How to fax over VoIP

It's easy to get started with online faxing. Nextiva customers can send and receive at no extra cost.

Sending a fax:

1 Sign in to the Nextiva vFAX Portal.

2 Click the Send a Fax button.

3 Provide your recipient and cover letter information.

4 Attach any documents you wish to enclose.

5 Preview the fax you wish to send.

6 When ready, click Send to send the fax.

Read Incoming faxes:

1 Sign into the Nextiva vFAX Portal.

2 You can view the 10 recent faxes you have received.

3 Click on the Search button to view all inbound fax messages.

For more information on using vFAX from Nextiva, please visit Nextiva Support.