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VoIP Call Center Solutions
Roman Voytsekhovskiy, Support Center Manager at Orthodontic Experts Ltd
“With Nextiva, the supervisor dashboard allows me to monitor call flow in real-time. It allows me to ensure I always have sufficient agent coverage, so that calls are never missed. I can easily make changes to my call flow without having to wait for hours on hold.” Roman Voytsekhovskiy, Support Center Manager at Orthodontic Experts Ltd.

VoIP Call Center Solutions Pricing

Call Center


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/mo per user
  • Unlimited Call Queues
  • Intelligent Call Distribution
Call Center


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/mo per user
  • All Pro Features
  • Queue Management
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The US customer experience

The US customer experience

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What is a VoIP Call Center

What is a VoIP Call Center?

VoIP call center phone systems are designed to handle higher call volumes than a typical inbound call center. A VoIP call center solution is vastly different compared to a PBX phone service.

Virtual call centers use VoIP and is run entirely over the internet. You can automate multichannel customer support and self-service options with a VoIP call center system.

VoIP Call Center Features To Match Your Business Needs

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice
Response (IVR)

Send incoming calls to the right call center agents. Set up your IVR any way you want.

Call Recording


Record, pause, and listen to customer interactions any time.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call
Distribution (ACD)

Distribute calls based on business hours, technical support level, IVR options, and more.

VoIP Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers

Get local and toll-free numbers or port your existing phone numbers.

Call Routing


Manage customer interactions like a pro. Don’t let your customers repeat requests.

Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards &

Get access to 40+ advanced features & reports to measure your VoIP call center efficiency.

Answer more calls with VoIP Call Center

Just Need VoIP Phone Service?
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Enterprise-Grade Mobility

Nextiva VoIP systems empowers you to do business remotely or from the road. The NextivaONE App enables complete and secure mobility for your business.

Enterprise-Grade Mobility
Security & Reliability Designed for Enterprises

Security & Reliability Designed for Enterprises

With eight point of presence, carrier-grade data centers, and 99.999% uptime, you'll never miss a beat with your customers. We built one of the world's most reliable enterprise-ready voice networks.

Actionable Voice & Business Analytics

Uncover valuable insights you can act on regarding company call activities, real-time performance, and measure business outcomes. Customize dashboards and wallboards to drive performance across every aspect of the organization.

Actionable Voice & Business Analytics
Your Enterprise Communications Partner

Your Enterprise Communications Partner

Nextiva's award-winning customer service has earned us #1 ratings from Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, and other VoIP industry experts. Get 24/7 access to customer support and take advantage of our Professional Services add-ons to get hands-on consultation of your communications needs.

Track & analyze your entire pipeline for valuable hidden business insights

Track the entire customer journey. From lead to end of lifecycle. Every interaction along the way is tracked and analyzed.

Track and Analyze Your Business Pipeline

Why Nextiva
Cloud Call Center?

8 Nextiva Data Centers
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Centralized trunks with an IP core

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99.999% uptime

Blue Circle Check icon

8 points of presence and carrier-grade data centers

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Award-winning customer service

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Fraud mitigation with access control policies

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E911 coverage in the US and Canada

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VoIP Call Center FAQs

Nextiva’s VoIP-based call center starts at $50 per month/user and does not require any upfront hardware costs.

For more advanced call center functionality built for the enterprise, you can expect to pay around $100 to $150 every month.

Nextiva's VoIP solutions don't charge a setup or activation fee. It's one of the most cost-effective contact center solutions for your small business.

There are a few primary reasons why companies use an outbound call center. Most importantly, a cloud contact center lets you hold a customer’s call without sending them to a voicemail.

Second, it enables the company to improve customer satisfaction using call queues and auto attendants.

Third, call center technology lets you scale your softphone requirements as you grow.

A VoIP call center completes calls over the internet using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to digitize calls. Nextiva's business phone system routes specific call queues to the right agents.

Until an agent connects to a caller, inbound callers hear music, announcements, or other helpful messages from the company.

A VoIP call center only requires an internet connection and software installed on a computer alongside an optional VoIP desk phone.

The main difference between a call center and a contact center is that a call center only handles voice communication, while a contact center is an omnichannel solution that connects agents with customers on channels like chat, SMS, email, and support tickets, not just via voice. For a more detailed breakdown, visit our blog article about contact centers vs call centers.

Here are a few types of call center software options you can choose from for your business:

  • On-premises call centers make and receive calls on-site and are installed, maintained and operated by your team.
  • Hosted call centers are installed and more importantly hosted by your software company, in this case Nextiva. You’ll just pay a monthly fee to use the software to have internet connection for your inbound and outbound calls.
  • A cloud call center system, also known as virtual call center software, is hosted on the cloud by the software company, like Nextiva for example. You’ll have access to answer requests on any internet-connected device.

With Nextiva, you can handle 525 calls in queue. The advantage of using Nextiva for your company's call center software solution is that it runs in the cloud and can answer as many inbound calls as you need. Call center agents can be located in an office, or even from the convenience of their home.

Nextiva’s call center is so powerful, we rely on it ourselves!

It's easy to set up your VoIP call center with Nextiva. Every account receives guided help and assistance to activate their cloud-based business communications tool.

Additional customer relationship managers are available for more hands-on implementations.

Nextiva has features to help agents serve callers, supervisors manage their teams, and business leaders to focus on customer experience.

Popular contact center software features include:

  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Disposition
  • Agent Availability
  • Built-in Reporting
  • Supervisor Dashboards
  • Live Call Status
  • Intuitive software-based CTI
  • Queue Whisper Announcements

A call center cloud solution uses the internet to handle all inbound and outbound calls. This gives you and your team the flexibility to handle all customer requests from anywhere. It's a very effective and cost-efficient solution for businesses since it uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology that doesn’t need any physical hardware.

Introduction to
call centers

A call center handles voice communication only to handle requests from customers or leads. Call centers tend to be commonly used by companies that handle a large daily number of outbound calls. Telemarketers, debt collectors and political campaign businesses are examples of users for call centers.

A call center solution might be the right solution for your business if your team mainly handles voice requests instead of another channel like email or chat.

Top features of a call center

It is crucial that every customer interaction is the perfect experience. Therefore, finding the right solutions for your business is important. Here are the top features you should look for in a call center software:

  • CRM software integration
    • Connect insights from your sales and customer support teams by integrating with your existing CRM
  • Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)
    • Have the option to route calls by having customers interact with a computer while they are connected to an agent.
  • Automatic Call Distribution
    • The system will collect information from your customer to route it to the right agent based on their needs. It’s a seamless process where the user won’t have to click a number for a specific request, the system will automatically route it to the right department based on the information you have about the caller.
  • Call recording
    • To ensure good customer experience, a call center software allows you to record and save your inbound calls for a certain amount of time. At Nextiva, you’ll have the option to store them for up to six months
  • Call queue
    • As your business continues to grow, have the option to queue incoming calls so they don’t go to voicemail. You’ll have an automated greeter inform your clients that the call has been queued and give them an estimated wait time

Top benefits for a business to have a call center

  • Improve customer experience: Whenever your customers reach out with any issue or request in a timely manner and with the proper team support.
  • Boost productivity: Having the right software can not only help customers receive what they need, but helps your agents have the right resources like ticket support, appointment setting, etc., to handle those requests.
  • Increase sales and leads: Having a tool that has the right information on each of your prospective clients like past conversations, sentiment analysis or survey results
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