How Tata Play Reduced Customer Resolution Costs By 40% With Nextiva

1 million tickets


24/7 support

5 million


Tata Play is the leading content distribution platform in India, with an incredible 31.61% market share and over 19 million subscribers. To serve their massive customer base, Tata Play offers 24/7 support in 14 languages. Using a legacy support platform created significant challenges for the Tata team, including:

  • High costs for email and phone support
  • No automation for customer requests
  • Long wait times

The Tata Play team had an idea to leverage a combination of AI and WhatsApp to reduce costs and create a delightful customer experience.

Tata Play needed a platform that could integrate WhatsApp and AI to automate the resolution of the most frequent and routine customer requests. They needed Nextiva.


The results were nothing short of astounding. After integrating WhatsApp into Nextiva Social & Reputation Management (formerly Simplify360) and connecting an AI bot to their backend systems, they were able to process over 5 million routine customer requests via AI alone.

Adding the WhatsApp integration and AI bots reduced support costs by 40%.

What’s more, Tata Play was able to go outbound to customers via WhatsApp. Using the popular app to connect with customers when their expiration date was approaching helped to reduce churn and keep happy customers.

Being more accessible, reducing wait time, and giving customers control over when and how to manage their service allowed Tata Play to built a deeper level of trust with their customers and had significant financial gains—a true win/win.

Nextiva worked with us to develop real-time listening, integrated the multiple channels into a singular customer support interface and improved our first response time by integrating WhatsApp as a communication channel in our customer service.

Dwarka Srinath

Capabilities used

All-in-one inbox
AI-enabled WhatsApp bot