How to set up call flip

When you're on a call, it's easy to flip calls to another VoIP phone. Here's how to pull a live phone call with Nextiva.

VoIP Desk Phone

1 Pick up the handset.

2 Dial *11 or press the Pull Call softkey if it's available.

3 Your phone will connect the call in progress.

Mobile App

1 Open the Nextiva App.

2 Tap the dial pad icon, which is second from the left along the top.

3 Tap the "..." context menu along the top right corner.

4 Select Pull Call. The live call will be pulled to the new device.

Desktop App

1 Open the Nextiva App.

2 From the Calls menu, select Pull Call. You can also use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+P (Command+P on macOS).

3 The active call will be pulled through the phone system instantly.

Call pulling is one of many powerful VoIP features to manage your in-call experience. Learn about additional feature access codes on Nextiva Support.