Sprinklr Pricing: Is It Right for Your Contact Center?

July 5, 2024 8 min read

Alex Doan

Alex Doan


Sprinklr Service is a cloud-based customer service tool offering omnichannel support features, AI functionality, and analytics through the Enterprise plan. The software can help contact centers focused on customer experience management (CXM) by unifying communications.

While Sprinklr does offer features designed to help contact centers provide customer support, it is not a contact center provider itself. Instead, clients must purchase a separate telephony carrier like Twilio, which is an expense customers should consider when evaluating Sprinklr pricing and alternatives. 

Many of Sprinklr’s customers may also consider the brand for their other three products, which include their marketing, social listening and analytics, and social media management platforms. 

If you’re considering their contact center software, you’re in the right place. We’re going to break down Sprinklr Service’s pricing and plans in-depth to see if there’s a better option out there.

Sprinklr Service Pricing and Plans 

There are two Sprinklr Service plans: Self-Serve and Enterprise. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the significant differences between the two plans:

Self-serve plan

Sprinklr’s Self-Serve plan is targeted toward growing teams looking to enhance their customer service capabilities with basic features. 

These features include the following:

  • 15+ communication channels, including voice, email, and social media
  • AI chatbots
  • Skill-based routing automation
  • Canned responses
  • Persona-specific dashboards

The Self-Serve plan is priced at $249 per seat per month when billed annually, translating to $2,988 per year for just a single user. Additional users don’t come at a discount, which can make even their lowest-cost plan prohibitive for small and growing teams — especially considering the relatively basic features. 

Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan is best suited for larger organizations with more advanced needs. 

This plan includes all features available in the Self-Serve plan, as well as features like the following: 

  • 30+ digital and social media channels
  • Unified contact center operations
  • Premium contact center intelligence
  • Premium conversational AI bots
  • Workforce and quality management
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Access to Sprinklr’s community and self-service knowledge base with FAQs 

Customers can always start with the Self-Serve plan and level up to the Enterprise plan as they scale and require contact center solutions for large enterprises

Pricing for the Enterprise plan is custom, requiring a direct quote from Sprinklr. As a result, there’s no published pricing listed online, making it hard for potential customers to assess potential costs and long-term scalability. 

Additional Pricing Details

In addition to your monthly cost per seat, there are four things to consider:

  • Contact center provider costs: Sprinklr requires you to work with a third-party carrier like Amazon Connect or Twilio, requiring a significant additional cost that must be factored into your total budget. 
  • Set-up fee: Optional setup fees may apply, which can influence your total cost depending on the services you choose.
  • Free trial: Sprinklr offers a 30-day free trial for the Self-Serve plan, allowing potential customers to explore the service without a financial commitment. No credit card is required for the trial. 
  • Price only for Sprinklr Service: The price you pay for Sprinklr Service only includes the contact center product; other products like Sprinklr Insights and Sprinklr Social are purchased separately. 

It’s important to factor in these potential extra costs when making a purchasing decision. Amazon Connect pricing, for example, includes the following charges:

  • Inbound voice call usage cost: $0.018 per minute
  • Outbound voice call usage cost: $0.018 per minute
  • Chat: $0.004 per message
  • SMS: $0.01 per message
  • Outbound campaign call usage cost: $0.025 per minute

Key Features and Services Offered

Sprinklr offers many important call center phone system features.

Sprinklr dashboard

The features and services offered vary depending on the plan you choose, but these are the most notable: 

  • Omnichannel support: Both plans offer omnichannel capabilities, supporting over 15 channels, including email, voice, and social media for the Self-Serve plan and expanding to more than 30 digital and social channels for the Enterprise plan.
  • Automation and AI: This includes AI-driven chatbots, ticketing, and skill-based routing automation. The Enterprise plan enhances these with premium AI capabilities for deeper customer engagement and better support efficiency.
  • Reporting and analytics: Basic reporting is included in the Self-Serve plan, with more advanced, persona-specific dashboards and premium analytics available in the Enterprise plan.

What’s Left to Be Desired About Sprinklr?

Sprinklr Service is a solid CCaaS tool, and they have a good lineup with a variety of products. That said, there are a few good reasons why customers may decide that Sprinklr isn’t a fit for their needs, and many of those reasons center around the overall usability of the product. 

Sprinklr Service review

Customization and flexibility

Some users have found that Sprinklr’s contact center offers limited customization options, especially compared to other competitors. This can make it challenging to tailor the platform to specific business needs or preferences and could be a hindrance for companies looking for more personalized solutions. 

Complexity and usability

Users report that Sprinklr’s platform can be too complex and isn’t as intuitive as they need. They also struggled to navigate the interface and retrieve necessary information efficiently. These issues with product complexity and usability can increase the learning curve and adoption period for new users and may require additional training. 

