Top 5 Time-Saving Chrome Extensions for Productivity

November 1, 2022 3 min read

Blair Williamson

Blair Williamson

top time-saving browser extensions for Chrome to be more productive

An employee who gets distracted often needs at least 20 minutes to get back on task. That’s a lot of wasted time. Just think about how often you get distracted at work…

Being productive requires your complete attention. But when you lack the willpower to avoid distractions, let technology do the work for you. 

There are hundreds of these tools available – from screen recording to auto typing your commonly used phrases.

Top time-saving extensions for Chrome to hack your work day… 

1. Grammarly

Grammarly has proven to be one of the best tools for writers. The tool goes beyond just helping writers to correct spelling; it also helps with plagiarism and citation suggestions. It is every writer’s best friend. 

Grammarly helps reduce typing errors, which will, in turn, reduce your typing time. The best part of using Grammarly is that you can use the Grammarly extension on almost all sites, and as soon as you attempt to type, Grammarly starts running. 

2. Checker Plus

If you use Gmail to communicate frequently, then the Checker Plus Chrome extension is a must-get. Just like other mail checkers out there, it alerts you when a new message pops up. 

The Gmail Checker Plus goes beyond just checking mail. The Chrome Extension allows you to take action without opening your Gmail Inbox. You can read mail, forward, and replying without leaving the tab that you are in. 

So if you are in a hurry, this will help you save time—you won’t need to go back and forth since everything can be done in one place. 

3. Todoist for Chrome

If you are looking for a tool to help you organize your projects, then the Todoist Chrome Extension will come in handy. This platform already has 25 million users. 

Todist lets you convert any link into a task item. For instance, if you find a blog post you love and want to read later, you can save it in your Todoist extension. 

Once you click on the Todoist icon in your extension, you will be able to see all your tasks. With this tool, you can handle multiple tasks swiftly and save valuable time. 

4. StayFocusd

Have you noticed how easy it is to drift away, especially when you have a task at hand? That’s where this extension comes in. StayFocus helps control how much time you spend on distracting websites. 

It allows you to set time limits for specific websites, and then StayFocusd can block any website where you spend too much time. This tool is a sure way of avoiding distractions. 

5. Just Read

Navigating some websites can be annoying. Once you open their page, they invite you to sign up for their newsletter or webinars, click on ads, or do something other than what brought you there.

Just Read Chrome extension is designed to solve that problem. It will help you block pop-ups and annoying ads. It will also allow you to customize the page to read more easily. With annoying ads and pop-ups out of the way, you will be able to focus on the task at hand.

How Does Productivity Software Work?

Nextiva’s productivity software solution is designed for all businesses, regardless of size, to boost their team productivity and create better customer experiences. 

Nextiva’s productivity software is a tool that creates a single platform for communication, collaboration, customer management, and productivity. It is resourceful and easy to use under a single work hub. It provides what you ordinarily would need 15-20 apps to do.

It helps users operate more efficiently and reduces their overall cost of operation. Nextiva combines all communications with customers and your team into a single app – no more switching between apps.  

Nextiva’s business software solution gives users access to the following features:

  • Collaboration, such as video meetings as well as text messaging
  • File sharing and data sync
  • It allows users to share files and documents
  • Access to shared interaction history
  • Message coworkers and clients via text, email, or phone all from one app

All these features are accessible from one interface. With this, you don’t have to jump from one application to another. It also ensures that all your data and information are safe. So you don’t have to worry about losing your data. 

Ready to give it a try? Book a 15-minute chat with a Nextiva expert to see what our productivity software can do for your team. 

Blair Williamson


Blair Williamson

Blair Williamson was a Content Marketing Manager at Nextiva. Her background is marketing in higher education and tech. She geeks out on WordPress, kettlebells, and whatever book she's currently reading.

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