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Cloud VoIP Phone System
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Cloud VoIP on a desk phone, laptop, and mobile app

What is a cloud VoIP
phone system?

Cloud VoIP or hosted VoIP is a business phone service that routes calls through the internet.

Most hosted VoIP systems come with advanced features like auto attendant, call recording, video conferencing, and long-distance calling.

How does cloud VoIP work?

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VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, takes the audio from phone calls and transforms it into data packets.

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The data is sent over the internet and does not require the use of telephone wires unlike traditional phone systems.

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By using your existing internet connection, cloud VoIP can reduce business phone system costs and outages.

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Your remote team can take their business communications software with them — wherever they go, even on Wi-Fi.

Cloud VoIP pricing

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As low as $29.95 SAVE 27%

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PROFESSIONAL 36 mo. agreement
PREPAY 36 mo. agreement
1-4 users
5-19 users
20-99 users
100+ users
*Standard pricing, does not reflect promo discountsActivation fee of $99 plus applicable taxes and fees applies to accounts of 2 users or less.

Per month / user
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Unlimited Calling within the US/CA

Free Local and Toll-Free Number

Top Rated Mobile App

Video and Audio Meetings

Team Collaboration


As low as$39.95 SAVE 20%

$31.95 Information icon
ENTERPRISE 36 mo. agreement
PREPAY 36 mo. agreement
1-4 users
5-19 users
20-99 users
100+ users
*Standard pricing, does not reflect promo discountsActivation fee of $99 plus applicable taxes and fees applies to accounts of 2 users or less.

Per month / user
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Get all Professional features PLUS

Business Integrations

Real-Time Voice Analytics

Call Recording

With Nextiva, the supervisor dashboard allows me to monitor call flow in real-time. It allows me to ensure I always have sufficient agent coverage, so that calls are never missed. I can easily make changes to my call flow without having to wait for hours on hold.

Roman Voytsekhovskiy

Support Center Manager at Orthodontic Experts Ltd.

Our remote capability has made a tremendous difference for us. If not for our switch to Nextiva, we would not be up and running nearly as well as we are.

Meryl Cassidy

Executive Director at Response Crisis Center

On-premises vs. cloud-hosted VoIP: Pros and cons

Not sure about moving from an on-premises PBX system to a cloud VoIP phone system?
These advantages are hard to beat.

Cloud VoIP pros:

Cost-effective — no additional setup or hardware costs.

Audio and video conferencing for real-time collaboration.

VoIP softphones let you take work calls anywhere — different time zones and locations don’t matter anymore.

Setting up a home office is easy unlike with traditional phones.

45+ features like call forwarding, auto attendants, and call routing.

Cloud VoIP cons:

Requires a reliable internet connection.

Latency and jitter.

Limited location tracking.

Accomplish (virtually) anything with Nextiva.

Never skip a beat in your presentations. Get instant screen sharing, crystal clear audio, and high-definition video conferencing.

In addition to a free virtual number, every user gets a virtual room, too. Sharing screens, sending files, and managing tasks — all in one place.

Download the Nextiva mobile app on your iOS or Android mobile devices. Instantly connect your business phone number and set up caller ID, call transfer, call recording, and even hold music.

We understand your teams may rely on critical tools to stay in the loop. With our integrations, connect Nextiva's business phone service to all your favorite apps.

Silently record all calls without any hardware. Use call recording to verify facts or provide coaching opportunities for your team.

If you already have one or more phone numbers for your business, you can move them over to Nextiva with VoIP number porting.

Nextiva's virtual phone system on a deskphone, laptop, and mobile

Get started with cloud VoIP in three easy steps:

Test your network and internet connection

Invest in the right VoIP hardware

Find a VoIP provider with the right features


Concerned about how much bandwidth a cloud phone system can use? A rule of thumb is about 100 kbps upload and download speeds per line.

Most internet service providers offer gigabit speeds, so your current connection may be fast enough for a VoIP phone system.

Take our VoIP speed test to check for potential call quality issues.

Convert your existing analog telephone to a SIP phone with an ATA. Or, purchase a hard phone.

VoIP hard phones are similar to traditional phones but let you connect to an IP network. You can easily get a SIP-enabled hard phone under $100.

You can also use a softphone, which lets you make and receive phone calls from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It works like any VoIP app.

Nextiva is rated Best Business Phone Service in 2022‑23 by U.S. News and is known for unparalleled customer service.

We’ll gladly handle everything for you in the transition. With our award-winning Amazing Service®, we’re here to help your business grow long-term.

Cloud-hosted VoIP FAQs

Hosted VoIP service works by managing your company’s calls within a third-party provider like Nextiva.

With a phone system in the cloud, you can instantly add new users, make rapid changes to your phone service, and take incoming calls anywhere.

We recommend selecting the number of lines that you plan to use within the next year. It’s a good idea to offer dedicated lines for sales, customer service, and remote employees.

Don’t forget about providing lines for meeting rooms, private offices, and common areas like kitchens.

Learn more about how many phone lines your business needs in this helpful blog post.

Yes, you can use any phone number with Nextiva’s internet phone service. The process of transferring phone numbers is known as porting. You can port landline, toll-free, cell phone, virtual, and VoIP numbers.

Nextiva provides this complimentary service with every account. We'll guide you through every step to ensure you transfer your number successfully.

Watch this short video to learn how to use your existing phone numbers with Nextiva:

To get a new business phone number, you can choose them during account setup. Nextiva accounts also get a toll-free phone number at no charge.

Cloud-based VoIP achieves end-to-end phone connectivity through the internet instead of a local server or a traditional phone solution.

Businesses that switch to cloud-based VoIP experience lower costs and instant access to dozens of advanced calling capabilities. This includes call routing, voicemail to email, IVR, etc.

VoIP service from the cloud is compatible with nearly all of today’s VoIP desk phones and can be used with a downloadable app.

A phone number says a lot about your company.

It’s easy to get a business phone number from Nextiva. While setting up your phone system, you can pick out one or more phone numbers for your company. It’s interactive, so you provide a location, and you can pick out your new phone numbers in seconds.

Watch this short video to see how to get a business phone number:

If you need time to think about it, you can select a new business phone number while speaking with one of our cloud communication experts. Reach us via online chat or dialing 800-799-0600. Rest assured that you can change your number later if you want.

Already have a number? We can move your phone numbers over through a process known as porting. We'll guide you through every step, so it goes through without a hitch. All you need is a recent phone bill and permission to port your number.

For a VoIP phone system, uptime revolves around the VoIP provider, its carriers, and the reliability of devices installed.

To accomplish such a high uptime, cloud PBX providers leverage a redundant network of data centers. These servers are also known as Points of Presence (or “POPs”).

Nextiva’s 9.999% uptime hinges on our blazing-fast access to eight strategically located data centers. You won’t need to think about backup plans because downtime practically never happens.

Work from anywhere with Nextiva.

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I'm a big fan of companies like Nextiva.

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