Reporting tools

Sprinklr provides useful analytics, particularly for Enterprise plans, but the reporting tools are described as not being particularly user-friendly. This can pose challenges for users who need to quickly access, understand, and analyze data to make strategic business decisions. 

Steep cost

The platform may be perceived as expensive, especially for smaller companies or those that do not require an extensive suite of features. And for many growing teams, the pricing model and costs are prohibitive; many SMBs can’t afford to pay $2,988 per year for a single user for relatively straightforward features. This is particularly true given that the platform requires connection to a third-party contact center provider, which comes at another additional cost. 

Smaller enterprises may not have budgets that align with the steep costs, especially when there are more reliable, robust, and cost-effective solutions. 

Slow support 

Multiple reviews mention difficulties with Sprinklr Service’s customer support. One user specifically noted that the support team can’t make the client’s requested changes to the system, and the support team’s instructions for the fix can be difficult to follow. 

Why Contact Centers Prefer Nextiva Over Sprinklr

Considering Sprinklr alternatives to deliver an exceptional customer experience for your brand? Contact centers looking for tools to facilitate unified CXM often turn to Nextiva’s contact center solutions. 


Our AI-powered contact center software offers the omnichannel support that call centers need while also offering key benefits like service and support reliability, transparent pricing, and exceptional ease of use. 

Pricing clarity

Nextiva offers clear, upfront pricing, which is easily accessible on its website, making it simpler for businesses to understand and plan their costs. In contrast, Sprinklr pricing requires custom quotes for Enterprise plan customers, which can be unpredictable, less transparent, and potentially time-consuming.


In addition to pricing clarity, Nextiva’s contact center solutions include multiple plans, all of which cost significantly less than Sprinklr’s Self-Serve option. 

Nextiva contact center plans

  • Essential: $99/month 
  • Professional: $119/month 
  • Premium: $139/month 

Essential call center features 

Nextiva’s solution offers essential call center tools.

All plans include the following: 

The Professional plan includes the following features (plus the essential ones above):

The Premium plan includes popular contact center features (plus the advanced ones above):

Ease of use

Nextiva is known for its user-friendly platform, which simplifies operations and reduces the need for extensive training. Sprinklr, while powerful, tends to have a more complex interface and a steeper learning curve that can be challenging for some users.

Reliable and convenient support 

Nextiva is known for its outstanding 24/7 support, staffed by product and technical experts who can assist customers with any concern. While Sprinklr offers customer support, some customer reviews discussed earlier mentioned struggling to get the support they needed, especially on technical issues. 

Nextiva 5-star customer support review

Integration with other Nextiva products 

Nextiva offers more than contact center solutions. Other Nextiva products, sold separately, include:

  • Business phone system: The highly reliable virtual phone system, which includes advanced call management features, offers integrations with tools like Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce, and integrates with Nextiva’s contact center solutions.
  • Social media management: Campaign management of all social media platforms is in one dashboard that includes approval workflows, smart routing, and social media monitoring with performance data. 
  • Reputation management: Collect, track, assess, and engage with customer reviews, which are an essential part of business improvement and digital marketing. 
  • Live chat: Interact with website visitors when they browse your site or sales or customer service support. These interactions are logged and handled within one communications platform. 

Comprehensive communication tools

Nextiva provides a wide array of communication tools integrated into one platform, essential for contact centers that need robust, seamless communication capabilities. Sprinklr focuses more on digital experience management, which might not meet all the direct communication needs of a typical contact center​.

Which Is Better: Nextiva or Sprinklr? 

Nextiva and Sprinklr both offer popular CX software that can benefit most enterprises and small businesses. Choose the software that best meets your current and future needs, including budget, functionality and features, integrations, usability, and support friendliness. 

Many businesses will be priced out of Sprinklr Service, even if they opt for the lowest-cost Self-Serve plan. This is particularly true for growing teams who need multiple user accounts, intuitive software that requires little training, and strong inbound and outbound support options.That said, Sprinklr may be a good option for customers already using other Sprinklr products for social media management purposes. 

And if you just need social media publishing and monitoring, Sprinklr is a viable choice, but it’s expensive. For a more comprehensive customer experience platform with voice, Nextiva is the best Sprinklr alternative.

Nextiva customer Tata Play is the leading content distribution platform in India, with an incredible 31.61% market share and over 19 million subscribers. To serve their massive customer base, Tata Play offers 24/7 support in 14 languages. Using a legacy support platform created significant challenges for the Tata team.

“Nextiva worked with us to develop real-time listening, integrated the multiple channels into a singular customer support interface, and improved our first response time by integrating WhatsApp as a communication channel in our customer service.”

~Dwarka Srinath, CIO, Tata Play

Nextiva’s transparent pricing, exceptional ease of use, reliable support, and essential features make it a great choice for call centers of all sizes. Learn more about our contact center solution to get started.

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