March Product Update

March 7, 2024 3 min read

Tallon Brown

Tallon Brown

NextivaONE: Message Pro

Message Pro expands your texting capabilities, enabling you to route incoming texts to your team. With Message Pro, you can:

  • Create visibility: Message Pro fixes the limitations of traditional one-to-one siloed texting. It allows a whole team to view and participate in a texting conversation with a customer, prospect, or teammates.
  • Improve customer service: Message Pro allows the customer to text just one number to get quick, seamless service from the whole team.
  • Reduce the sales cycle: Message Pro routes the prospect’s incoming text to the whole team, enabling quick responses and efficient conversion of prospects into customers.

Message Pro is only available for NextOS users. For more information, click here

For more information, click here.

NextOS Admin: Bulk import users & devices

Now, right from your NextOS admin portal, you can upload a file of users, their settings preferences, and devices. And the best part? There’s no extra cost.

Bulk import allows you to import:

  • New users and setting preferences
  • Devices not purchased directly from Nextiva 

From the NextOS admin home page, click Data import. Select to download the template for users or devices and enter your information into the spreadsheet. 

For step-by-step instructions, click here

NextOS Admin: Register your business texting number 

New regulation from mobile network operators requires you to register your phone numbers for business texting/SMS. To maintain business texting functionality, complete your registration now (it takes about 5 minutes). 

From the NextOS home page, select Administration > Messaging > Register now.

For more information, click here

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Tallon Brown


Tallon Brown

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