comments

This year’s NextCon was a massive success! More than 700 attendees and dozens of world-class speakers descended upon Scottsdale’s Talking Stick Resort and Casino in October for three days of sessions aimed at helping participants boost their businesses and improve their customer experience strategies.

Just in case you missed it, here are the top 10 highlights of NextCon17, in countdown order.


5 Winning Moments from the Last Day of NextCon17

By October 26, 2017 No Comments

It’s official: NextCon17 was one for the books! The three-day, sold-out event included information-packed sessions from some of the world’s top customer experience leaders, it brought together Nextiva vendors and channel partners and provided the perfect stage for music legend Bret Michaels to rock out!

Just in case you missed it, here are five highlights from day three (in countdown order) –