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Connect with customers where they are & when they want

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Connect with customers on their preferred channels anywhere and anytime

Customer Experience

Streamline customer journeys

Connect with customers to solve their problems the first time

Meet on the customer’s preferred channel

Address customer inquiries or complaints across their preferred channel – Social, email, chat, text, and more.

Contextual Insights

Equip agents with past interaction data to eliminate customer frustration from repetition, ensuring personalized experiences.

Seamless Channel Switch

Simplify customer channel transitions while preserving the history and context of the interaction.
Improve Agent Productivity

AI-Enhanced Agent Empowerment

Empower agents with AI powered capabilities resulting in reduced response time and increased customer satisfaction

Intelligent Routing

Use AI to match incoming queries with the right agents based on skill sets and historical performance.

Agent Assist

Achieve quality standards and faster responses with AI-powered smart response and interaction summaries.

Conversational AI

Implement a scalable AI-powered chatbot across various social channels, trained in multiple languages.

Conversation History

Agents view past interactions for context, enabling them to deliver better customer experience in less time.

Quick, convenient customer conversations.


Interact with customers through live chat directly on your website. Nextiva Chat enables you to address customer needs with greater efficiency. To streamline conversations, Nextiva seamlessly incorporates Intelligent Virtual Agents into chats before they are routed to team members.

Although chat deflection may occur as a result, our primary objective is to promptly provide customers with the answers and assistance they require.

SMS inbound and outbound

To ensure efficient and effective customer conversations, Nextiva supports:

1. Outbound SMS: Reach customers through personalized one-to-one messaging and automated outbound campaigns at scale.

2. Inbound SMS Routing: Utilize Nextiva’s skills-based routing to promptly direct messages to the appropriate Agent.

3. SMS Automation: Nextiva offers a range of automation features, including simple automated responders, visual IVR functions, and Intelligent Virtual Agents. Proactive outbound SMS capabilities allow for notifications regarding appointments, bills, service changes due to weather, and more.

4. SMS ‘Sidecar’ for Voice Call Enhancement: Augment ongoing voice calls with automated SMS messages. Engage customers during wait times with updates, hyperlinks for automated payments or support ticket creation, providing a ‘second chance’ for deflection. Additionally, leverage this feature for two-factor authentication, automating account verifications before connecting with an Agent.


Nextiva’s built-in email functionality connects with all modern enterprise-grade email servers including SendGrid.

Our AI analyzes both headers and body text and intelligently routes it to the right place. Your Agents can respond to emails on behalf of your company.

Social and messaging

Nextiva seamlessly integrates with Twitter and Facebook direct messages and page comments, and WhatsApp for both template and session messaging.

Social tasks are displayed on the Agent’s screen within Nextiva’s unified interface, alongside chat, email, and SMS. This streamlined approach enables Agents to efficiently manage multiple platforms simultaneously.


Nextiva makes your Agent’s job easier with customizable scripting to guide their work on any channel they help customers on — voice, chat, SMS, email, or even social media campaigns.


Nextiva’s drag-and-drop Workflow Engine makes it easy to create straightforward bots without code. Easily automate common interactions with SMS, chat or messaging apps. Nextiva’s drag-and-drop Workflow Engine makes it easy to create straightforward bots without code. Easily automate common interactions with SMS, chat or messaging apps.

For more sophisticated automation involving data queries and intricate rule sets, Nextiva offers robust, Intelligent Virtual Agents.

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“I’d say Nextiva has been a great teammate of the Spurs.”
Chris Monroe, San Antonio Spurs
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“Our fans come first, and Nextiva enables us to have great conversations with our fans everyday.”
Savannah Bananas, Owner
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“Nextiva is the service to check out. They keep winning awards because they do such a great job. Nextiva will take you to the next level.”
Kevin O'Leary, Chairman O’Leary Ventures & Beanstox, Mr. Wonderful on ABC's Shark Tank
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Author and Chief evangelist of Canva
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