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The Customer Relationship Suite

Customers will never forget your brand experience.

Cospace in action on desktop and mobile

Communicate with customers on any channel they choose. Work with your team in real time to solve issues quickly. See customer data and analytics to make the best business decision for growth.

Built for any business at any stage. Including yours.
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What’s in the Customer Relationship Suite?

Build Lifelong Customer Relationships
You can...
  • Manage Customers
  • View & Analyze
  • Collect Feedback
  • Actively Engage
  • Automate
  • Know Your Customers
  • Collaborate
  • Business Phone Service
Truly Know Your Customers
CRM tracking customers information and historical data

Multi-Channel Support | Lead and Customer Tracking | SmartTopics | Call Pop

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Turn Data into Knowledge
Nextiva analytics to get deeper insights

Real-Time Data | Sentiment Analysis | Customer Journey Tracking | Custom Reports and Dashboards

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Know What Everyone is Thinking
Create automated custom surveys

Automated Post-Interaction Surveys | Custom Survey Builder | Post-Survey Logic

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Engage at the Right Time
Live customer chat support on business website

Live Customer Chat | Custom Chat Builder

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Automate to Liberate
Workflow automation through custom triggered action

Easy Workflow Automation | Trigger Actions and Processes Across NextOS | Macros and Pre-Defined Text

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Understand the Customer Journey
Customer journey to know customer experience at a glance

Measure All Customer Interactions | Track & Share Data Across Your Company | Boost Productivity

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Track Tasks & Collaborate
Task management and collaboration tool

Video Conferencing | Screensharing | Team Chat | Task Management | File Sharing

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Phone Service with Superpowers

Looking for business phone service?

Get everything here, plus business phone service, with the Business Communication Suite.

View the Communication Suite View Business Phone Service Only

HD Business Phone Service (VoIP) | Business Text Messaging | Voice & Video Conferencing

All suites include features powered by NextOS, a single unified business platform.

  • Call Pop info icon
    Xbert iconGet an instant on-screen pop-up with the caller's account, contacts, sales, and cases.
  • SmartTopics info icon
    Xbert iconAllow users to categorize case subjects and automatically update the impact to Customer Experience Score, and trigger other actions, with one click. Admins can determine the backend algorithm that equates a SmartTopic to a positive or negative experience for the account and individual, and this allows you to see a more holistic view of accounts over time.
  • Integrated Wiki info icon
    Xbert iconAdd articles and information related to support topics. When a user adds a SmartTopic to a case, any related Wiki articles automatically display on the right side of their screen."
  • Macros and Predefine Responses info icon
    Xbert iconAutomate common tasks, such as filling in a form, changing fields, populating a predefined message/email response, adding an attachment and more with a simple command. This tool allows agents to focus more on complex tasks while accomplishing simple tasks quickly."
  • Customer Journey Mapping info icon
    Xbert iconSee how a customer's experience score is impacted by every touchpoint in their customer journey.
  • Customer Experience Score info icon
    Xbert iconProactively and automatically engage at-risk customers and nurture happy customers into superfans. The Customer Experience Score is a single, cumulative score that is continually updated in real-time, based on every interaction a customer has with your company, and visible to every user. The admin sets the threshholds (what is the range for unhappy, very happy, etc) and can then create rules to trigger actions when threshholds are crossed.
  • Customer Sentiment info icon
    Xbert iconCOMING SOON! Evaluate the overall sentiment for all communications for an account, contact, or case.
  • Analytics and Reporting info icon
    Xbert iconView and analyze all your customer interaction data captured across the system.
  • Time Rules info icon
    Xbert iconSet an action to occur based on time. Ex. Send a survey 24 hours after a support case is closed.
  • Trigger Rules info icon
    Xbert iconSet an action to occur automatically when certain conditions are met. Ex. Send an email confirmation when a case is opened.
  • Notifications & Reminders info icon
    Xbert iconGet automatic alerts on any customer account changes. Ex. New sales, customer experience score changes, or new support cases for important customers.
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Communications are the life
blood of an organization

Are your business communications up to par?

Download the report from Frost & Sullivan to find out.

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Frost & Sullivan

A few amazing things you can do with this Suite.

Manage sales & customer support with one powerful CRM workspace.

When a lead becomes a customer, all of their information is already in the system for your support team to access and leverage.

Centralized repository for entire organization through CRM workspace
Customer happy with Customer relationship suite

Take the guesswork out of customer relationships & keep everyone happy.

Upsell your happiest customers to increase revenue. Personalize customer experience without doing any extra work. Intervene before unhappy customers leave to reduce churn with real time customer sentiment.

Track & analyze your entire pipeline for valuable hidden business insights.

Track the entire customer journey. From lead to end of lifecycle. Every interaction along the way is tracked and analyzed.

Track every interaction in customer journey
You'll Never Want to Use Your Old CRM Again

Start engaging your customers.

Turn Customers into Fans

Features that build amazing relationships.

Customer Experience Score

See every point along your customer’s journey with your business. Get a complete picture about their experience so you know where they stand.

Included in Basic, Pro, and Enterprise Suites

Sentiment Score

Get a clear idea about how your customers may be feeling before you even interact with them. Make sure you’re saying the right things at the right time.

Included in Basic, Pro, and Enterprise Suites


Get real time suggestions on how to best help a customer during an interaction. Empower anyone to answer questions faster and solve issues sooner.

Included in Basic, Pro, and Enterprise Suites

Rules Engine (NextSTEP)

Set up automatic actions that activate when certain conditions are met. Repetitive tasks that require manual work will never waste your time again.

Included in Basic, Pro, and Enterprise Suites

“The Customer Relationship Suite has significantly reduced our customer churn rate since day 1.”

Jiyan Wei - CEO, BuildZoom

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