What 76% of Customers Wish You Knew Before They Call…

September 12, 2022 3 min read

Blair Williamson

Blair Williamson

what 76% of customers wish you knew before they call

Research shows that customer expectations are higher than ever. In fact, 76% of customers expect you to know details about them when they call, like their contact info, the product they purchased, and their service history. 

But only 31% of consumers say they know businesses that can keep up with that information. 

Your customers expect you to know, understand, and remember them. All great ways to show that you value them as customers. 

But how can you possibly keep up with all that information…and run your business at the same time?

Many of our small business customers are struggling with the same thing. 

They are struggling to keep up with detailed customer information because they are using more traditional methods like sticky notes (which you can never seem to find when you need them) or mental notes to keep track of these details. 

And, as your business grows, it only gets harder to keep up with your growing list of clients. 

That’s why Nextiva created the built-in solution to help you deliver a personalized customer experience – Notes on Calls. 

The Notes on Calls feature in NextivaONE allows you to take notes, while on a call, without having to switch windows. When you’re done, the note is automatically saved with the contact record. Next time that customer calls, you’ll “remember” what product they have and what happened last time they called. 

How does it work?

The Notes on Calls feature in NextivaONE
Nextiva’s Notes on Calls feature in action.

Imagine an office of attorneys in Texas, where the front desk receptionists receive dozens of calls per day from current and potential clients. Thanks to Notes on Calls with Nextiva they can enter important points about a client’s situation while on the call before forwarding the call to an attorney. Now when the client calls back the next day, all the context captured in those notes is available at the receptionist’s fingertips so they know the situation before the client even realizes they don’t need to tell their story again!  

Or a sales team at a plastics manufacturer saving Notes on Calls to keep track of which products a potential customer might be interested in. When the next buying cycle comes around, notes from the last call are instantly available and ready to be referenced when the salesperson calls the client about their next order.

This is the power of Notes on Calls. It’s the modern way to keep up with contact management. And it all happens in the NextivaONE dashboard. 

screenshot of Nextiva's Notes of Calls features
Nextiva’s Notes on Calls feature allows you to take notes in the same screen where you answer the call & save the notes for next time.

It might appear like you have a “Jedi mind trick” to remember all your customers. But it’s the power of NextivaONE Notes on Calls that helps you deliver personalized customer services as you grow and scale your business.

Talk to an expert to give it a try today.

Blair Williamson


Blair Williamson

Blair Williamson was a Content Marketing Manager at Nextiva. Her background is marketing in higher education and tech. She geeks out on WordPress, kettlebells, and whatever book she's currently reading.

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